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CLOSED - #304 - OnLine Consignment Auction ~ Rockford Location ~ New Merchandise, Equipment, Misc - This Auction Started to Close - Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 10:20 AM CST

Item Description
These items are located at 6638 11th Street, Rockford, Illinois 61109
Contact Al or Joe (779-368-0263)

Call Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm For Inspection or Removal Appointment

Items must be picked by Monday, March 25, or items will no longer be available.

No Reserve - 10% Buyers Fee – 7% Sales Tax

304.001.Field tuff atv seeder, model # ATV-48ATVPS, untested, looks complete
304.002.Westward toolbox, model # 32H853, HAS KEYS, 42”x19”x40”
304.003.Dewalt Air Compressor, model # DXCMLA1983012, tested and works, scuffs and scrapes, bent pipe, motor is loose
304.004.Klutch Mig Welder, Model #MIG140SI, untested, looks complete.
304.005.Northstar Pressure Washer, model# 15781720, tested and works.
304.006. Northern tool truck box, model # 42057, has dents, has keys.
304.007. Condor Flammable Safety Cabinet, model # 42X496A, has keys, dented corner, 23”x18”x44 1/4”
304.008.Buyers Underbody Truck Box, model#71704315, Has keys, 60”x24”x24”, has scratches
304.009.Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor, model #PLIU-A9, tested and works, broken regulator knob.
304.010.Ironton Tool Cart, model# 48463, has keys, has scratches, dented corner, 17”x31”x38”
304.011. Milwaukee Straight Grinder, model # 5223, tested and works.
304.012.Roughneck 17 gallon Oil Drain, model #57018.
304.013. Bosh 41/2” Angle Grinder 18V, model # GHS18V-45B14, tested and wrks.
304.014.Mr. Heater Workshop Heater, 40,000BTU, natural gas, model# MH40NG, untested, looks complete
304.015.Ridgid Pressure Test Pump, model# 1450, untested, looks complete.
304.016.Dayton Furniture Movers, model# 13V411.
304.017.Supernova Digital Micron Gauge, Model # DV-41, turns on, looks complete.
304.018.Ironton Jobsite Box, model # 52528, has some scuffs, 36”x16”x18 1/4”
304.019.Proto Toolbox, model # J444119-12BK, Scuffs and scratches, 41”x17 1/2”x22 3/4”
304.020.Ironton 14”Dry cut Chop Saw, model # 46461, tested and works.
304.021. Ridgid Drain Cleaner, Model # K-400-T2, tested and works.
304.022.Harrington Chain Hoist 3 ton, model # LB030, Tested and works.
304.023.Kennedy Toolbox, model #360B, has keys, has a couple dents, 26”x12”x19”.
304.024.Powerhouse 420cc Engine, model # 750122, tested and works, Electric start, has keys.
304.025.Generac Transfer Switch, untested
304.026.Mighty Mule Automatic Gate opener, model # MM262, untested, looks complete.
304.027.Mighty Mule Automatic Slide Gate opener, model # MM-SL2000B, untested, looks complete.
304.028.Strongway 2000 watt Digital power Inverter, model # 53071, untested.
304.029. Boxer Truck bed Cargo Unloader, model # 70801, looks complete.
304.030.ALC Sandblasting hood, model #40339
304.031.Tarin 12 ton Bottle Jack, model # T912113W, tested and works.
304.032.Torin 12 ton Bottle Jack, model # T912113W, tested and works.
304.033.Qty. 4 , PECO Programmable Thermostat, model #T180, untested.
304.034.Qty 4, PECO Programmable Thermostat, model # T180, untested.
304.035.Dewalt 1/2” Drill, model # DW235G, tested and works.
304.036.Rockwell Belt Sander, model # RC4355K, tested and works.
304.037.Qty 6, Railhead Gear Barricade Light, model # M900-SA.
304.038. Makita Drywall Screwdriver, model # 6821, tested and works.
304.039.Black and Decker 1/2” Hammer Drill, model # DR670, tasted and works.
304.040. Makita Finishing Sander, model #B04552.
304.041.Dewalt Heated Jacket, model # DCHJ07B-M, untested, size medium
304.042.Makita 14.4V Impact Driver and drill kit with light, model # 6935FDWDEX
304.043.AGE USA Axe, double sided, fiberglass handle.
304.044.AGE USA Axe, double sided, fiberglass handle
304.045. AGE USA Axe, double sided, fiberglass handle.
304.046.AGE USA Sledgehammer, 10 pounds, fiberglass handle.
304.047.AGE USA Sledgehammer, 10 pounds, fiberglass handle
304.048.AGE USA Sledghammer, 10 pounds, fiberglass handle.
