Obenauf Auction Service, Inc.
CLOSED #363 – OnLine Consignment Auction – Misc. - This Auction Started to Close - Friday, June 5, 2020 at 10:10 am CST

Item Description
363.001.RIDER by Rockwell, The Coliseum Style Watch, Navy/ White Watch, New…Retails for $129
363.002.New..ENGLISH LIMITED EDITION MONROE 100TH ANNIVERSARY ILLUMINATED WALL SHOCK CLOCK, LED illuminated sign with 12-hour digital LED clock, Overall dimensions: 26” x 19.5” x 3.25” - Includes one (1) 12V/2.5A power adapter, Imported.
363.003.New, (2) Quickee Bulldozer, Rough Surface heavy debris brooms
363.004.(10) Reinforced Abrasive Blades, metal/concrete,12" x 1/8” x 20mm
363.005.(13) Total, (6) 12”, (3) 11 3/4”, (2) 11 ¼”, (2) 11” Reinfoced Abrasive Blades, metal/ concrete, 1/8” x 20mm
363.006.(2) New.. 10 x 2.75 Semi-pneumatic Wheel, 5/8” axle dia., greasable
363.007.(2) Sealed Lead Acid Battery, 12Ah, 6VDC, 6” width, model# 2UKK6, (1) charged at 6.6 & (1) at 6.5 charged
363.008.Auger with 4” wood handle
363.009.Antique Zenith 1956 Tubed AM/FM Phonograph Player, with adapter for the different sized records, decent shape, untested, don’t have tools to test tubed system, worked 15 years ago.
363.010.Pipe Vise, decent shape
363.011.Erie Tool Works Pipe Vise, good shape
363.012.New.. (3) Mop handles and (2) 16oz. Tough Guy Mop Heads
363.013.New, (2) Quickee Bulldozer, Rough Surface heavy debris brooms
363.014.Tactical Lot.. New.. Sports/ Sportsman Type Watch, Nite Ize Flashlight Holder, Key Back..Retractable key chain, Lynx Defense Ankle Type Medical Kit, Blackweb 4.8 amp Dual-Port USB Charger
363.015.New.. (2) Pair Gravel Gear, Long Johns..size XL,
363.016.New.. (2) Pair Gravel Gear, Long Johns..size XL,
363.017.New.. (2) Pair Gravel Gear, Long Johns..size XL,
363.018.(34) Rolls Multi-Colored, (10) Rolls Yellow, Graphing Tape
363.019.Cubs Gnome, Good Shape, small crack at bottom side of feet, 12” Tall
363.020.New.. Case of Wolf Brand Chili, No Beans, 15oz.
363.021. New.. (2) Large, Men’s Scag Power Equipment T-Shirts
363.022.New.. Men’s Dickies Pants, Navy Blue, Size..38W x 31L
363.023.New.. Men’s Farah Khaki Pants, Black, Size..38W x 32L
363.024.New.. Men's Men's 5.11 Tactical Series Rip Shirt, 71001, 019 Black, Size..M
363.025.New.. Men's 5.11 Tactical Pants, Tan, Size..32W x 30L
363.026.New.. Men's 5.11 TDU Rip Pant, 74003, 724 Navy, Size.. W27 1/2-31, S/ Short
363.027.New.. Men's 5.11 Tactical Series Pants, Black, Size 30W x 30L
363.028.New.. Men's 5.11 TDU Rip Pant, 74003, 724 Navy, W27 1/2-31, M-Reg
363.029.New.. Men's 5.11 TAC L/S Ribstop Sun Shirt, 72158, 310 Desert Sand, Size..M
363.030.New.. Men’s 5.11 Tactical Pant, 74251, 055 Khaki, W30/ L30
363.031.New.. Men’s 5.11 Tactical Nylon Pant, 74158, 310 Desert Sand, W32 / L32
363.032.New.. (5 pr.) Women’s 5.11 Tactical Patrol Duty A-Class Twill Pants, 64304, 019-Black, Unhemmed. (1 pr.) Same, Size 12, Unhemmend
363.033.Set of 6 Speakers and Wires from Surround System, Work, Good Shape
363.034.Weed Eater Weedwacker, twist and edge, electric, works
363.035.NIB.. (1) Case of 1,000 White Bouffant Caps, 22CU27, (1) Case of 100 White Aprons,43744
363.037.New..Dayton Hand Truck Nose Plate Extension, 27”H x 11”W, 6W851H, may have scuffs or scratches
363.038.New.. MD Sports, Jumbo Sumo Match, includes 2 boppers, fits up to 40” waist, indoor/ outdoor. Retails between $50- $75
363.039.New.. Sports Afield Multi-Tool
363.040.Milwaukee Screw Gun, works
363.041.Craftsman 1 1/2hp Router w/ Table, works
