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Category: ALL (83 records) Archive: CLOSED #954 – OnLine Consignment Auction – New Merchandise - This Auction Started to Close - Monday, November 11, 2019 at 9:45 am CST

Item Description Price
954.01Weather Guard White Truck Tool box , Model # 675-3-01, 20 ¼” x 19 ¼”, has 2 keys, has a few minor dents 113.00
954.02(2) Buyers Rear Fender, 48” x 22 ½” Model #8590195, Poly Rust Resistant, fits minimum 19 ½” Dual Wheels 111.00
954.03(3) Yellow Bars with handles, May be a part for a pallet cage. I did not see a model number. Come take a look, They are steel with handles. Come take a look 9.00
954.04(1) Diversitech Plastic Condensate Drain Pan, 30” x 50” x 2” (1) Diversitech Plastic Drain Pan, Approx. 36” x 36” x 2”, Minor Dents 12.00
954.05(2) Boxes of Rubbermaid Kut-A-Way Wedge Mops (2) Rubbermaid HYGEN Velcro Mop Heads Approx 52” x 8” 9.99
954.06ZEP Professional 5 Gallon Truck & Trailer Wash 17.00
954.07(1) OTC Brake Drum/Rotor Puller, Model #6980, Capacity 7 Tons (1) LCN Manual Hydraulic Door Closer 4040 Series, Aluminum, Model #4040XP-CUSH AL, Unsure if pieces are missing 41.66
954.08(3) Gray Totes, Approx. 32” x 20” x 8.5” USED, Approx (300) ELKAY PLASTICS 30” x 20” Open Poly Bag, 4 mil 13.00
954.09WEG Industrial Motor, 60HZ, 3450 RPM, 240V, 23.00A, PH: 1, DAMAGED Inner Shield 5.00
954.12Sled Base executive side chair, model ESS-9015, black will need to be assembled 22.52
954.13Sled Base executive side chair, model ESS-9015, black will need to be assembled 21.52
954.14Sled Base executive side chair, model ESS-9015, black will need to be assembled 21.00
954.15Sled Base executive side chair, model ESS-9015, black will need to be assembled 22.00
954.16Sled Base executive side chair, model ESS-9015, black will need to be assembled 23.00
954.17Sled Base executive side chair, model ESS-9015, black will need to be assembled 12.59
954.18OFM INC Executive Chair, Back Height 29 ½”, Back Width 23”, Seat Height Max: 23 ¼”, Seat Width 23 ¾”, Arm Style: Adjustable, Weight Capacity 400lbs, Unsure if there are any missing parts 22.00
954.19(7)30.5 fl oz of Nelson super spot tree marking paint – orange and red 5.00
954.20(7)10 oz cans of Tough Guy Bahamas breeze air freshener- missing nozzles,(1) Quart of Krud Kutter graffiti remover, (2) tubs of Tough Guy hand cleaner towels – one tub cracked, (2) Allegro tubs of wipe downs for equipment,(1) tub of LPS workplace hand cleaner towels 5.00
954.21(12)13.7 oz Mobil grease XHP 222 all purpose grease- some busted open, 9.00
954.22Lot of Inverted stripping paint – blue, caution yellow and (1) 15 oz of black enamel- some cans are dented and missing a nozzle 5.00
954.23(3)Condor lens cleaning station one has a damaged nozzle and some solution spilled on the kit, (3)16 oz bottles of Uvex alcohol and silicone free lens cleaning solution – missing nozzles 5.00
954.25(1)Quart of Tough Guy bacterial drain maintainer, (1)32 do oz of ECO’s glass cleaner, (2)32 do oz of Lysol mold and mildew foamier with bleach, (1)Quart of CRC hydro force glass cleaner, (1)Quart of CRC hydro force Butyl free all-purpose cleaner, (1)Quart of Tough Guy ready to use liquid odor counteractant, (2) 24 fl oz of Simple Green cleaners and degreaser- one nozzle is broken, (1) 1.12 Gallon of Pine -Sol all purpose cleaner- lemon fresh 5.00
