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CLOSED #222 – OnLine Consignment Auction – Misc. - This Auction Started to Close - Friday, February 7, 2020 at 10:20 am CST

Item Description
222.001.Tool cabinet / work bench. Cabinet is approx. 44” wide x 18” deep x 32 ½” tall. Bench top is approx. 54” wide x 20 ½” deep. Lock works and comes with 2 keys
222.002.Used 3 drawer toolbox on wheels. Approx. 25 ½” wide x 17” deep x 32” tall. (contents not included)
222.003.Pair of new driveway or sidewalk light fixtures. Never installed. Stored in a heated basement. Approximately 42 ½” tall x 13 ¼” x 13 ¼”.
222.004.2-Bulb florescent light fixture. Never installed. 48” x 11 ¾”.
222.005.Lot of 6 new in the box light fixtures. Not sure if complete.
222.006.Lot of 8 new light fixtures. Very cool. Retro.
222.007.(1) New in the box Intermatic 24hr. dial time switch.
Description updated 02/03 - bidding re-started
222.008.Lot of 6 light fixtures. Some new. Some used.
222.009.Lot of 5 new in the box heavy-duty vapor-tight hoods with medium base rigid lamp holder.
222.010.Vintage industrial light. Small crack in the glass cover. Still very cool.
222.011.Vintage streetlight.
222.012.Pair of empty hardware cabinets.
222.013.Heavy-duty vise.
222.014.Vintage service writers’ desk. Approximately 55”tall x 34 ½” wide x 30” deep.
222.015.Lot of 47 new in the box assorted sized muffler clamps. Includes 2 ½”, 2”, 1 7/8”,1 ¾”.
222.016.Large assortment of electrical terminals, clamps, etc. Comes with a metal case and crimper/stripper tool.
222.017.Pair of new in the box frame clamps. 43 ½”long x 4”wide x 1 ¾” tall.
222.018.Pair of new tractor seat covers. Two-tone vinyl covering 2” thick polyfoam.
222.019.Lot of 50 new in the box 14 ½ oz. Lubriplate super lubrication multipurpose grease gun cartridges.
222.020.Lot of 20 new in the box lithium grease gun cartridges. 10 are 14 ½ oz. extra heavy-duty. 10 are 14 oz. general purpose.
222.021.Lot of 8 new 14 ½ oz. Mobil premium grease gun cartridges.
222.022.Lot of 8 new in the package battery cables. 5 are 15”. 3 are 48”.
222.023.Lot of 11 new paint rollers with 1-tray and 2 roller handles.
222.024.Large lot of new paint brushes. Largest is 4”. Smallest is 1”.
222.025.Lot of 12 paint scrapers.
222.026.Lot of approximately 26 used but clean paint brushes. Largest is 4”. Smallest is 1”.
222.027.Large assortment of various size and grits of sandpaper. Some new in the package, others just new. All very gritty.
222.028.Assortment of 7” sanding and grinding discs.
222.029.Lot of new plastic tarps, polishing cloths, and vinyl aprons.
222.030.Large assortment of small artist paint brushes.
222.031.Assorted dust masks and 1 pair of safety glasses.
222.032.Lot of 7 wire brushes. Some new, some used. Includes 1 sleeve of steel wool.
222.033.Lot of assorted painting items. Includes 9 drip lids (6 new, 3 used), 3 scrapers, and assorted paint guides.
222.034.Lot of 10 pair of new cloth work gloves.
222.035.Lot of 5 pairs of new leather work gloves.
222.036.Lot of 17 new 7/16” lynch pins.
222.037.New in the box 50-piece lynch pin assortment.
222.038.Assortment of vintage stencils.
222.039.Assortment of caulks and adhesives.
222.040.Lot of 12 pair of new gloves and 1 pair of new mittens.
222.041.Lot of 30 vintage wooden hangers.
222.042.Large lot of assorted size self-drilling anchors.
222.043.Lot of 10 new hitch pins.
222.044.Vintage wooden box filled with vintage assorted small hardware. Lettering on both sides of box.
222.045.Assortment of clevis’ with 1 pull ring.
222.046.Pair of new in the box heated socks (no gloves or mittens).