363.042.Shopmate Industrial Quick Stroke Sabre Saw, model 1810, Type 1, 2300 one inch strokes per minute..3 Amp
363.043.Zephyer 1/4"cap. Drill, model 1950H, works
363.044.Misc. Lot…(3) New..Professional Oil Spouts, hose sprayer, fabric roller, Formby’s finish remover pads
363.045.New.. Sabre 14”, 35cm Chain, Fits McCulloch, Olympyk, Wen, Alphina, Remington
363.046.Dell Dimension 5150, Windows XP Home Edition, worked when taken out of service, hard drive removed..will need new hard drive. Accessories Include: Microcom Deskporte, Aver Key imicro (Aver Media), Check Point UTM-1 Edge W Internet Security Appliance, (5) boxes of 3 ½ Diskettes
363.047.(3)..NIB, Kimberly-Clark Professional Electronic Coreless Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser 09618 Black
363.048.(4)..NIB, Kimberly-Clark Professional Dual Toilet Paper Holder, White
363.049.New.. (35) 25 pack Danger No Brakes Tow Only Tags, (25) Danger Do Not Operate Tags
363.050.New.. (1) Dust Mop Frame, (7) Dust Mop Handles, 2 are bent up and 1 has ding in handle
363.051.(4) Steel Wheels, (2) Swivel, (2) Fixed, need grease, cleaning
363.052.New.. (22) Professional Field Interview/ Incident Report Notebooks..No.8000, 70 sheets each, Webster Dictionary (New Edition), (1) Pro FI/IR Notebook..No.7000, 70 Sheets, CLC Pad and Pen Holder
363.053.New.. Weatherstriping, (6) 84” Finish Mill w/ nylon brush, Nylon Brush Perimeter Seals, (1) 84”, (3) 95 3/4" couple are bowed
363.054.(4) Lawn Mower wheels, 7 1/2", good shape
363.055.Dual Source 14.4V Charger and Battery, Works
363.056.New..Posse Cite Book Caddy CHP50-BV, Black
363.057.New.. Misc. Lot… (1) 5.11 Tactical Belt, Black, med10-12, (2) Blackhawk Universal BDU Belts, Olive Drab, L 52”, (2) Tact-Med Info Kits
363.058.Misc. Lot.. (2) Scent Bugs, (2) Aroma Oils, (5) Iphone Protector cases, (2) keychains, Wilson Adult Mouth guard, Pink Can sleeve, Wonder Woman Sunglasses, Misc. Purse/ Make-up Bags Lot… Ipsy, PINK, Victoria Secrets, Ladies Relic Wallet, H2O, All New…
363.059.Misc. Auto Lot…car stereo harness, (2) metra turbo wires, mirror, phone holder, power station 12V/ USB, Scott goggles lens, Oakley Crowbar MX lens replacement, Thermaflect tape, Toyota key/change purse, 6” T-Style door holder, Clinometer, Steelie car mount kit for cell phones, Equalizer EQ-7545R, 10’ USB/Stereo Cord.
363.060.Statpower Pocket Power, DC to AC Inverter, good shape, works
363.061.NIB.. Great American Steakhouse Onion Machine
363.062.(2) Digital Cameras, (1) is Minolta Vectis40, (1) is Sony DSC-P32, Digitalstill picture, both ok
363.063.DVD/ CD Tower Rack, Holds 45 pcs., Magazine Rack, Good Shape
363.064.Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, 1 ½ Qt., works
363.065.Round Ceiling Light With Glass ring around, good
363.066.(2) Shifter Handles, good shape, (1) Light Ring
363.067.Seal Statue, 10 x 12 x 6, has couple drips of blue on it and some scratches and one foot chipped
363.068.Polar Bear Statue, 13 x 7 ½ x 6, has little blue drips on it
363.069.Misc, Lot… (1) Inter-tel office phone, (1) Royal 4000HD, 12 digit/ heavy duty two-color ribbon printer, (1) Panasonic two-color printer/ adding machine..All Work, also (5) Rolls of Adding Machine rolls, 2 ¼” x 130ft. each
363.070.TV/ VCR Mount w/ Sears SR2000 Series VCR, 18 ¼”d x 21 ½”w, 6” x 12” Wall Plate, Adjustable shelf for VCR/ DVD players
363.071.Misc. Lot…Hair Dryers/ Curling Irons, (1) Vidal Sassoon, (1) Conair, (1) Jilbere, (1) Vidal Sassoon Curling Iron, (1) Revlon 1875, All Work..
