Obenauf Auction Service, Inc.
#325 - OnLine Consignment Auction – Tools, Misc - Auction Starts Closing
Friday, March 22, 2019 at 10:20 am

Item Description
325.001.Ryobi BMM 2400 the mulchinator 24 volt push mower, does not have a charger and needs a battery.
325.002.(4) Aluminum empty helium tanks, one has a gauge and two filler nipples.
325.003.Craftsman 10” direct drive 2.5hp table saw, comes with two 7 ¼” steel blades, does turn on.
325.004.Craftsman Professional 25 gallon air compressor, model 919.167790, 120volt, single phase, 175 psi, 1725 rpm, 2 stage oil free pump, handle needs to be attached, works.
325.005.Elkay wall mount water fountain, 110 volt, turns on.
325.006.Binks paint pressure pot, model 83-15668, max W.P. 80 PSIG.
325.007.DeVilbiss 2 quart pressure cup, model KB II, with Binks spray gun, model 370A.
325.008.Binks paint pressure pot, model 83-15668, max W.P. 80 PSIG.
325.009.(4) Misc. spray guns.
325.010.Binks paint pressure pot, model 83-15668, max W.P. 80 PSIG, Binks model 7 spray gun.
325.011.Air regulator, Sharpe water separator model 880A, Craftsman regulator, 2 quart pressure cup and (3) 3M respirators.
325.012.Misc. paint supplies, Franklin titebond glue, Elmer’s wood glue, paint roller, (2) 4” value stainer brushes for stains, 3” and 2” painter’s collection, sponge brushes, (8) 4” value painter brushes, (4) 1 ½” and 3” one coat paint brushes, paint sticks and paint openers.
325.013.Husky Power washer 1650 psi, 120 volt, single phase, works.
325.014.Black & Decker work mate 400, 21 ½” by 24” by 31” tall.
325.015.DieHard fully automatic battery charger/ engine starter, for 6 and 12 volt batteries, 12/2/75 amp, turns on.
325.016.Black & Decker battery charger, 25/75 amp, smart charge, alternator check, engine start, turns on.
325.017.Sears 6 and 12 volt battery charger, the terminal cords are cracked and need to be replaced.
325.018.Micronta digital multimeter 22-185, works.
325.019.Ecolab H120 power washer, 120volt, single phase, Gun Jet spray gun, does not have a hose, works.
325.020. Karcher 1250 pressure washer, serial #532730, 115volt, single phase, works.
325.021.Swingline electric staple gun, model 34201, Makita sawzall, Home Utility ¼” drill stand with Black & Decker drill, works.
325.022. Simer model 2300 Geyser Classic submersible utility pump, works.
325.023.Simpson 260 Series 4 volt-ohm-milliameter.
325.024.Sears Craftsman instant action propane torch kit, includes (3) propane bottles, solder tip, flame spreader, spark lighter and torch head.
325.025.Ridgid wet/dry vac pump, model VP2000, 120 volt, works.
325.026.Black & Decker 5” bench grinder, works.
325.027.Sears Craftsman 3/8” drill, Craftsman 7” circular saw, works.
325.028.Craftsman Type 1 3/8” electric drill, Craftsman 3/8” electric drill, Craftsman jig saw, Black & Decker jig saw with misc. blades.
325.029.Misc. lot of nut drivers.
325.030.(2) Weller soldering guns, (5)heat shrink tubing 1/8” by 5”, (3) spools of soldering wire, not complete spools, Comet soldering iron, (3) misc. soldering irons.
325.031.Craftsman multi-purpose router guide kit, Stanley Handy Man miter box model #H114, Craftsman angle clamp, some sort of angle clamp.
325.032.Black & Decker drill bit sharpener, (13) piece titanium coated drill bit set, (18) Piece Black & Decker bullet high performance drill bit set, (12) piece spayed wood bits, Black & Decker door lock installation kit, missing bit, and misc. drill bits.
325.033.Misc. drill bits power driver set new, multi bit screw driver new, Black & Decker drill bit sharpener.
325.034.Craftsman drill press model #335.25987, drill stand Cat No.516-195.
325.035.Craftsman 4” bench vise No. 381.5188.
325.036.Craftsman wet wheel sharpener model #319.669920, 220 grit, 115-120 volt, works.
