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Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 9:45 am

Item Description
396.001.Wright steel red self-dumping hopper, model # 9LEZ2, 7.0 cu.ft capacity, 22 ¼” x 44 ¾” x 33 ¾”, has minor scuffs and scratches (PR#2)
These items are located at – 950 North US Highway 12 Unit 201, Wauconda, Illinois 60084
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396.002.Type D pressure reducing pilot (PR#7)
396.003.Senco DS425AC auto feed system (PR#7)
396.004.Malco high speed pneumatic shear for sheet metal
396.005.(2) Boxes of max ear plugs, work gloves, (2) packages of size Medium 93-300 textured long beaded latex -free nitrile gloves
396.006.DeWalt carbon steel screw bolts, 5” x 5/8”
396.007.Dayton quick install trolley
396.008.Red Head hardware, (5) Boxes of Wedge anchors ¾” x 7”, (2) boxes of 3/8” x 4”
396.009.724 CPVC, clear cleaner, 719 PVC pipe thread sealant
396.010.(3) Gallons of Ring Master all-purpose bathroom cleaner
396.011.(1) Gallon of Rust Oleum 2300 system black stripping paint, (1) Gallon of Krylon rust Tough safety red , cans are dented
396.012.Misc. Lot food grade food oil, de-over, degreaser, mosquito repellant, silicone grease and misc.
396.013.Tex Sport 25” x 42” zippered canvas duffel bag
396.014.Various size collets, see I tire for more detail
396.015.(3)Sets of casters, approximately 2”
396.016.(11)1/2 pints of Weld on CPVC plastic pipe cement
396.017.(4)32 fl. oz of Motor Medic air brake system anti-freeze & rust guard
396.018.(4)32 fl. oz of Motor Medic air brake system anti-freeze & rust guard
396.019.(8)12 oz. cans of Tough Guy multipurpose gloss black
396.020.(8)12 oz. cans of Tough Guy multipurpose gloss black
396.021.(8)12 oz. cans of Tough Guy multipurpose gloss black
396.022.(3) Rubbermaid 1100 ml refills of enriched foam alcohol -free hand sanitizer, (1) 3M deodorizer fresh 13 L, glass cleaner and rust stain remover
396.023.(6) Liters of Sloan sensor deck-mount foam soap
396.024.(1) Gallon of Metalworking Trim E206
396.025.(1) Box with 50-10 packs of Alcohol antiseptic pads
396.026.Misc. safety lot, barricade, safety cones with bases, drain pan, and Dicke sign holder base (PR#3)
396.027.Gould’s submersible sewage pump, model # HS2012BHF, 2hp, 3450 rpm, 230 volts, single phase, the handle is a little dented (PR#1)
396.028.Misc. parts to Bevco office chairs
396.029.Grease trap interceptor, 3” inlet, 25 GMP (PR#3)
396.030.Lot of misc. oil Dri, and absorbent spill cleanup powder, some bags are ripped (PR#3)
396.031.Approximately 50ft of 4” hose (PR#3)
396.032.Norton 5” self-stick discs, ¾” cloth beads, and misc. see pictures
396.033.(13) Duct tape rolls and (2)2” masking tape rolls
396.034.Large misc. lot, nuts, bolts, screws, batteries, edging, 3-wheel roll dolly, gloves and misc.
396.035.Large misc. lot, parts bin, parts, acres, and Milwaukee extension roller and misc.
396.036.(5) lb. cans of Weld-Aid
396.037.(6) Weld-On 724 CPVC pile cement
396.038.(3) Quarts of 3M Neoprene contract adhesive
396.039.LPS heavy duty lubricant, (1) Partial gallon of Mobil DYE 24 oil – the bottle has a hole, (4)12 oz of CRC synthetic brake & caliper grease
396.040.(3) Gallons of Rust Oleum 5500 acrylic dust proofer floor sealer – clear /gloss- cans are dented
396.041.(3) Gallons of Rust Oleum 9100 DTM Epoxy mastic activator, - one can opened and spilled out, (1) Gallon of Rust Oleum high performance protective enamel
396.042.(2) Gallons of Nelson blue lead free tree marking paint- cans are dented, (3) 17 oz. cans of Rust Oleum precision line paint
396.043.(2)1.5pts of Clorox toilet bowl cleaner, (1) Gallon of Super Clean degreaser
396.044.(2) Gallons of Sunnyside alcohol appliance marines stove fuel
396.045.(2) Gallons of Sunnyside alcohol appliance marines stove fuel
396.046.(1) Gallon of Sunnyside alcohol appliance and marine stove fuel
396.047.(6) Quarts of Weld On 724 CPVC pipe cement – cans are dented
396.048.(2)64 fl.oz bottles of Wet &Forget shower spray,- one bottle is partial – it is leaking (1)L of 5H Quat disinfect cleaner concentrate, (1) ½ Gallon of 3M industrial degreaser concentrate
396.049.Dayton wet dry vacuum Drum only - with misc. bags, misc. can lids
396.050.(2) Packs of approximately 50 in each pack of bale ties (PR#1)
396.051.Misc. Mix kit, ice-o-magic filter, tape dispenser, part to a bio-hazard bag holder, hardware, Malco telescoping drill clamp, dry erase markers and misc. (PR#1)
396.052.Misc. Lot, Dayton aluminum/galvanized PVC wall table/shirt and back draft damper (Pr#1)
396.053.Misc lot, (3) Stainless steel sheets, parts to a shower assist table (Pr#1)
396.054.Roll around cart with 3-wheels, 42” x 24”
396.055.(2) Large boxes of large brown paper bags
396.056.Misc. Lot milky lube, WS-40, cutting oil, penetrating oil, weld-aid, brake parts cleaner and misc.