304.049.Qty 12, Gander Mountain handgun Cases, model # 72-8GM
304.050.Qty 12, Gander Mountain handgun cases, model # 72-8GM.
304.051.Qty 24, Tow ropes.
304.052.Qty 24, Tow ropes.
304.053.Qty 24, Tow ropes.
304.054.Qty 48, Working gloves, Nitrile coated Utility gloves, 2 pairs per box.
304.055. Qty 48, working gloves Nitrile coated utility gloves, 2 pairs per box
304.056.Qty 48, working gloves nitrile coated utility gloves, 2 pairs per box.
304.057.Qty 3, Honeywell steel security boxes, model # 6209.
304.058. Qty 3, Honeywell steel security boxes, model # 6209
304.059.Gorilla cart heavy duty dump wagon, model # GOR6PS, 1200lb. Capacity
304.060.Gorilla cart heavy duty dump wagon, model # GOR6PS, 1200lb. Capacity.
304.061.Strong way 36” drum fan, model # 49936, Broken plug, assumed working.
304.062.Northern tool under-body truck box, 20”x10 1/2”x16”, has mounting brackets, scuffs and scratches.
304.063.Northern tool under body truck box, 60”x10 1/2”x16”, has mounting brackets, scuffs and scratches.
304.064.Gorilla carts patio cart, model # GOR-2240DEC, 49”x28’x38 1/4”.
304.065. Sandusky file cabinet, 36”x19 1/4”x38 1/4”, has some dents, has keys.
304.066. Dayton stainless Steele utility cart, model # 11A460, 1200lb. Capacity, 36”x23 3/4”x35”.
304.067.Dayton dolly, model # 4ZJ31
304.068.Strong way furniture movers, model # 53294, tested and works.
304.069.Duravent through the wall wood stove chimney kit, model # 6DP-KTTW, looks complete.
304.070.Ultra tow aluminum cargo carrier, unassembled
304.071.Strong way 42” drum fan, model # 49937, works but fan blade wobbles.
304.072.Strong way 42” drum fan, model # 49937, dented really bad but turns on.
304.074. Rubbermaid utility truck, model# 4716, 45”x31”x38”, 16 cubic ft., 1000lb. Capacity.
304.075.Reese 1 ton electric winch, model # 70336, tested and works.
304.076.Reese 1 ton electric winch, model # 70336, tested and works, missing remote and crank
304.077.Dayton convertible dolly, model # 4ZJ30J, has scratches
304.078. Mr. heater big buddy propane heater, model # MH18B, untested.
304.079. Dandy south worth hydraulic lift table cart, model # 4YZ96, tested and works, 35 3/4”x23 1/2”, 36” max height, has scratches.
304.080.Tronton toolbox, model # 61148, 26 1/2”x18”x30”, has dents.
304.081.Ultra tow electric trailer jack, model # 57404, untested, 3500 lb. Capacity
304.082.Ultra tow electric trailer jack, model # 57404, untested, 3500 lb. capacity.
304.083. Caldwell lifting beam, model # 36E, 36”, 4800 lb. capacity.
304.084.Strongway jumbo wagon, model # 46438, 48”x24”
304.085. Disco bed portable bunk beds, model # 30105BO, looks complete.
304.086.Ingersoll rand air compressor, model # DD2T2, tested and works.
304.087. Strongway 60” ceiling fan, model # 57939, untested, looks complete.
304.088. Klutch cement mixer, unassembled
304.089.Milwaukee dolly, model # 40665, some scratches.
304.090.Ironton hydraulic table lift cart, model # 57753, 27 3/4”x 17 3/4”, some scratches
304.091.Classic accessories travel trailer cover, model# 3, fits 22-24 ft. Travel trailers.
304.092. Zurn quick port manifold, untested, looks complete, 15 hot water ports, 21 cold water ports.
304.093.Eagle saften can, model # 1537, 3 gallons.
304.094.Justrite safety can, model # 7225420, 2 1/2 gallons.
304.095.California air tools ultra quiet air compressor, model# 8010, tested and works, broken gauges, missing wheels, some scratches.
304.096. Numax 20 gauge fine wire stapler, model # SFWS, untested
304.097. Strong way 30” oscillating wall mount fan, model # 49929, untested, cord cut off.
304.098.Schumacher battery charger, model # SC1352, does not turn on.
304.099.Skellerup aqua-terra 13” boots, size 12
304.100.Skellerup aqua-terra 13” boots, style # 200200, size 10.
304.101. Husqvarna lawn sweeper, model # SR600-2, missing axe hub
304.102.Roughneck platform truck, model # 44471, 30”x50”, has scratches.
304.103.Folding dolly, model # 2NXC8, 39” tall, 225 lb. capacity.
304.104. Duravent wood stove chimney kit, model # 6DP-KBSC, looks complete
304.105.Qty. 36, Northern Industrial Multitools, model # 199173.