325.037.Foredom mini grinder/ buffer, foot peddle variable speed control, serial #B83 0008, series 5B&G, 110volt, .5amp, works.
325.038.Black & Decker Navigator powered hand saw/ jigsaw, works.
325.039.Black & Decker mouse sander/ polisher, model MS500, 120 volt, single phase, includes misc. sand paper, works.
325.040.Shur-Dri submersible sump pump 1/4” hp, 3000 GPH, works.
325.041.Wen wet wheel machine, model 2901, hollow grinder, sharpener, honer, works.
325.042.Craftsman wet sharp machine model 146.6695, works.
325.043.Fluke 31 True RMS clamp meter, like new, may need batteries.
325.044.Siemens heavy duty enclosed switch, model F351, 30 amp, 600 vac, 3 pole.
325.045.Makita jig saw, model 4301BV, variable speed, works.
325.046.Misc. lot of tools, work gloves, level, hand saw, Duralast chain wrench, hammer, 6 ½” coping saw,oil filter wrench, snap ring pliers, Stanley rivets, pipe wrench, rubber hammer, Easy Cutter snips, and misc.
325.047.(6) Piece tubing toll kit, 3/8”, 5/16”, ¼” benders, cutter, drop forged, ½”to 5/8” flaring tool.
325.048.(25) Piece Brad point drill bit set, like new.
325.049.Digi- Sense digital pH meter, model #5985-20.
325.050.Various size files.
325.051.Hart MFG. Co. pipe threader, duplex #41 1/2X, Nye pipe cutter #91, (2) Excellent small pipe cutters.
325.052.Ace Super set tap and die #614, Himark Tungsten steel metric tap and die set and misc. taps.
325.053.Skilsaw Classic circular saw model 5275, 2.5hp, with case, works.
325.054.Misc. lot of tools, Opti Visor head band, framing square, 2’ level, flare tool, rivet guns and rivets, scissors, rubber malt, sewing awl, chisel, Craftsman hand impact tool set, misc. screw drivers and pliers.
325.055.(3) Propane tanks and misc. flaring tools.
325.056.Wilkerson air regulator filter and hose, Tool Shop air regulator filter.
325.057.Misc. lot of air regulators, filers and air guns.
325.058.Craftsman commercial router, model #315.17380, includes router bit sets, works.
325.059.Misc. lot of tools, Craftsman face shield, oil can, grommet kit and installer tool, Craftsman heavy duty stapler, wire brush, hand saw, air guns, slip and lock - nut wrench, E300 digital thermometer, Stanley wood plan, engine cleaner wade, hatch hammer, wire stripers and misc.
325.060.Three drawer toolbox with upper storage 20” wide, 8 ½” deep, 11” tall, filled with misc. tools, screw drivers, (10) Piece 3/8” metric socket set, (4) SpeedOut set, air gun, (10) piece tork set T8 to S3, (10) piece tork set 1/16” to ¼”, (10) piece regular screw driver set SL3 to SL8, (9) piece Philips screw driver set PZ0 to PZ3, and misc.
325.061.(6) Piece Craftsman ½” to ¼” nut drivers and (6) piece Craftsman 6mm to 11mm nut driver set.
325.062.(10) Piece Craftsman 3/8” metric socket wrench set, (8) piece Craftsman 3/8” socket set, missing ½” socket and ratchet.
325.063.Approximately 1000 feet of cat 5 cable, approximately 50 feet 4Pr 24AWG green coating Cat 5 cable, approximately 600 feet of Cat 3 4Pr 24AWG cable, outlet covers, GFI outlets, Dayton time switch, 6” in-line duct fan, (2) ductstat plug in temperature sensitive switch, Furnas pressure switch, plug ends, IET RC box model RCS-500, exit light, under cabinet light fixture 18” and misc. (10) light outlets.
325.064.Skil 3/8” drill double insulated variable speed 1/3hp, model 6225, Weller soldering gun with soldering wire, Craftsman 3/8” electric drill, works.
325.065.Weller soldering gun, Sears hot glue gun, Moto-Tool dremel, Craftsman 3/8” drill variable speeds, works.
325.066.(16) Boxes of Stanley Bostitch staples, for use in Bostitch model T-26 pneumatic staplers, SBNK 4023-3/8L 10m, all boxes seem to be full.