363.072.New.. ( 10 pr.) Ansell Edmont Industrial Gloves, Golden Grab It 2, yellow, 16-347
363.073.New.. PediPro Deluxe, Salon Pedi System
363.074. New.. (3) 6oz Gillette Fusion Sensitive 2 in 1 Gel and Skin Care, Ocean Breeze, (1) 2pc. Dial Body Wash, 18oz. and Handsoap, 7.5oz. White Tea
363.075.New.. (24) 1.8oz. Suave Ocean Charge 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner
363.076.New.. (4) Textured Positive Touch powder free latex gloves
363.077.New.. (2) Textured Positive Touch powder free latex gloves , (2) Cardinal Health Latex Exam Gloves
363.078.New..Prevail Per-fit, Size L (44” – 58”), Adult Pull up diapers, extra absorbency, 18 per bag/ 4 bags per box
363.079.New..Prevail Per-fit, Size L (44” – 58”), Adult Pull up diapers, extra absorbency, 18 per bag/ 4 bags per box
363.080.New.. (2) Gallons ZEP Oven Brite Cleaner, oven cleaner
363.081.New..(1) Gallon HSM Shredder Lubricant, (2) 32oz. Fire Block Fire Retardant
363.082.New.. (6) 32oz. cans WELD-ON CPVC, 724 Industrial Grade solvent cement, gray, CPVC-PVC, some have dents
363.083.New.. (3) 16oz. cans Liquid Wrench, White Lithium Grease
363.084.New.. (9) Diversey Crew Super Blue mild acid bowl cleaner, 32oz. bottles
363.085.New.. Gojo Hand Cleaner, 4.5lb Container
363.086.New.. (2) Gallons Zep Floor Cleaner
363.087. New.. (6) 32oz. Simple green Lime Scale Remover
363.088.New.. (2) 32oz. Stainless Steel Cleaner, 32oz. Zep Glass Cleaner, 19oz. Sprayway Glass Cleaner, 32oz. Zep Mildew Stain Remover, 32oz. TG Bacterial Drain Maintainer
363.089.New.. (3) 18oz. CRC Hydro Force Glass Cleaner, (3) 15.25oz. Sprayon Foaming Citrus Mold Cleaner, (3) 18oz. CRC Hydro Force Foaming All Purpose Cleaner ( No caps, 1 missing spray nozzle)
363.090.New.. First Aid/ Burn Kit
363.091. New..(2) Murphy Oil Soap, Concentrated, 1qt bottles
363.092.New..(2) Murphy Oil Soap, Concentrated, 1qt bottles
363.093.New..(2) Murphy Oil Soap, Concentrated, 1qt bottles
363.094.New.. (3) Gal. Tough Guy Ultra Bleach 33NT68
363.095.New.. (3) Gal. Tough Guy Ultra Bleach 33NT68
363.096.New.. (2) 32oz Zep 3in1 Kitchen Cleaner, (2) 32oz Fantastik, (2) 32oz Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner/ Disinfectant
363.097.New.. Misc. Lot..(2) 22oz Lysol Kitchen Pro, 32oz Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide, 22oz Santeen Chrome & Tile, 21oz Comet Cleanser, 32oz Oil Eater Orange Cleaner, 8oz Goo Gone
363.098.New.. Misc. Lot.. (2) 22oz Lysol Kitchen Pro, (2) 22oz Santeen Chrome & Tile, 32oz Oil Eater Orange Cleaner, 21oz Comet Cleanser, 8oz Goo Gone
363.099.New..Misc. Lot.. (2) 22oz Lysol Kitchen Pro, 22oz Santeen Chrome & Tile, 32oz Oil Eater Orange Cleaner, 21oz Comet Cleanser, 32oz Fantastik, 8oz Goo Gone
363.100.New.. (8) 32oz Heavy Duty Staticide w/ Sprayer Tops