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CLOSED - #793 – OnLine Consignment Auction – Electrical Items - This Auction Started Closing - Monday, September 16th , 2019 at 10:20 am CST

Item Description
793.01.(44)Caddy VF -Ti/T Rod to C -Purlin Clio ¼” hole threaded 1/16-1/4 flange
793.02.(55)Caddy 812M Conduit clips
793.03.(40)Caddy -SCH-8 ½”
793.04.(17)Caddy Cat 12 ¾” J hook with 4234 clip
793.05.(123)Caddy M24 Hanmer
793.06.(88)Caddy 4WNTHKD washer and wiring net
793.07.(50)Caddy SCH-18 IE ¾ R
793.08.(55)Caddy 8P conduit clip with 9/32 plain mount hole
793.09.(54)Caddy K16 conduit hanger ¾”
793.10.(15)Caddy SCH-18 IE ¾ R
793.11.(28)ETP ½” Conduit 2-screw set coupling
793.12.Lot of clamp connectors 3/8”-1/2” – SKU : 839647
793.13.Misc lot Caddy SCH-18 IE ½”, 7 ½” .S. Coupling,3/4” ETP S.S connector, ½” ETP S.S connector,1” S.S connector
793.14.Caddy K12, 3/8” cable connectors
793.15.(135)1/2”,3/4”,1” 1-Hole straps
793.16.Caddy -79 Hammer on flange clips – M24
793.17.(54)Minerallac 1” Zinc plated steel conduit hooks
793.18.(6)20amp switches, box of electrical wire caps, (2) Triad electronic ballast -120v input , arc fault breaker 30mA cat # BR215AFIT
793.19.(5)Pass & Seymour GFCI receptacle- 15 a
793.20.(35)Minerallac ¾” plated steel conduit hanger with bolt
793.21.Misc electrical lot, wet locations outlet box, adapter plate with mounting screws, safety glasses, pipe clamps for ½” conduit, screw. And misc. see pictures
793.22.(136) Caddy M24 1/8-1/4 flange conduit clips
793.23.Caddy conduit clips
793.24.Screw on conduit supporters
793.25.Large misc electrical lot, ½” mini drop pin, clamps, Neer ½” SCH-50 connector, misc connectors, pins, washers, shelf brackets, dual 15 amp breaker, single 20 amp breaker, and misc
793.26.Babcock Davis non-rated screwdriver can latch drywall bead flange 14 X 14