325.067.Misc. lot of automotive lot, connectors, 10 gauge wire, fuses pliers, and misc. mini fuses and glass fuses.
325.068.Misc. lot of air filters and hoses.
325.069.Misc. painting lot, wallboard joint compound, Rust Oleum high performance enamel, Pro Foam joint tape 2 1/16”, face masks, paint brushes, caulk and misc.
325.070.Pako Super Life water filter No. 58-170 with (3) 12 ½” filters.
325.071.Water filter with (15) 10” filters.
325.072.Living Water reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system with two 4000 series drinking water carbon block.
325.073.Ametek model HF-160 sediment water filter with approximately 43 water filters.
325.074.Small part bins with misc. lock washers, carriage bolts, nuts, screws, nails and connectors.
325.075.Small part bins with misc. screws, bolts, nuts and misc.
325.076.Small part bins with misc. screws, nuts and rivets.
325.077.Small part bins with misc. adhesive, woodruff keys, pin clips, flat washers, housing rings, wire hose clamps.
325.078.Small part bins with misc. tooth washers, nuts, bolts, screws, and misc.
325.079.Small part bins with misc. nuts, nails, tooth washers, and misc.
325.080.Misc. lot of bolts, wood screws, toggle bolts, staples, nails and misc.
325.081.(6) 1 Gallon hand held paint lids, one missing pouring lid and has one broken fin.
325.082.(3) Binks spray guns, model 370A, 37, 95, DeVilbiss spray gun.
325.083.(3) Speedaire spray gun handles, Craftsman spray gun handle, Dayton spray gun, Power Kraft spray gun.
325.084.(2) Binks spray guns, model 26 & 80, Sanborn spray gun, spray gun with gauge.
325.085.WR Brown Corp. spray gun, Graco model 700 spray gun, (4) DeVilbiss spray gun handles, and misc. Picture not available.
325.086.Misc. lot of tools, (3) Sealector tacking iron, Kodak tacking iron, Accutire pressure gauge, hammer, pliers, screw drivers, small air hose, staplers.
325.087.Zoeller Co. sump pump, turns on.
325.088.Craftsman torx T10 , T15, T20, T25, T27, T30 and T40, misc. hex keys.
325.089.Global line striper model #251000, comes with handle, lower handle, masking wheels.
325.090.Binks pressure pot model 80.
325.091.Various size hose clamps, 1 gallon of WD-40, 1 quart of brake fluid dot 3, (2) propane fuel cylinders.
325.092.(14) Boxes of Stanley Bostitch SBNK4023 3/8-10m galvanized staples, for use of Stanley Bostitch models TU20-7, T27-7, T28-11, T31-2Sbnk and T31-2CTSBNK.
325.093.Portable hanging or clamp light, electrical stripe bar, portable 500 watt halogen floodlight, 20” reel light, flexible grip light, Black & Decker snake light.
325.094.Gutter scoop, Fiskars trimmers, Telescopic cutters, (2) window squeezes, (4) Kenda nylon 12 ½” by 2 ¼” tires.
325.095.Sears sand blaster.
325.096.Misc. duck butter pipe joint lubricant, heavy duty clear pvc cement, vacuum pump oil, acetone extra strength epoxy, wet and dry caulk, Powermate air compressor oil, honing oil, tub and stink jelly, glass/ plastic cleaner, primer coat, pipe break, Wrench super lubricant.
325.097.Red Devil dry wall square, 4’ wood level, KMC lock, Sheffield utility pliers, Torx and Philips bits, sharpener stone, Craftsman Torx set, air filter, air hose and short extension cord.
325.098.Bretford two shelf roll around cart 24” long, 18” wide, 27” tall, minor rust.
325.099.Ryobi 2 piece 12 volt cordless drill and light, batteries will not take a charge, Kraft Tech cordless drill 18 volt, does not work, 12 volt Ryobi drill does not work, Craftsman 7.2 volt battery charger, no power cords.
325.100.Misc. cleaning supplies, Windex anti bacterial, Windex multi surface cleaner, Windex glass cleaner, rubbing alcohol, clear ammonia, carpet and spot cleaner, orange hand cleaner, (3) dish wand kit, (6) Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.