396.057.(3)1200 ml refill bottles of Gentle foam soap
396.058.(1) Partial gallon of FMO-220 food machinery oil, (2) quarts of Valvoline 10W-30 oil, (1) quart of Mag-1 SAE 5w-20
396.059.(1) Gallon of Slip super flake hot oven chain lubricant
396.060.(3) Liters of Pacific Blue automated gentle foam soap
396.061.(3) Liters of Pacific Blue automated gentle foam soap
396.062.Misc. Lot of earplugs, instant ice packs, and paint markers
396.063.(12)16 oz. cans of ZEP battery coat- one is missing the nozzle
396.064.(2)7lb bottles of Neutra 7 acid water neutralizer blend
396.065.(10)3 oz. Super Lube silicone dielectric grease
396.066.(12)3.5 oz of Blaster grade door lubricant
396.067.(1) Gallon of DAP contact cement
396.068.(2) Gallons of blue tree marking paint, (6) 17 oz cans of oranges inverted marking paint
396.069.(3)128 fl oz of ECOS dish mate manual dish soap
396.070.2.5 Gallons of DEF diesel exhaust fluid
396.071.(2) Gallon of Splash De-Bug windshield wash fluid
396.072.(4) Simple Green lime Scale remover, Provin Gojo foaming antimicrobial handwash
396.073.16 18” x 18” self-stick tiles, 64 fl. Oz of Wet & Forget shower spray
396.074.Misc. lot, Smith gauge, safety glasses, spray adhesive, rust reformer, dust mop treatment, belt dressing, food grade silicone, enamel, pipe freeze spray and misc.
396.075.Ridgid 1” NPT pipe threading head
396.076.(5)4” Narrow crimped wire wheel
396.077.Sentinel powered air purporting respirator part, vacuum bags, paint markers
396.078.VCMA-20 ½ gallon high impact condensate pump, 115-volt, single phase
396.079.(9)17 oz fluorescent orange marking paint
396.080.(3)1200ml refill bottles of gentle foam soap
396.081.(2) Gallons of Neutra 7 axis water neutralizer blend
396.082.(2) Gallons Splash de-bug windshield wash
396.083.Quick Freeze instant pipe freezing spray, (7)12.23 oz of 3-M high strength adhesive
396.084.(13)12.23 oz of 3M hi-strength 90 spray adhesive – some are missing nozzles
396.085.(2) Gallons of Splash Original Blue windshield washer fluid – some are missing nozzles
396.086.(2)14” x 3/32” cut-off wheel, Senco 18 ga. staples, Lenox 4” x .050” x 3/8” die grinder blade, misc. drop in anchors, machine screws, , (20)4 ½” x 5/8”-11 enduro-flex spin off wheel
396.087.(2) Gallons of Dykem Opaque staining color
396.088.(2) Gallons of Dykem Opaque staining color
396.089.(2) Gallons of Dykem Opaque staining color
396.090.(2) Gallons of Dykem Opaque staining color
396.091.(2)32 fl.oz bottles of Mold Armour mold and mildew killer, (3)26 fl. Oz of CLR bath and kitchen cleaner
396.092.(2) Gallons of Sierra epoxy maintenance coating, (1) Gallon of Loctite SF F720 BL tough rubber coating
396.093.(3)1 ½ quart bottles of Cherry Bomb hand cleaner- some bottles are dented a little
396.094.Taylor 4 event timer, 6mm x ¼” heat shrink tubing, safety signs, blue tape, boot protector, porcelain chip fix, Eaton circuit breaker and misc.
