Obenauf Auction Service, Inc.
#399 – Village of Carpentersville Public Works – Vehicles, Misc. - Auction Starts Closing
Monday, April 22, 2019 at 10:20 am

Item Description
These items are located at 1075 Tamarac Drive, Carpentersville IL 60110
Contact Michelle Clifton (224 -293-1610)
Monday to Friday – 10:00 am to 3:00 pm For Inspection or Removal Appointment

THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY, AUTHENTICITY & CONDITION RESTS WITH THE BUYER. High bidder must pickup at the designated location. Buyer is responsible to provide all labor, tools and equipment needed to remove all items.
No Reserves - 10% Buyers Fee – 7% Sales Tax

399.01.1999 80"x18' Cronkite E-Series Flatbed Tandem Axle Trailer with ramps, Vin: 473262228X1101338. Municipal equipment in good condition. SOLD AS IS.
399.02. Pneumatic bumper/ equipment lift. SOLD AS IS.
399.03. Mag Lok tool set with axe, tamper, spade, edger and pointed shovel attachments. (New, never used) SOLD AS IS.
399.04. (2) -55 gallon drums of Kerosene, one empty with pump & one full, with spill containment drum rollers. SOLD AS IS.
399.05. Remington high performance portable torpedo kerosene heater. SOLD AS IS.
399.06. Reddy heater. Pro 155 - 155,000 BTU's torpedo kerosene heater. SOLD AS IS.
399.07. Remington kerosene portable torpedo heater working. SOLD AS IS.
399.08. Kerosene portable torpedo heater-not working. SOLD AS IS.
399.09. Electric portable air compressor 5-hp 25 gallon. SOLD AS IS.
399.10. Speedaire gas powered air compressor. Bad Motor. SOLD AS IS.
399.11. (17) - 100 pound bags of silica sand. SOLD AS IS.
399.12. Chrome diamond pattern Weather Guard 60x19 truck tool box. SOLD AS IS.
399.13. Weather Guard 45" ¾ x 12" ¾" pork chop box. SOLD AS IS.
399.14. Adjustable T-Rac-Pro ladder rack. SOLD AS IS.
399.15. Adjustable Weather Guard ladder/ pipe rack. SOLD AS IS.
399.16. Set of diamond pattern aluminum running boards (no mounting brackets). SOLD AS IS.
399.17. KEW 0802v -56 Kerosene power washer with hose and gun. SOLD AS IS.
399.18. Portable electric single bulb light tower. Bad bulb or ballast. SOLD AS IS.
399.19. Portable reservoir jet sprayer container with pump. Approximately 20 gallon tank, never used. SOLD AS IS.
399.20.2008 F-250 4x4 with Service Body & Plow, Vin: 1FDNF21528EC21619 (48,060 miles). Municipal vehicle in good condition, SOLD AS IS.
399.21. 2011 Ford Crown Vic Interceptor Model, Vin: 2FABP7BV5BX122577 (94,094 miles). Municipal vehicle in good condition, SOLD AS IS.
399.22. Wheelbarrow - SOLD AS IS.
399.23. (3) - Hydraulic jack hammers 2- 90-LBS & 1- 40 LBS with 2-flat break-out bits. SOLD AS IS.
399.24. CL² Load scale (Not Functioning). SOLD AS IS.
399.25. (16) - Rolls 2-1/2" fire hose. SOLD AS IS.
399.26. Wheel dolly. SOLD AS IS.
399.27. 385 gallon ULINE spill containment unit. SOLD AS IS.
399.28. 2015 Ford F-250 Rear bumper-Never used. SOLD AS IS.
399.29. 2016 Ford F-250 Rear bumper-Used one season. SOLD AS IS.
399.30. 17.5 Ton press, Westward 10,000 psi Treadle Pump, has a hydraulic leak. SOLD AS IS.
399.31. 17.5 Ton press, SOLD AS IS.
399.32. Miller AC/DC portable welder (Needs battery and has a flat tire (Holds air briefly), but will run with new battery) SOLD AS IS.
399.33. Portable generator. SOLD AS IS.
399.34. Backpack Portable torch cutter. SOLD AS IS.
399.35. (2) - Rotary lobe polymer pumps with motors. SOLD AS IS.
399.36. Pneumatic greaser. (Hand pump) SOLD AS IS.
399.37. Survey tripod legs. SOLD AS IS.
399.38. (2) - Stop and slow paddles. SOLD AS IS.
399.39. Wachs hydraulic valve exerciser. SOLD AS IS.
399.40. (2) - Dimound blades for concrete saw cutting 1-24" & 1- 36" SOLD AS IS.
399.41. Portable digital truck scale- Not working. SOLD AS IS.
399.42. Portable electric room heater. SOLD AS IS.
399.43. Homelite compact plate compactor. SOLD AS IS.
399.44. 4x6 Bedslide for truck. SOLD AS IS.
399.45. Miscellaneous advanced warning signs and stands. SOLD AS IS.
399.46. Partner saw. SOLD AS IS.
399.47. Partner saw. (Not working.) SOLD AS IS.
399.48. CH&E 3" Diaphragm Pump. SOLD AS IS.
399.49. Lot – 55gallon drum barrels. SOLD AS IS.