954.26(3)Gallons of Misty Refi-Stream carpet extraction cleaner 6.00
954.27(5)14 oz tubes of ZEP white side good grade grease 7.00
954.28(4) Gallons of Toto Antibacterial Foam Soap 8.00
954.29(1)1.12 Gallons of Pine-sol multi surface cleaner- top is dented, (1) Gallon of Lysol pine action cleaner, (2) 24 fl oz of Simple Green cleaner and degreaser – One label is damaged
954.30(5) Quarts of CRC hydro force Butyl free all-purpose cleaner- some of the labels are torn from something spilling on them, (2) 1lb-2oz cans of CRC hydro force foaming citrus all purpose cleaner – missing caps 5.00
954.31(10) 30.5fl oz orange Nelson tree marking paint- tops have some corrosion (1) 15 oz can of tree marking paint – missing nozzle 5.00
954.32(6) Quarts of CRC hydro force Butyl free all-purpose cleaner, one leaked and feels about ¼ full 8.00
954.33(8)32 fl oz of Spray Nine heavy duty cleaner/degreaser 7.00
954.34(5)20.3 fl oz 3M 540 polyurethane sealant, one leaked 5.00
954.35(3)12oz cans of DAP multi-purpose foam sealant – missing nozzles, (6) 16 oz cans of Tech Spray blue shower maintenance cleaner- one nozzle the rest are missing, (1) 21 oz can of 3M trouble shooter baseboard stripper, (3) 17.5oz cans of Dymon graffiti & spray paint remover, (1) 24 oz of PUR FILL fire block foam, (1) 11 oz can of Blaster chain and cable lubricant- missing nozzle 5.00
954.36(6) CS LED Exit emergency light combo 60.00
954.37Pair of Orange Monster wheel chocks 20.00
954.38Dayton model DFDRHV1 fire damper, 1.5 hour 5.00
954.39(9) ½ pints of Premium green stuff thread sealant, all are sticky from leaking 5.00
954.40(1) Monoprice 10551 premium printer filament PLA , 1.75mm, 1kg spool – black 5.00
954.41Dyna-Lift 4M-D1A-10-S Hydraulic Lift KT, 4 Post, manual, 1000 lb. 218.00
954.42(10) boxes of Condor beard covers – boxes are a little smooshed
954.43(15) White hard hats, (1) brown hard hat and misc. 12.00
954.44(10) Pack of 6 Shur Line walls and ceilings -6” rollers, 3/8” nap. 12.10
954.45(4) Quarts of Diversey Suma Dumpster fresh, cleaner and deodorizer with hose connect
954.46(1)Honeywell Emergency Eyewash Cartridge, for use with MFR. NO. 1000, 3.5 Gallon, Model #32-001050-0000, 1 Package (1)Metal 20” x 14” Evacuation Assembly Point Sign, Dented, (1)Swan Hydrogen Peroxide 16 FL OZ Bottle, (1)Box Medique Diotame Chewable Tablets, (1)Honeywell Earmuffs, Verishield VS 110 Model #1035100-VS, Other MISCELLANEOUS respirators, face masks, laboratory equipment 12.00
954.47(1) EDSAL Starter Boltless Shelving, 5 Shelves, Particle Board Decking, 36” x 24” x 73”, Model #UR2436, Box Opened, Minor Dents 7.00
954.48(9) Tough Guy Glass Cleaner Aerosol Cans, 19oz, Model #41C264 9.00
954.49(11) Tough Guy Glass Cleaner Aerosol Cans, 19oz, Model #41C264, Some Tags Ripped 9.00
954.50(4) Clorox Germicidal Bleach, 3.78 QT 9.00
954.51(12) ZEP GROOVY Anti-Seize Lubricant, 15oz cans, for Threaded Metal Parts, Couple Nozzles May be Missing 26.00
954.52(2) ALCONOX Detojet Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent, 1 Gallon, (1)BONA Hardwood Floor Cleaner Concentrate, 1 Gallon
954.53(11) 14 oz cans of ZEP fast evaporative solvent degreaser 22.52

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