396.095.(5) 12 fl. Oz . Of Motor Medic lead substitute
396.096.(4)32 fl oz of Motor Medic air brake system – anti-freeze &rust guard
396.097.(4)32 fl oz of Motor Medic air brake system – anti-freeze &rust guard
396.098.(4)32 fl oz of Motor Medic air brake system – anti-freeze &rust guard
396.099.(4)32 fl oz of Motor Medic air brake system – anti-freeze &rust guard
396.100.(4)32 fl oz of Motor Medic air brake system – anti-freeze &rust guard
396.101.(3) Gallons of Shell Rotella T5 synthetic blend SAE 15w-40 (FRONT WS)
396.102.Roper Whitney model # 5 Jr. hand punch, (6) size 10 parts to pipe wrench (FRONT WS)
396.103.(8)10 oz cans of Dem Kote red enamel finish (FRONT WS)
396.104.Misc. Mixed lot, rust enamel white, EZ Weld 208multi-purpose cement, degreaser, windshield de-iced, lead substitute, power boost diesel power, fuel injector, thread locker (2)10.2 fl. Oz of E6000 adhesive (FRONT WS)
396.105.(1) Roll of blue filter 72” x 90ft x 1” (PR#1)
396.106.(2) Wall mount racks for stackable bins (FRONT WS)
396.107.Submersible sewage pump, 208-230-volt, single phase
396.108.GFS Light fixture- 120 volt, T5, LED flat panel
396.109.4ft tool holder (PR#1)
396.110.36” x 48” cork board (PR#1)
396.111.6ft x 17 1-2” laminate wood tabletop, one corner is damaged
396.112.Compact push button pendant station, machine screws, cable ties, PA speaker, REESE rotating light (FRONT WS)
396.113.Misc. Lot flat black enamel, carb cleaner, marking paint, blue gloss enamel, metallic metal finish, fire block foam, duct liner adhesive, condenser coil cleaner and misc. (FRONT WS)
396.114.(5)12 fl oz of Motor Medic lead substitute (FRONT WS)
396.115.(4)32 fl oz of Motor Medic air brake system anti-freeze & rust guard (FRONT WS)
396.116.(4)32 fl oz of Motor Medic air brake system anti-freeze & rust guard (FRONT WS)
396.117.(4)32 fl oz of Motor Medic air brake system anti-freeze & rust guard (FRONT WS)
396.118.(4)32 fl oz of Motor Medic air brake system anti-freeze & rust guard (FRONT WS)
396.119.Misc lot, shower heads, gloves, dust mop, toilet seats, ExoPower automatic faucet (FRONT WS)
396.120.(6) Quarts of Ultimate Blue Jenny air compressor oil (FRONT WS)
396.121.(3) Gallons of Krylon tough coat white base- cans are dented (FRONT WS)
396.122.(6)2lb 3oz cans of Loctite LB 809 heavy duty anti seize- cans are dented (FRONT WS)
396.123.(2) Gallons of Prestone all season 3 in 1 windshield washer fluid (FRONT WS)
396.124.(2)500ml refills of Gojo multi-green hand cleaner- one is leaking (FRONT WS)
396.125.(2) Gallons of One strike green “HE” detergent with one pumper (FRONT WS)
396.126.(2) Gallons of One strike green “HE” detergent (FRONT WS)
396.127.(1) Gallon of Provon shampoo and body wash, (2)2L refills of lotion hand soap – both are leaking (FRONT WS)
396.128.(4)2lb cans of Loctite Heavy duty anti-seize (FRONT WS)
396.129.Swimming pool paint -aquamarine, white base tough coat paint, polyurethane oil base clear (FRONT WS)
396.130.Drill doctor 500 X bit sharpener (FRONT WS)
396.131.Box of alcohol antiseptic wipes, (3) 2L refills of lotion hand soap – both are leaking (FRONT WS)
396.132.Men’s size 9 blue rubber boots (FRONT WS)
396.133.8” Rubber wheel caster with 4 bolt pattern base. (FRONT WS)
396.134.Fruit punch and orange hydration drinks, (1) 64 to. Oz orange hydration drink concentrate (FRONT WS)
396.135.Mixed lot- battery cleaner, steel red layout fluid, cutting fluid, cleaner/degreaser, blue layout fluid, crack filler and misc. (FRONT WS)
396.136.Easy off over/grill cleaner, sight saver lens cleaner with silicone, enriched hand soap refill, 3M quat disinfectant cleaner concentrate (FRONT WS)
396.137.Contico 53 Gallon capacity bin, measures 36 ¾” x 22 ¾” x 20 ¼”, has keys (FRONT WS)
396.138.Plastic curtains for warehouse, approximately 14 strips (PR#1)
396.139.Hollaender aluminum structural pipe fitting 1” nominal pipe size - 1.34” Diameter, 1 ½” nominal pipe size- 1.93” diameter, 1” nominal pipe size – 1.33” pipe diameter, 1 ¼” pipe size – 1.6” diameter (PR#1)