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197.001.6” x 48” Belt / 12” Disc Sander, model# ISG-00031H, single phase, 110V, 1.5HP, 60 cycle, Motor is Kuang Hsin 1 5 HP, 60Hz, 110-220V, 20 amp, 1700rpm, single phase, works, with (5) extra sanding belts, 6” x 48”, (3) extra 12” sanding disc (PR#1)
197.002.DynaPak 4X I, Air Plasma Cutting System, 40 amp, 220V, single phase, works, spare parts and plasma circle cutting guard (PR#1)
197.003.Central Hydraulic Engine Hoist, has extra legs, 6000 lb capacity, arm length 52” to 94”, overall bottom 40” x 48”, works, some hardware is missing (opr aisle)
197.004.Central Hydraulic Transmission Jack, 450lb capacity, lift range 7-1/4” to 23-1/4”, with table tilt feature, may be missing handle, ½” drive (PR#2)
197.005.Rolling Tool Station, has one drawer, has keys, drawer does Not lock, 30”w x 16-1/2” x 33”, has (2) sets of magnetic paper towel holder (main aisle)
197.006.US General Pro Rolling Cabinet, has two drawers, has keys, 16-1/2”x 18” x 59-1/2” model# 68991, (main aisle)
197.007.UnderHoist Safety Stand, 2 ton, one caster wheel broken off, can be fix, adjustable height 62” to 92” adjustable head with additional 8” more (main aisle)
197.008.Rolling Cabinet, with add on shelf, has No keys, is Not a Snap-On cabinet, 24” x 18” x 34”, (main aisle)
197.009.(2) Pipe Benders, (1) at Gardner Bender #930, ½” thin wall only, (1) at Gardner Bender # 911, ¾” thin wall & ½” Rigid, (PR#7)
197.010.Engine Stand, front frame 20”, back frame 30”, x 32” x 38”h, engine mount plate, 7” x 10” (main aisle)
197.011.Mastercool A/C manual hose crimper 71550, like new. (PR#7)
197.012.Small tube bender New Pro 2 Conversion Kit, converts Pro 2 to accept 3/8 dies (PR#7)
197.013.Craftsman Rolling Tool Cabinet, 27”x 18” x 41”h, 10 drawers, has key but is broken, drawers still open & lock (opr-aisle)
197.014.Hilti ½” Hammer/ Drill, model# TM-7 S VSR, works, (PR#7)
197.015.Hitachi Sander / Polisher, 115V, 60Hz, 9.2 amps, 1400 to 3400 RPM, Model# SP 18V, works (PR#7)
197.016.Chicago Electric Power, model# 68523, 3” High Speed Electric Cut off Tool, 120V, 60Hz, 3 amp, has 3/8” Arber , 3”capacity, 2200 RPM, works (PR#7)
197.017.Dual Action Sander, 6”, with (2) backing pad, works (PR#7)
197.018.Porter Cable Air Nail Gun, model# BN125 18GA. Brad Nailer, fastener range min 5/8” to 1-1/4”, works (PR#7)
197.019.Central Pneumatic Air Nailer / Stapler, 2 in 1 kit, model# 40115, air intake ¼” – 18 NPT, nail crown size min. ¼” to max. 1-1/4”, 18 ga. comes with (1) box ½” staples, (1) box of 1” staples, (1) box 1” brad nails, (1) box of 5/8” brad nails, and case (PR#7)
197.020.Pittsburg carbon steel 40 piece tap and die set.
