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CLOSED #244 – OnLine Consignment Auction – Misc. - This Auction Started to Close - Monday, February 17, 2020 at 10:10 am CST

Item Description
244.001.Sears Craftsman motorized scroll saw
244.002.Mac 6 drawer toolbox with key. Approx. 26” wide x 12” deep 14.5” tall
244.003.Mac 3 drawer bottom toolbox with key. Approx. 26.25” wide x 18” deep x 32” tall
244.004.New in the box 3/8” drive air ratchet
244.005.New in the box impact hammer with chisels
244.006.New in the box 3/8” drive air ratchet
244.007.New in the box ½” drive air ratchet
244.008.New in the box dual action sander
244.009.Lot of 4 new wire brushes
244.010.Ingersoll-Rand ¼” drive air ratchet
244.011.Drill index with 29 drill bits
244.012.Vintage ¼” drive socket set
244.013. Wen Wet Wheel model 29011. Grinder, sharpener, and honer. Tested/works
244.014.14 New in the package Dalex 13-piece high speed drill bits
244.015.New 17-piece ¼” drive socket set
244.016.New drill index with 29 new drill bits
244.017.Vintage ½” drive Sturtevant torque wrench
244.018.Lot of small precision screwdrivers with metal case
244.019.Lot of 40+ Snap On sockets and u-joints
244.020.New (no box) Skil model 4235 jig saw
244.021.New in the box Sun model cp7850 remote starter switch
244.022.Box (approx. 11” x 17”) with assorted hardware. Include brass fittings, cotter pins, bolts, washers, etc.
244.023.Greenerd No. 1 arbor press
244.024.Assortment of car cleaning and waxing products. Some new. Some used. All will make your car spiffy
244.025.Lot of misc. vintage oil cans and oil related products
244.026.New in the box Jet-X multi-purpose pressure washer and sprayer
244.027.Large lot of assorted size, style, and brands of metric sockets. Craftsman, S-K, Husky, misc. Smallest is 4mm. Largest is 26mm
244.028.Lot of 14 assorted size and style files. Smallest is 12.5”. Largest is 18”
244.029.Lot of 3 10-piece super high-speed steel drill bit sets
244.030.Lot of 8 Nicholson files. Made in the USA
244.031.Lot of 20 vintage wood handle files
244.032.Lot of size, style, and brand sockets. Some Mac, Craftsman, Proto, S-K, misc
244.033.Heavy-duty 20’ extension cord
244.034.New in the package heavy-duty Pro brand riveter with rivets
244.035.New in the package Proto allen wrenches
244.036.Lot of 10 assorted size adjustable pliers
244.037.Lot of 14 lineman pliers
244.038.Lot of 4 wire brushes
244.039.Lot of 8 ball peen hammers. Smallest is 10”. Largest is 14”
244.040.Lot of 8 claw hammers
244.041.Lot of 7 assorted size and style hammers and hatchets
244.042.Lot of 20 assorted size and style chisels
244.043.Lot of 8 various brands of 10” adjustable wrenches. Some new. Some used
244.044.Pair of bolt cutters. One is approx. 24”. One is approx. 30”
244.045.Lot of 5 various brands of 12” adjustable wrenches
244.046.Lot of 20 various size and styles of punches. Smallest is 3.5”. Largest is 15.5”
244.047.36” pipe wrench. Made in the USA
244.048.Lot of 3 Ridgid pipe wrenches. 14”, 18”, 24”
244.049.Lot of assorted sized and style punches and awls. Some brass
244.050.Lot of 5 Fiskers pruners and scissors
244.051.Lot of 5 assorted size and brands of pipe wrenches. Includes Ridgid, Craftsmen, Armstrong, misc
244.052.Vintage Eifel Flash Plierench
244.053.NYE # 900 pipe vise. 1/8”-1 ½”
244.054.Lot of 3 assorted brand pruners with sheaths
244.055.Lot of 10 assorted pruners
244.056.Stanley #85-112MB miter box
244.057.Lot of 9 utility knives. All appear to be new. (5 new in the package) and an assortment of new blades
244.058.Lot of assorted size and style utility and razor knives. Some new. Some used
244.059.Lot of 5 adjustable wrenches. 4 are 8”. 1 is 6”
244.060.2 New in the package Toro 10” steel blades for gas trimmers. Part # 40-3160
244.061.Lot of various size and style new and used abrasive/cut-off wheels
244.062.Lot of 5 assorted size and style new saw blades
244.063.Lot of approx. 35 assorted size, style, and brand of circular saw blades, some new, some used.
244.064.Lot of 26 wood handle screw drivers. Smallest is 3”. Largest is 16”
244.065.Lot of assorted size and style Craftsman sockets. Smallest is 3/8”. Largest is 1- 1/8”
244.066.Lot of 8 trouble lights. Untested
244.067.2 4-way wrenches. 1 is normal size. 1 is XL size
244.068.Post hole digger
244.069.Lot of 3 short handle shovels
244.070.Lot of 5 long handle yard tools. Great beginners set for the new farmer
244.071.Lot of 3 jack hammer attachments
244.072.Splitting maul and 2 large hammers
244.073.Dayton model 6X769 electric water heater timer. Appears to be new. Made in the USA
244.074.Lot of 2 hedge clippers and 1 pruner
244.075.Lot of socket organizer rails. ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” sizes
244.076.Lot of 5 assorted size and style pry bars and tire irons
244.077.Bennett barrel pump. Made in the USA
244.078.Heavy-duty 20’ chain. Hooks at both ends
244.079.Lot of 9 extension cord and Christmas tree light holders
244.080.Pair of vintage nail pullers. 1 is labeled Jumbo 1905 Bridgeport Home Mfg. Co. Made in the USA. The other says Rex made in the USA
244.081.Large heavy-duty extension cord. Was previously used for a generator
244.082.Vintage bumper jack
244.083.Lot of assorted yard/garden tools. Some new. Some used. Some vintage
244.084.Lot of assorted size, style, and brand small screwdrivers
244.085.Lot of assorted size, style, and brand slotted screwdrivers
244.086.Lot of assorted size, style, and brand phillips screwdrivers
244.087.Lot of 24” claw pick-up tools. All are new but some have surface rust from sitting in the basement
244.088.Lot of assorted size, style, and brands of sockets
244.089.Retractable extension cord reel. Unsure how long
244.090.Lot of 2 vintage protective eyewear
244.091.Heavy-duty 16’ jumper cables
244.092.Lot of 5 tubing tools
244.093.Sears/Westinghouse ¼ h.p. pump. Tested/works
244.094.2 rolls of new 36 grit emery cloth. 6” wide. Rolls are approx. 5” across
244.095.Heavy-duty hedge clippers with retractable handles
244.096.Jetco Mustang metal locator. Untested (needs batteries)
244.097.2 New in the box Goodyear 3/8” signal call bell hose. 1-50’. 1-100’
244.098.PTO driven pump. Untested but spins freely
244.099.Vintage Homelite C5 convertible drive chainsaw. Numbers matching motor and bar. Tested/works
244.100.Vixen air powered spark plug cleaner