222.047.Large assortment of new torch tips and welding supplies. NOTE: several more new torch tips included but not shown in the photo. Feel free to come and look before bidding.
222.048.Large lot of assorted barn hardware.
222.049.Vintage Zim hand crank valve lapping tool. As shown.
222.050.New Rainfair waterproof protective clothing.
222.051.Lot of 4 new 18” push broom heads and 4 used broom handles.
222.052.Large assortment of different size and style hooks.
222.053.Hundreds of new assorted size cotter pins with 5 cotter pin tools.
222.054.Large assortment of various size and style of anchors. Some with drill bits.
222.055.Lot of 12 light bulb cages. 10 come with sockets.
222.056.Large lot of new in the package hardware items.
222.057.Tri-flector model no. 2-501 hazard warning device.
222.058.Lot of 14 new and used flashlights and lanterns. Untested.
222.059.Rolatape model 415 measuring wheel.
222.060.12 drawer hardware cabinet with assorted hardware. Lots of brass fittings and zerk fittings.
222.061.Large lot of assorted size sheet metal and machine screws. 20 closed boxes appear to be full.
222.062.Lot of 36 new reflectors.
222.063.Large lot of assorted size washers.
222.064.Large lot of assorted size new and used hose clamps.
222.065.Lot of 4 new in the box solid brass key holders.
222.066.21 drawer hardware cabinet with assorted hardware.
222.067.Lot of assorted home weatherizing products.
222.068.Large metal cabinet with 5 shelves. Approximately 65” tall x 40” wide x 20 ¼” deep (contents on and in cabinet not included).
222.069.Heavy-duty extension cord. Approximately 35’ long.
222.070.Lot of 4 vintage work order/receipt writer cases.
222.071.Lot of new and used lights and 1 tiny mite amazing new indoor antenna.
222.072.Lot of 6 new Fiskars pruners and scissors. 5 new in the package. 1 just new.
222.073.New in the package Craftsman professional by-pass pruner with belt sheath.
222.074.Lot of 5 new in the package pruners.
222.075.Lot of 4 new in the package pruners.
222.076.Large lot of new, used, and vintage oil funnels, spouts, drain pans, and misc.
222.077.Parts and hardware cabinet. With 10 drawers. Approximately 35” wide x 6 ¼” deep x 25” tall.
222.078.12-volt spark plug cleaner.
222.079.Lot of assorted length and diameter dowel rods. Largest is 36” Smallest is 17 1/2”.
222.080.Lot of new assorted size bungee straps, zip ties, and suction cup hooks.
222.081.Lot of assorted rope and string.
222.082.Lot of new in the package weed whip and lawn mower parts and string.
222.083.Large lot of assorted size and styles of tape.
222.084.Sears glue gun with assorted glue sticks.
222.085.Lot of 4 new in the package replacement casters for shop vacs, etc.
222.086.Large lot of toggle bolts.
222.087.Lot of assorted new in the package lawn sprinklers, rain gauges and misc. water hose parts.
222.088.Lot of 20 never installed industrial light bulb cages. All are the same. 10 are shown open and 10 are shown closed. Ready for your shop or Pinterest ideas.
222.089.Lot of 10 new in the box rolls of #8 black friction tape.
222.090.Lot of 4 new brake lights with mounting hardware. One side is red. One side is yellow.
222.091.Large assortment of various size nuts.
222.092.Large assortment of various size large nuts.
222.093.Large assortment of various size small nuts.
222.094.Lot of new and used wasp and hornet killer.
222.095.Vintage Dorman Ready-Pak hardware display. Some boxes are full, some are partially full, some are completely empty. Personal inspection is encouraged to determine the amount and style of hardware included.
222.096.Extension cord reel. Not sure how long cord is.
222.097.1 new in the package electric fence controller. Made in the USA.
222.098.Lot of 4 vintage locker baskets. Approximately 14” wide x 9” deep x 8” tall.
222.099.Vintage Sunbeam model K3 automatic Rain King sprinkler. Patented 1944
222.100.Lot of 3 large vintage clamps. Largest is approximately 61 ¼”. Smallest is 39 ½” (measured from tip of handle to end) All are still functional.