197.021.Snap- On diagnostic scanner for GM- Chrysler-Ford-Jeep, comes with two primary cartridges for GM-Chrysler-Ford-Jeep one good through 1998 and another one is 1996-2000, primary imports for Asian through 1997,and one troubleshooter for Asian imports through 1997, one troubleshooter for GM-Chrysler-Ford-Jeep through 1997. (PR#7)
197.022.Cen-Tech digital inspection camera, item #61839, works, like new. (PR#7)
197.023.Punch set, die punches are 3/32” through 9/32” and dies are 3/32” through 3/16”. (PR#7)
197.024.Helicoil professional thread repair kit, size 3/8 -24 UNF, part no. 5402-6, appears to be complete, partial set size 3/8-16 UNC. (PR#7)
197.025.Cen-Tech self-levelling laser level, item #92703. (PR#7)
197.026.Makita jig saw, model 4320, max. 2”, 115 volts, Ryobi recipro saw, model R-J-100, 120 volts, misc. saw blades, works. (PR#7)
197.027.(7) Piece ProValue short combination wrench set, 3/8” to ¾”. (PR#7)
197.028.(7) Piece Gear-Tech ratchet wrench set, 5/16” to 11/16”. (PR#7)
197.029.(6) Piece combination wrench set with socket end, 7/16” to ¾”. (PR#7)
197.030.(8) Piece Pittsburgh regular and Phillips screw drivers with socket ends. (PR#7)
197.031.(4) Piece Pittsburgh chain locks. (PR#7)
197.032.(18) Piece Pittsburgh offset t-handle hex key set, 1/16” to 3/8” and 1.5mm to 10mm. (PR#7)
197.033.(6) Piece Craftsman auger bit set, ¼” to 1” and spade bits1 1/8”to 3/8”. (PR#7)
197.034.Hilti screw gun, model TK-1E, 115 vac, ¼” hex, missing nose cone, works. (PR#7)
197.035.Number stamps 1 through 9 are 1/8” and letter stamps A through Z are 1/8”, complete set. (PR#7)
197.036.(6) Piece Stanley wood chisel set, 1 ½” to ¼” and (4) piece Stanley wood chisel set. (PR#7)
197.037.(8) Piece Vaco t-handle hex key set, 3/32”to ¼”. (PR#7)
197.038.(24) Piece Kobalt right angle bit driver, ¼” and 5/16”. (PR#7)
197.039.(12) Piece Pittsburgh small pick set. (PR#7)
197.040.(7) Piece metric nut driver set, 5mm to 12mm, (9) piece standard nut driver set, 3/16” to ½”. (PR#7)
197.041.(6) Piece Pittsburgh small screw drivers and (6) piece micro screw driver set, #1 to 3.0mm. (PR#7)
197.042.(16) Piece small screw driver set, (3) alan drivers and (3) socket drivers, #1 to 3.8mm. (PR#7)
197.043.(5) Piece Master Mechanic small picks and misc. picks. (PR#7)
197.044.(6) Piece Pittsburgh and Vise Grip small C clamps. (PR#7)
197.045.Motive Products power bleeder, hydraulic brake and clutch pressure bleeder, there is a hole in the hose, (4) power bleeder model 1105 rectangular universal adapters with two chains. (PR#7)
197.046.Sears Craftsman Kromedge tap and die set, mostly complete. (PR#7)
197.047.Numbered, fractional and lettered drill bit set, all most complete. (PR#7)
197.048.Numbered, fractional and lettered drill bit set, all most complete. (PR#7)
197.049.Numbered A to Z drill bit set appears to be complete and another numbered drill bits no complete. (PR#7)
197.050.Misc. drill bits, cases and drill guides. (PR#7)
197.051.Roto Zip Mate model RZ10, 120 volt, comes with cut off wheels, 1/8” zip for drywall, 1/8” zip bit for wood, plastic and siding, works. (P#7)
197.052.Misc. washer assortments ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, ½” and 5/8”, rubber grommet set ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, ½”, 5/8”, 7/8” and 1”, and O rings. (PR#7)
197.053.(28) Piece Pittsburgh fractional transfer punch set 3/32” to ½” punches and 17/32” punch, (60) piece numbered punch set 1 to 60,complete set. (PR#7)
197.054.Hex cap screw assortment and e-clip assortment, not complete. (PR#7)
197.055.Hand punch 1/8”, 3/8”, 3/16”, 7/16”, 5/16”. (PR#7)
197.056.(6) Piece S&X screw drivers, (2) regular and the rest are Phillips. (PR#7)
197.057. (10) Piece screw drivers, (5) regular and the rest are Phillips. (PR#7)
197.058.(10) Piece Vaco screw drivers, (3) regular and the rest are Phillips. (P#7)
197.059.Jacob’s chuck #14N and milling machine tool holders. (PR#7)
197.060.(7) Bondhaus metric ball end alan wrenches 1.27mm to 5mm, (11) Bonhaus standard ball end alan wrenches 3/64”to 5/16”. (PR#7)
197.061.Misc. metric and standard alan wrenches. (PR#7)
197.062.(9) Misc. steel auto body forming tools. (PR#7)
197.063.Central Machinery sheet metal shrinker #95062 and sheet metal stretcher #95062. (PR#7)
197.064.Small slide hammers. (PR#7)
