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CLOSED - #396 – Estate Auction – Garden & Yard Equipment - This Auction Started to Close - Tuesday, April 16, 2019 @ 10:30 AM CST

Item Description
These items are located in Ingleside IL
Contact Lee (847-489-1820)
For Inspection or Removal Appointment

INSPECT ALL ITEMS BEFORE BIDDING - THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY, AUTHENTICITY & CONDITION RESTS WITH THE BUYER. High bidder must pickup at the designated location. Buyer is responsible to provide all labor, tools and equipment needed to remove all items.
No Reserve - 10% Buyers Fee – 7% Sales Tax

396.001.Black wheelbarrow
396.002.Red wheelbarrow
396.003.Red 2 wheel yard card
396.004.Metal heavy duty tote box
396.005.Pick axes
396.006.4 Crow bars
396.007.Pry bars
396.008.Pitch fork, sledge hammer, small coal shovel
396.009.Assorted shop brooms
396.010.Rakes and hoes
396.011.Pitchfork and rakes
396.012.Corona, pole tree trimmer
396.013.Snow shovels
396.014.3 Conduit pipe benders
396.015.Antique sailing ship rigging blocks
396.016.3 Shovels
396.017.Tamper, post hole digger, pry bar
396.018.Box lot
396.019.4 Shovels
396.020.4 Shovels
396.021.3 Shovels
396.022.Pitch fork, skimmer, digging tool
396.023.Animal trap
396.024.Lot yard rakes
396.025.Antique ice saws, pick, shovel
396.026.Cultivator, sod cutter, trailer axle
396.027.Yard edgers, cultivator, hoes
396.028.3 Shovels
396.029.Rakes, hoes, swing seat
396.030.3 Webbed lawn chairs
396.031.Metal sprinkler cans, bird house, duck and owl decor, boot scrapers
396.032.Car wash extension brush, and misc items
396.033.Assorted gas cans, some antique
396.034.Large and small pieces of driftwood
396.035.Wheels for wheelbarrow and lawn mowers, 1 antique wheel
396.036.Electric weed eater, runs
396.037.Set of work horses, bench support
396.039.3 Snow shovels
396.040.Antique cultivator
396.041.Antique cultivator
396.042.Assorted chains
396.043.4 Hedge trimmers
396.044.Bolt cutters
396.045.Heavy duty come-a-long
396.046.Band saws and hatchet
396.048.Log tool
396.049.Homelite chain saw
396.050.Lawn mower engines
396.051.Water pumps
396.052.Pipe vices
396.053.Toro, red with black bag, lawn mower, running condition unknown
396.054.Toro, red, lawn mower, mulcher, running condition unknown
396.055.Self-propelled, teal and black, lawn mower, running condition unknown
396.056.Sears, red, and white lawn mower, running condition unknown
396.057.Craftsman, blue and white, lawn mower, running condition unknown
396.058.2 Bicycles, 10 speeds, bicycle tire
396.059.Craftsman, grass catcher bag
396.060.Briggs & Straton, MTD Gold lawn mower, black and gray, running condition unknown
396.061.True Value, red and black, lawn chief lawn mower, running condition unknown
396.062.Power Pro, green, lawn mower, running condition unknown
396.063.Toro snow blower, running condition unknown
396.064.Sears, 10 speed road bicycle
396.065.Briggs & Straton 4 cycle engine, Craftsman engine, running condition unknown
396.067.Large sailing ship, rigging
396.068.Assorted sizes of ropes
396.069.Jumper cables
396.070.Shop light
396.071.Transmission fluid, oil, chain saw oil
396.072.Heavy duty hand truck
396.073.Extension cords
396.074.Wind chimes
396.075.Gas weed eater, running condition unknown
396.076.Heavy duty extension cords
396.077.Heavy duty extension cords with electrical boxes
396.078.Extension cords with electrical boxes
396.079.Aluminum ladder and small step ladder
396.080.Small charcoal grill
396.081.Aluminum ladder
396.082.Kerosene can
396.083.Lot 5 gallon buckets
396.084.Stainless steel bar sink
396.085.Bicycle tire, hand pumps and foot pumps
396.086.Tile cutter
396.087.Heavy duty conduit bender
396.088.Extendable window washer brush
396.089.Heavy duty bumper jack
396.090.Axe/Mattock and small pry bar
396.091.Flexible BX conduit
396.092. Come-a-long
396.093.2 GE 1/3 horsepower electric motors with switches, run
396.094.International Harvester Cub Cadet 147 hydrostatic lawn tractor, 50" mower deck, starts (with jump), runs, mows, needs battery