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CLOSED #122 – OnLine Consignment Auction – Misc. - This Auction Started to Close - Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 10:00 am CST

Item Description
122.01.(9) Tribune Photos of Blackhawks from 1979 (EW)
122.02.Antique 1920s-1930s License Frame 14” x 6” (EW)
122.03.Chicago Tribune Photos of “Spiderman” Dan Goodwin climbing Sears Tower! (EW)
122.04.(4) Digital Cameras, good condition (EW)
122.05.(2) Very Old Photos of Babe Ruth (EW)
122.06.Shipwrecks of The Great Lakes (EW)
122.07.Print of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Mary Demroske number 49 of 485 (EW)
122.08.Nikon N2020 Camera in very good condition, 35MM (EW)
122.09.Cannon Rebel T2 35MM camera in good condition (EW)
122.10.Minolta 100-200MM Lens in good condition (EW)
122.11.(2) Photos of 1960s Century Boats (EW)
122.12.1960s Stewart Sports Radio Head Phone, new old stock in Original box (EW)
122.13.Vintage Flagman Emergency Automated Road Flare in working condition (EW)
122.14.Chicago’s Maxwell Street Market in the old days 24” x 36” (EW)
122.15.13 Ptints of Vintage 75 Years of Buick (EW)
122.16.1955 Buick Sales book “How to Sell Buicks” (EW)
122.17.Laguiole Carving Set, New (EW)
122.18.New Pair of Belleville Summer Boots, size 9.0 R, retail for $150 (EW)
122.19.Vintage Milk Box with Advertisement (EW)
122.20.(14) Kwikset Hancock Passage Knobs (EW)
122.21.Pearl Snare Drum works (EW)
122.22.Vintage Radio Turntable CD player (EW)
122.23.US Army Backpack (EW)
122.24.Pair Of Tubbs Snow Shoes, new (EW)
122.25.Nice Custom Holster, handmade by Viking in Mexico (EW)
122.26.Vintage Old Style Sign 12” x 19” (EW)
122.27.New Whirlpool Counter Top Microwave, 1200 watt, model WMC30516 (EW)
122.28.Nice Antelope Mount (EW)
122.29.Good Spectrum Working Keyboard (EW)
122.30.Nice Vintage Wards 10 Amp Charger, works (EW)
122.31.(2) Vintage Belts (EW)
122.32.(6) Giant Conch Sea Shells (EW)
122.33.(7) Giant Conch Sea Shells (EW)
122.34. Vise made in USA (EW)
122.35.Old Anvil (EW)
122.36.Old Horse Hide (EW)
122.37.Vintage Shine Box with cans inside (EW)
122.38.Antique Wood Pulley (EW)
122.39.Old Gas Station Anti Freeze Tester (EW)
122.40.Vintage Gas Station Goodyear Metal Storage Box (EW)
122.41.Chicago Bears and Brian Urlacher framed picture (EW)
122.42.Over Head Power Line Sign (EW)
122.43.Harvester Sign (EW)
122.44.(3) Metal “NO TRESSPASSING” signs (EW)
122.45.(7) “NO TRESSPASSING” signs (EW)
122.46.(3) New Watches (EW)
122.47.Large Lot of Moose Pins (EW)
122.48.Lionel “The Intimidator” Expansion Pack (EW)
122.49.(2) Coleman Lanterns (EW)
122.50.Old Spot Light (EW)