197.065.(3) Body rasps one is adjustable, one flat and one curved, they are 1 ¼” wide by 14” long. (PR#7)
197.066.Misc. body hammers and wood shaping tools. (PR#7)
197.067.Dent removing tool. (PR#7)
197.068.Wedgelock pliers and fasteners. (PR#7)
197.069.Speedy notcher 1” hole saw. (PR#7)
197.070.Misc. lot of grinding wheels, sanding disc and buffing pads. (PR#7)
197.071.Misc. tools, hacksaw, 1 ¾”scraper, 2” draw knife, 5”coping saw, small brace, 20”hand saw, 12”draw knife. (PR#7)
197.072.(1) 24”Square and 48” straight rulers, hammer, (2) tape measures 25’ and 16’, (4) putting knives, (4) office scissors, and (2) plumbobs. (PR#7)
197.073.(1) 24”Square and 48” straight rulers, Cen-Tech digital protractor, (2) tape measures 25’ and 26’, speed square, (8) putting knives, (6) office scissors, and (1) plumbobs. (PR#7)
197.074.Armstrong #6 C clamp press and small puller. (PR#7)
197.075.Master Mechanic hot glue gun and a smaller hot glue gun, comes with glue sticks for both guns. (PR#7)
197.076.(2) 100 piece 5” cable ties unopened and one 5” bag that is open, (1) 100 piece 11” cable ties unopened and one 11” bag is open, one 8” bag is opened. (GS#2)
197.077.(6) 5” Wheel casters, hard rubber. (GS#2)
197.078.(4) 5” Wheel casters, hard plastic, one has a screw in the wheel. (GS#2)
197.079.(4) Pneumatic tires, 2.50-4, 30 psi. (GS#2)
197.080.(6) 6” Wheel casters, hard rubber and only four are grease able and one is missing. (GS#2)
197.081.(2) 4” Wheel casters hard plastic, (2) 4” rubber, (4) 3 ½” hard plastic, (2) 4” hard plastic swivel (2) 3” hard plastic. (GS#2)
197.082.Drywall rasp and (3) curved tooth flexible files. (GS#2)
197.083.(2) Pittsburgh 36” aluminum bar clamp. (GS#2)
197.084.Bearing seal installer/ removal tool, there are six dies. (GS#2)
197.085.(7) Jorgensen 7 ½” bar clamps. (GS#2)
197.086.(6) Jorgensen 13”bar clamps. (GS#2)
197.087.(2) Jorgensen 18” bar clamps and (2) 24” bar clamps. (GS#2)
197.088.JuTec KBV small tubing bender, missing one of the dies. (GS#2)
197.089.(2) Pipe Master 1 ¾” and 1 ½” tubing. (GS#2)
197.090.Misc. lot of pocket knives, Duluth Trading and Coleman. (GS#2)
197.091.Misc. lot of tools, roofing hammer, (2) claw hammers, small hickory hammer handle, large caliper, led flash lights, two small sea clamps, combination square, small caulk gun, wire brush, wire marking tape. (GS#2)
197.092.Weller solider gun model D550, Sal ammoniac in solid form, solider iron, small aluminum bender, wax, flux coated brass rod, opti visor. (GS#2)
197.093.100 Piece aluminum rivet set, ¼” x ½”, 500 piece aluminum rivet assortment, both like new. (GS#2)
197.094.390 Piece cable clip assortment, 520 piece terminal set, 555 piece cotter pin assortment and 150 piece nylon locknut assortment, all like new. (GS#2)
197.095.106 Piece hex cap screw assortment, about half left, 150 piece set screw assortment, about half left, about 15 pieces, hex cap screw assortment. (GS#2)
197.096.Gliston Pops-A-Dent bridge puller and accessories, not complete, missing glue gun and other items. (GS#2)
197.097.Greenlee 767 porta power unit, builds pressure. (GS#2)
197.098.Assorted power tool wrenches. (GS#2)
197.099.(2) Magnetic paper towel holders, (4) magnetic tool holders, two of the magnets are loose from holder, (3) small magnetic hooks, 6” round magnetic tray, magnetic tool box tray, 12” long, 4 ½” wide, 1 ¼” deep. (GS#2)
197.100.Ridgid pipe cutter #132, ¼” to 2 5/8”, General pipe cutter #125, ¼” to 1 ½”, Blue Point pipe cutter, TC-28, 1/8” to 1”, K-D pipe cutter #2107. (GS#2)
197.101.Ratcheting tapping head, ¼” to ½” capacity, Craftsman die set, 5/16” to ½”, approximate 33 misc taps, Products Engineering thread gages, #5625 and (2) 5628. (GS#1)
197.102.(3) Drum sanding spindles, 2”, 2 ½” and 3”, ¼”, 3/8” and ½” adaptors. (GS#1)
197.103.Assorted nuts, bolts, hooks, screws, steel balls, gear shift indicator lights, battery terminals, oil pressure tube, terminal blocks, Heim joints, flat and lock washers, love joy coupling, choke/throttle cable casings, assorted rubber colored tips. (GS#1)
197.104.(2) Plastic vehicle stops, 10” wide, 21” long, 2 ½” tall. (GS#1)
197.105.Mac tool box, 18” long, 6” wide, 1 ¼” deep, freeze plugs, misc fuel and coolant connectors. (GS#1)
197.106.2” x 6’ Sling, 6’ x ¼” chain with two hooks, 80” x 3/16” chain with two hooks, 18” x 3/16” chain with two hooks, 60” x 5/16” chain, 58” x ¼” chain. (GS#1)