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CLOSED #756 – OnLine Consignment Auction – Tools and Equipment - This Auction Started to Close - Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 at 10:20 AM CST

Item Description
756.01.Solid Mahogany Wood Door 8’ (95”) x 36”. New condition. Heavy High Quality Door (Pod1)
756.02.Outdoor Speakers (Qty 2). Atlas soundolier BIA-100, Bi-Axial (Pod1)
756.03.Outdoor Speakers (Qty 4). 3) Atlas Soundolier BIA-100 Bi-Axial 1)Moose MPI-30 (Pod1)
756.04.Folding Saw Horses (Pod1)
756.05.Folding Saw Horses (Pod1)
756.06.Surebonder Framing Nailer New with Case (Pod1)
756.07.1 Box Stanley Bostich Framing Nails (Pod1)
756.08.Campbell Hausfeld PowerPal Air Compressor w/Extra air hose (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.09.2 Brand new spools of 3/8” 300 PSI Air Hose (Pod1)
756.10.Rotating Wall Mount Small Parts Organizer – Nails, Screws, Washers, Small Parts (Pod1)
756.11.2 Workbench Power Outlet Strips 1) 8 outlet 1) 12 Outlet (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.12.Johnson Outboard 20hp Motor 20R-70E #J3246025 1970 Ran when stored 12yrs ago condition unknown (Pod1)
756.13.Mosquito Magnet bug zapper (Pod1)
756.14.Assorted 1 1/2” hose (Pod1)
756.15.2” hose - goodyear spiraflex - 5 sections (Pod1)
756.16.Assorted Garden Hose (Pod1)
756.17.Lasko Portable Electric Heater (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.18.Lifesmart Portable Electric Heater (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.19.Pelonis portable electric heater (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.20.Ecotronic Portable Electric Heater #GD8115BW-L (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.21.Comfort Glow 10,000 BTU Gas Heater, great for garage, storage, basement (Pod1)
756.22.Charmglow 10,000 BTU Propane Heater on wheels, new never used (Pod1)
756.23.2 Box Fans (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.24.GE General Duty Safety Switch 100 amp / 240v with fuses (Pod1)
756.25.GE General Duty Safety Switch 100 amp / 240V with fuses (Pod1)
756.26.Masterflow Attic Fan PG-2 Power Vent 1540 CFM / 2400 Sq Ft New Never Installed (Pod1)
756.27.Die Hard 200 Amp Battery Charger / Starter 12V #71331 (Pod1)
756.28.40 Amp Magnatek Power Converer Model #7440 (Pod1)
756.29.Wooden Roller Dolly 4 Caster Wheels 20x20 (Pod1)
756.30.Assorted Chain (Pod1)
756.31.5 Gallon Water Pump w/jug great for camping, backyard, patio (Pod1)
756.32.3 Federal Pacific Electric #RH102-2 30 amp max 120/240v raintight circuit breakers (Pod1)
756.33.1 Lot Assorted Wire (Pod1)
756.34.5 Thick heavy duty extension cords assorted lengths (Pod1)
756.35.6 Medium duty extension cords assorted lengths w/bucket (Pod1)
756.36.Dirt devil portable vacuum cleaner (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.37.Magna torch self lighting propane torch kit new in box (Pod1)
756.38.6”x50’ roll metal flashing new (Pod1)
756.39.Worklights – 3) single 1)double some need new bulbs (Pod1)
756.40.2 5lb boxes welding rod 1)1/8” 1)5/32” (Pod1)
756.41.32” stainless handle axe (Pod1)
756.42.3 Hand Saws (Pod1)
756.43.4 ½ gallons RV Antifreeze (Pod1)
756.44.Jadco ATV Hard Shell Rear Storage rack / box w/handle & Locking clasps (Pod1)
756.45.19 New Mendards Coffee Mugs / 2 Styles (Pod1)
756.46.True Temper Wheel Barrow (Pod1)
756.47.Super Z Constant Traction tire cables / chains S2343 (Pod1)
756.48.Assorted Red Plastic Gas Cans (Pod1)
756.49.3 Folding Camping Chairs (Pod1)
756.50.4 Folding Camping Chairs (Pod1)
756.51.4 Boat Bumpers / Fenders (Pod1)
756.52.Eaton BR816L125RP Rainproof Electrical Panel (Pod1)
756.53.2 Standard Size Propane Tanks (Pod1)
756.54.4 Bottle Jacks - might need fluid - 2) 20 Ton 2) 12 Ton (Pod1)
756.55.1 Box Foam Door/ Window Insulation window adhesive gasket rolls (Pod1)
756.56.ACME Transformer t-2-53515-35 7.5 KVA Demo Model (Pod1)
756.57.ACME Transformer t-2-53515-35 7.5 KVA New in Crate (Pod1)
756.58.Assorted caster wheels 2” / 4” / 5” (Pod1)
756.59.4 ½” water cooled circular tile saw with diamond blade - used once (Pod1)
756.60.Bosch 25,000 RPM Electric Grinder (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.61.2 dozen “golden gripper” work gloves XL (Pod1)
756.62.2 dozen “golden gripper” work gloves XL (Pod1)
756.63.3 dozen urethane gripper pink work gloves Med (Pod1)
756.64.7 Pair “green gripper” fingerless work gloves Lg (Pod1)
756.65.2 5/16” trailer hitch w/new 2 5/16” extra ball 2” receiver (Pod1)
756.66.(2) 1 ⅞” trailer hitches / 2” reciever (Pod1)
756.67.Pintle hitch trailer hitch with additional 1” receiver hitch assembly (Pod1)
756.68.2.5 Gallons Dex-Mer Universal Automatic Transmission Fluid (Pod1)
756.69.Greenlee 50’x ⅛” Steel Fish Tape (Pod1)
756.70.Ryobi 10” Orbital Polisher (Pod1)
756.71.Autospa 6” Orbital Polisher (Pod1)
756.72.5) 480/400 -12 Trailer Inner Tubes (Pod1)
756.73.1 Box Assorted Spring Clamps (Pod1)
756.74.Hampton Bay Window AC Unit 115V 10,000 BTU Model HBLG1004R (Pod1)
756.75.Danby Window AC Unit 115V 6,000 BTU Model DAC 6011E (Pod1)
756.76.Danby Window AC Unit 115V 6,000 BTU Model DAC 6011E (tested 8/23) (Pod1)
756.77.GE Window AC Unit 115v 6,000 BTU Model DAC6011E (Pod1)
756.78.HAIER Window AC Unit 115V 10,000 BTU Model HWR10XC6 (Pod1)
756.79.HAIER Window AC Unit 115V 12,000 BTU Model HWR12XC5 (Pod1)
756.80.HAIER Window AC Unit 115V 8,000 BTU Model ESA408N-T (Pod1)
756.81.2 Antique Bronze w/Smoke Lens Ceiling Fixtures ready to install (Pod1)
756.82.2 Federal Pacific Electric #RH102-2 30 Amp Max 120/240v raintight circuit breakers (Pod1)
756.83.FISKARS 14’ extending tree branch pole saw (Pod1)
756.84.FISKARS 14’ extending tree branch pole saw (Pod1)
756.85.Assorted Shovels (Pod1)
756.86.Little Tykes Race Car Toddler Bed Frame or Sandbox (Pod1)