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Category: ALL (29 records) Archive: CLOSED #570 – Estate Auction – Guns, Misc. - This Auction Started to Close - Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 10:10 am CST

Item Description Price
570.00These items are located at OAS
810 Magna Dr, Round Lake, IL 60073
Contact OAS (847-546-2095)
Open Monday to Friday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
For Inspection or Removal

10% Buyers Fee – 7% Sales Tax

Starting January 1, 2019 – A NEW State law will take effect requiring a 72 hour WAITING PERIOD before picking up ANY HANDGUN or LONG GUN.

All firearms are purchased "as is" and even if new in the box it is recommended that a competent gunsmith or firearms expert check the firearm prior to shooting. Descriptions and conditions are always a matter of opinion and may differ from person to person. We identify any conditions that we see that may affect the value of the firearm but as always it is the buyers responsibility and advisable that you check out the item prior to bidding.

All hand guns will come with a trigger lock, additional locks for purchase. Cases or sleeves to transport guns are up to the buyer unless it is provided with the gun. Must be 18 years of age for all long guns and shot guns, 21 years or older for all hand guns and must have a FOID card for Illinois, out of state uses a drivers license. Hand guns bought out of state must be shipped to a FFL dealer. A 72 HOUR WAITING PERIOD IS MANDATORY before picking up ANY MODERN HANDGUNS or MODERN LONG GUNS. A $10.00 Transfer fee will be collected.
Obenauf Auction Service is a registered FFL dealer. Back-ground check, and a 4473 form will be filled out upon purchase. This requires you to come in TWICE, once to fill out the first half. After the holding period you come in and fill out the second half, and pick up your firearm.
570.01China Norinko SKS rifle, serial #12107448, 20 ½” barrel, 7.62x39, very clean bore, matching serial numbers, locking bayonet, army sling. Appears to be like new and unfired. (B3-270) 460.00
570.02 Japanese/Carcano Type #1 bolt action rifle, serial #G9054, 6.5x50mm, 30 ½” barrel, clean bore, sling swivels, bayonet lug, cleaning rod, minor scuffs on stock. (B3-271) 300.00
570.03 Remington model 34 NRA Target bolt action rifle, .22 short, long and long rifle, 24” barrel, clean bore, rear peep sight, tube fed, stock has some minor wear, barrel has some surface discoloration. (B3-272) 160.00
570.04 Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. Topper M48 single shot 12ga shot gun, serial #J57619, 30” barrel, clean bore, some surface rust pits on barrel, but stock is two tone. (B3-273) 60.00
570.05 U.S. Revolver Co. Top Break 5 shot revolver, serial #C26252, .38 cal., 3 ¼” barrel, right grip is broke at butt, play in cylinder action. (B3-274) 111.00
570.06 Black powder flint lock pistol, 5 ¾” barrel, 0.44 cal. Does not require background check 70.00
570.07 100 Rounds of Remington Kleanbore .22 long rifle Palma bullets and 50 rounds of Remington .22 long rifle bullets, collector boxes 16.00
570.08 50 Rounds of Western .22 long short bullets, 50 rounds of Western .22 long rifle, collector boxes 12.99
570.09 Approximate 120 Rounds of Remington .22 Cal. Yellow Jacket bullets 10.00
570.10 150 Rounds of Remington hollow point .22 Cal. bullets 10.00
570.11 Approximate 137 rounds of .22 Cal. short high velocity bullets, 50 rounds of Remington .22 Cal short low velocity bullets 15.00
570.12 Approximate 1000 rounds of Crossman .22 lead pellets 18.00
570.13 Approximate 37 rounds of Sears, Roebuck and Co. Sta-Klean .22 B B caps, rim fire 12.00
570.14 186 Rounds of .22 Cal. bullets, some are short, short hollow point, long rifle and long rifle hollow points 6.00
570.15 50 Caliber spent shell, (5) 7mm shells ?, Western Sights box, (18) Winchester .22-20 empty shells and box, Gunslick gun oil bottle and box, Gunslick lubricant tube and box, Lyman peep sights, 1949 NRA rifle and pistol schedule pamphlet, (2) small screw drivers 9.00
570.16 40 Rounds of .45 Cal. bullets 12.00
570.17 25 Rounds of Winchester Super X 12 gauge shot gun shells, 25 rounds of Remington 12 gauge game load shot gun shells and 20 rounds of Remington 20 gauge game load shot gun shells 14.00
570.18 20 Rounds of Remington high velocity 30-30 Win. 150 grain, core lokt, soft point, 6 rounds of Winchester Super X 30-30 Win. 170 grain, power point, 14 empty shells for 30-30 Winchester 14.00
570.19 (2) Smith & Wesson 9mm magazines 17.00
570.20 (2) 45 Cal. magazines 20.00
570.21 Plano 50 round rifle cartridge holder empty and approximately 37 rounds of 30-06 reloads, shoot at your own risk 6.00
570.22 Tasco rifle scope 4 x 15mm, model RF4X15, appears to be brand new 6.00
570.23Flying Arrow archery the cyclone replacement blades 125 grain, the toxic replacement blades 125 grain and the tom-bomb replacement blades 125 grain, new in package 0.00
570.24 15 Rounds of 9mm bullets 0.00
570.25 Leather gun holster and a Gun Mate magazine holder 12.00
570.26 Approximately 119 rounds of 30-06 reloads, shoot as your own risk 5.00
570.27 Misc. lot of gun locks with keys 5.00
570.28 100 Rounds of Remington Kleanbore .22 klay bird bullets 24.00