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CLOSED - #254 - Lake County Forest Preserve - Guns - This Auction Started to Close - Thursday, February 22, 2018 @ 10:30 AM CST

Item Description
254.000.These items are located at OAS
810 Magna Dr, Round Lake, IL 60073
Contact Carol or Jim (847-546-2095)
Open Monday to Friday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
For Inspection or Removal

No Reserve – 10% Buyers Fee – 7% Sales Tax

All firearms are purchased "as is" and even if new in the box it is recommended that a competent gunsmith or firearms expert check the firearm prior to shooting. Descriptions and conditions are always a matter of opinion and may differ from person to person. We identify any conditions that we see that may affect the value of the firearm but as always it is the buyers responsibility and advisable that you check out the item prior to bidding.

All hand guns will come with a trigger lock, additional locks for purchase. Cases or sleeves to transport guns are up to the buyer unless it is provided with the gun. Must be 18 years of age for all long guns and shot guns, 21 years or older for all hand guns and must have a FOID card for Illinois, out of state uses a drivers license. Hand guns bought out of state must be shipped to a FFL dealer. A 72 hour waiting period is mandatory for modern handguns and a 24-hour waiting period on modern long arms.
Obenauf Auction Service is a registered FFL dealer. Back-ground check, and a 4473 form will be filled out upon purchase. This requires you to come in TWICE, once to fill out the first half. After the holding period you come in and fill out the second half, and pick up your firearm.
Reference numbers are lightly etched and or painted on item
254.004A. U.S.S.R. Mosin-Nagant Model #1891/30 bolt action rifle, serial #16924, Cal. 7.62 x 54R, 28 ½” barrel, clean bore, cleaning rod, mismatched numbers, very good condition, Reference numbers are lightly etched and or painted on item. (61.2.145) (Code 218)
254.005A.Spanish Mauser Model #1916 short bolt action rifle, serial #V7601, Cal. 7 x 57 mm, 21 ¾” barrel, clean bore, cleaning rod present, receiver marked Fabrica De Armas Oviedo 1930, mismatched numbers, Reference numbers are lightly etched and or painted on item. (61.2.124) (Code 219)
254.008A.Swiss Vetterli bolt action rifle, Model #1871, serial #109775, Cal. 10.4x42R Rim, 33” barrel, excellent bore, matching numbers. Reference numbers are lightly etched and or painted on item. (61.2.200)
254.066.German Mauser model #1871/84 marked #1888, cal 11X60R, 23” barrel, good condition, rough bore, has matching numbers (Ref. 61.2.113)
254.096.Beaumont – Vitali model # 1871/88 rifle, Serial # 604, Cal. 11mm, 27 ½” barrel, steel ram rod, good bore (re – blued) (Ref. 61.2.86)
254.101.Mauser Amberg 1916 Gew 98 8mm rifle, serial # 2416, 30” barrel, “plugged” (Ref. 61.2.79) (Code 402)
254.104.Remington Berthier French Army R.A.C. 1907-15, no serial #, cal. 8mm, 23” barrel, excellent bore (Ref. 61.2.178) (Code 405)
254.113.French MAS model 1936 rifle, serial # 48270, cal. 7.5 X 54, 22.6” barrel with bayonet, missing magazine (Ref. 61.2.164) (Code 414)
254.119.Ross Rifle Co. Mark # 11 rifle, no serial #, cal. 303, 28” barrel, sporter, checkered stock, needs works (Ref. 61.2.81) (Code 420)
254.122.Italian model # 1938 Cavalry Carcano Carbine, serial # TP1562, cal. 6.5mm, 17 ¾” barrel, missing bayonet (Ref. 61.2.193) (Code 423) $125
254.125.Steyr Dutch model # 1897 rifle, serial # 191C, cal. 6.5 X 53R, 18” barrel, bayonet lug, excellent bore (Ref. 61.2.191) (Code 426)
254.128.Italian Carcano made by Terni, serial # B3667, cal. 6.5 X 52, 18” barrel (Ref. 61.2.195) (Code 429)