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Category: ALL (100 records) Archive: CLOSED #929 – OnLine Consignment Auction – Toro Mower, Misc. - This Auction Started to Close - Friday, November 1, 2019 at 10:00 am CST

Item Description Price
929.001Toro Groundsmaster 62" mower. Runs and mows great. 20 H.P. engine. Only 1813 hours. Hydrostatic trans. Power deck lift and lower. Fan and rear light work. Originally was owned by a college. Very well maintained. Throttle cable seized up but it’s froze at a good speed for mowing so I haven’t fixed it yet. I used it all summer long like that. Includes a Cozy Cab enclosure 550.00
929.002Large leaf vacuum trailer. 5 H.P. Briggs and Straton engine. Trailer dumps. Leaves are picked up by driving the trailer directly over them. No hoses to mess with. Ran well when last used but has not been used in a few years. 211.00
929.003 Lot of 3 vintage tools. 1-trench shovel approx. 106 inches long 1-trench shovel approx. 59 inches long 1-railroad car mover/pry bar approx. 100 inches long
929.004 Lot of 4 vintage farm tools
929.005Antique scythe 5.00
929.006Antique scythe 5.00
929.007Antique scythe 5.00
929.008Large antique double tree horse yoke 6.00
929.009Antique single tree horse yoke
929.010Antique cane hook log roller
929.011Large antique single tree horse yoke 5.00
929.012Antique double tree horse yoke
929.013Antique 2-man logging saw. Approx. 58 ” long 12.00
929.014Antique single tree horse yoke 5.00
929.015Antique Horseshoe brand clothes wringer 5.00
929.016Antique 2-man logging saw. Approx. 49’’ long 14.00
929.017Small antique single tree pony yoke. Approx.23" 5.00
929.018Antique buck saw
929.019Antique horse collar hames. I think the knobs are brass but I have not cleaned them
929.020Antique school desk 5.00
929.021Pair of vintage wrought iron plant stands 12.00
929.022Lot of 3 Prince Albert tobacco tins 5.00
929.023Antique steel wheel roller blades. This technology was way ahead of its time. 16.00
929.024Antique ice skates
929.025 Antique stove pipe crimper. Top of the line tool in it’s day. Check out the hand pinstriping 12.00
929.026Antique National #512 glass and wood washboard 5.00
929.027Vintage Standard model 500 RR-2 projector with case 5.00
929.028Lot of 4 vintage rolling pins. Great for keeping your husband in line 5.00
929.0291- 15 piece vintage Zodiac bar set. New in box. Includes ice bucket w/holder 8-glasses, and 4- ashtrays 23.50
929.030Vintage heavy glass seltzer bottle wrapped in steel mesh. Made in Czechoslovakia 6.00
929.031Lot of 3 vintage potato mashers 3.00
929.032 Lot of 3 vintage folding travel irons 3.00
929.033Beautiful vintage bar set. Include large pitcher, 6-glasses, and 4- shot glasses. Made in Italy 5.00
929.034Pair of vintage plastic coin banks 9.00
929.035Vintage rug beater 3.00
929.036New in the box vintage Artic battery power mixer 3.00
929.037 Vintage hand carved walking stick 15.55
929.038Antique heavy marble and metal lamp. Cord is frayed
929.039Large antique fruit masher
929.040Vintage heavy duty Gear Top Bottle Capper Sr. and antique wooden barrel spigot 5.00
929.041Antique barn beam auger
929.042 Lot of 6 vintage bottles 6.52
929.043Lot of 10 vintage tools and horseshoes
929.044 Pair of vintage ship paintings on very old, thick wood. (ship wreck wood maybe ?) 5.00
929.045Vintage bike. Low miles. Excellent MPG. Tires still hold air 5.00
929.046Hand carved walking stick 6.00
929.047Vintage Craftsman locking metal cabinet
929.048Vintage cultivator
929.049Vintage Rheem Califone model 1430 record player. Works but needs a new needle
929.050 Vintage Niagra Cyclo-Massage with case and all paperwork Who needs a chiropractor ? 6.00

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