304.106.Ironton 22” oscillating pedestal fan, model # 57936, tested and works.
304.107.Ultra tow electric trailer jack, model # 57406, untested, 1500 lb. capacity.
304.108.Ironton platform cart, model # 63758, 76”x36”.
304.109.Nortrac industrial ac power unit, model # LDU-E15M3K2/TKDBZ1, untested, scratches and dents on motor, broken motor mount
304.110.Ridgid 10”miter saw, model # R4112, tested and works, broken base.
304.111.Strongway mini pallet jack, model # 55834, missing handle bushings, some scratches.
304.112.Rolatape measuring wheel, model # 600, tested and works.
304.113. Qty. 6, Cortina safety cones, model # 13P892, 50” tall
304.114.Metaltech scaffold outriggers, model # I-CIS04TT, some scratches.
304.115.Strongway 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack, model # 46239, tested and works, some scratches
304.116.Strongway 1800 watt portable backup system, model # 53147, untested.
304.117.Ironton 14” dry cut chop saw, model # 46461, tested and works, blade cover doesn’t open due to broken bracket.
304.118.Mighty mule automatic gate opener, model # 500, single, untested, looks complete.
304.119.Noco jump stater, model # GB40, turns on.
304.120.Noco jump starter, model GB40, turns on.
304.121.Powerhouse 1 hp 3-wire deepwell submersible pump, model # 52615, untested
304.122.Klutch stick mini welder, model # 55719, untested
304.123.Northern tool 2” semi trash water pump, model # 109271, untested
304.124. Halsey Taylor bi-level drinking fountains, model # HAC8BLSS-NF, untested, one has dent, one has broken nozzle.
304.125. Ironton flux core 125 wire feed welder, model# 45433, untested
304.126.Remington 10” electric chainsaw, model # RM1025SPS, does not work.
304.127.Mr. Heater 10,000 BTU radiant natural gas heater, Model # MHVFRD10NG, untested
304.128.Chapin 15 gallon pull behind sprayer, untested
304.129.Strongly 500 amp power pack, model # 53015, untested
304.130.Strongway 500 amp power pack, model # 53015, untested.
304.131.Condor roofers kit, model # 19F394.
304.132.Qty. 6, AGE USA claw hammers.
304.133.Klutch 12 volt duel cylinder air inflator, model # 52491
304.134.Torin black jack 2 ton trolly jack, model # T82016W, tested and works
304.135.Northern tool top tool chest, model # 61154, 40 3/4”x18”x26 1/2”, has scratches and dents.
304.136.Ironton 65 ft. Retractable cord reel, model # 54159.
304.137.Warn pullzall, model # 885000, does not turn on.
304.138.Kushlan food grade mixer, model # 450DD, tested and works.
304.139.Greenworks cordless pole saw, model # 20672, no charger.
304.140.Hudson battery operated sprayer, model # 13854, no charger.
304.141.Chapin 24V backpack sprayer, model # 63924, doesn’t turn on, missing nozzle
304.142. Chapin 24V backpack sprayer, model # 63924, doesn’t turn on, missing charger.
304.143. N power dominator 1000 power pack, turns on
304.144. Powerhouse 1 hp stainless steel shallow well pump, model # 50299, turns on.
304.145.Powermatic HEPA cantor filter, model # 1792200H
304.146.Qty. 20, 3M 5” adhesive backed disc pad, model # 03142.
304.147.Fast cap chop shop saw head, model # 80068, looks complete.
304.148.Roughneck aluminum dolly
304.149.Saw stop downdraft dust collection box for router lift, model # RT-DCB, looks complete.
304.150.Duravent 4” vertical gas vent kit, model # 4GVKNT, looks complete.
304.151. Hudson battery operated backpack sprayer, model # 13854, no charger.
304.152.Northstar 26 gallon ATV broadcast and spot sprayer, model # 26812101, untested, missing wand.
304.153.Honda generator wheel kit, model # 06710-Z22-A40ZA, looks complete .
304.154.Jet grinder stand, model # JPS-2A.
304.155.Strongway 12”x12’ canopy, has bent leg.
304.156. Lift master commercial door operator, model # H501L5R, untested, looks complete.
304.157.International toolbox, model # VRB-2707BK, some scratches and dents, 27’x18 3/4’x30 1/2’, has keys.
304.158.Shetter logic 10’x20’ 2-in-1 canopy pack, looks complete
304.159.Schumacher battery charger, model # SE3000, doesn’t turn on.
304.160.Weather guard pack rat box, dented, does not open, 39 1/2’x48’x9 1/2’.