Obenauf Auction Service, Inc.
#620 – OnLine Consignment Auction – Misc. - Auction Starts Closing Thursday, July 26 at 10:10 am

Item Description
These items are located in Grayslake, IL
Contact Brian (847-337-0830)
Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 8:00 pm For Inspection or Removal Appointment

Removal: all items must be picked up within 5 days after sale or items will no longer be available, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. A PAID RECEIPT from Obenauf Auction Service, Inc. is required for pickup. High bidder must pickup at the designated location. Buyer is responsible to provide all labor, tools and equipment needed to remove all items.
No Reserve - 10% Buyers Fee – 7% Sales Tax

620.01.Sanborn 80 gallon 6 ½ horsepower 230 volt Air Compressor Works
620.02. Simplicity 28” snowblower Electric and Pull start working
620.03.Char Broil Smoker
620.04.Worx Hedge Trimmer and Weed Wacker with charger and 2 batteries
620.05.DeWalt Skill Saw no charger untested
620.06.Black and Decker Drill with 2 batteries and charger
620.07.Black and Decker Firestorm Drill and Skill Saw
620.09.Rigid Drill and Sawzall with a duel charger
620.10.New Black and Decker Drill with charger and 2 batteries
620.100.2 Bikes
620.11.DeWalt Drill with battery and charger
620.12.2 Quatuem Drills with 3 batteries & 1 charger
620.13.Handy sawzall with 2 batteries & a charger
620.14. Brand new Brigade Reverse Camera for a car
620.15.2 fire extinguishers, need to be recharged
620.16. Hole Saw Kit
620.17. Black and Decker Hedge trimmer and Jigsaw
620.18. ½” Electric Impact
620.19. 7 Pipe Wrenches
620.20. Skil Jigsaw with extra blades
620.21. 2 Air Hoses
620.22. Skil Saw
620.23.Skil Saw
620.24.Black and Decker Skill Saw
620.25.Skil Drill and Sawzall
620.26.DeWalt Miter Saw 12”
620.27.Drill Bit Set
620.28.Drill Bit Set
620.29.Drenel Drill
620.30.Coleman Powermate
620.31.Tool Shop 6 ton jack
620.32.Tool Shop heat gun
620.33.Drill Bit Set
620.34.Dart Drill
620.35.Oxy- Acetylene Canister Covers
620.36. Black and Decker Router
620.37.2 engine Formula Kits
620.38.2 Car buffers
620.40.Hand Saw Lot
620.41. 681/2”x 6ff2” Window
620.42. Grill Kit
620.43.Campbell Nail Gun
620.44.2 Nail bags and a Bucket Caddy
620.45. Household Items Lot
620.46. Electrical and Hardware Lot
620.47.Craftsman ½” Drill
620.48.Tool Box with Contents
620.49.Drill bits
620.50.Tool Box with Contents
620.51.Drill Bit Lot
620.53.Tool Shop Miter Saw 10” Rough Shape but it works
620.54. Reflector Triangles
620.55. Bostitch Staple Lot
620.56.IS-500 Beam Clamp
620.57.RV and Marine Antifreeze
620.58.Knockouts and Saw blades
620.59.Gutter De-Icing cable & undercoat gun
620.60.Pillow Block Bearings
620.61. Thermostat wire
620.62.DeWalt Screw Gun
620.63. Belt Screws
620.64.Belt fed screw gun
620.65.Hardware Bins
620.66. Drywall lot with Proto Zip
620.67. Bench vise and bottle jack
620.68. Ratchet Straps and nylon straps
620.69.Misc Lot
620.70. Concrete Tools
620.71.Caster wheel lot, 2 swivel with brakes and 2 straights
620.72. Biscuit Cutter
620.73. Misc Tool Lot
620.74. Misc Tool Lot
620.75.Tool Box
620.76.Misc tool lot with Craftsman lawn mower blades
620.77.Canvas Wagon
620.78.3 bathroom chairs
620.79.R-12 refrigerant
620.80.3 electric coolers
620.83.Shelf with contents
620.85.Misc Bins
620.86.Boat Anchor
620.87.Fairbanks Standard ¾ scale
620.89.Napa Jack Stands 5 ton
620.90. 6 folding lawn chairs
620.91. 8 folding chairs
620.92.Pool lot
620.93.2 Mid Century Metal Lawn Chairs
620.96.Plumbing and Pool lot
620.97. Por Rok
620.98. Empty DeWalt Boxes
620.99.Pipe Vise