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475.001.2004 Freight Liner FL-80 Johnston sweeper vac truck, Vin 1FVAB6BV84DN10688 (29,330 miles), 4290 hours, 6 cylinder Cummins diesel, 4 cylinder John Deere pony motor for vac, sewer suction attachment, rear camera system, tires like new, minor rust and dents. Runs and operates like it should.
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475.002.2000 Sterling SC-8000 Elgin Eagle F sweeper truck Vin 49H6WFAA6YG82917 (50,655 miles), 6362 hours, 6 cylinder Cummins diesel, Isuzu pony motor, tires like new, minor rust, has high reach dump. Runs and operates as it should.
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475.003.2007 Nilfisk Lombardini 3B46D0 advance sweeper vac RS501 1843 hours, 4 cylinder diesel, rear tires are 50% tread left and front tires are 20% tread left. Heat and A/C. Unit was used for one job. Works and operates.
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475.004.2005 Stepp Manufacturing Asphalt hot box serial #SPH-3.0-161, box dimensions 82” wide, 67 ½” deep, 49” tall, tires about 80% tread left, 48” long, 30” wide, 29” deep gang box mounted on front, pintle hitch hookup. Good condition.
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475.005.Case 380B loader tractor, shows 1614 hours, 3 cylinder diesel, cab has no doors or glass, 3 point hitch, needs rear tires, front tires are 50% tread left. Runs and operates.
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475.006. Case 580K combination backhoe loader with extendahoe, 4578 hours, 4 cylinder diesel motor, has hydraulic leak on large backhoe cylinder, rear tires are 75% tread left, front tires are 20% tread left. Full enclosed cab with good glass, minor rust and dents, front plastic/rubber on front shroud is broke. Runs and operates.
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475.007.2004 Ford F-250 XL Super Duty pickup truck Vin: 1FTNF21LX4EL78891 (58,949 miles), 5.4 liter gas, 4x4, 8’ Western Ulta mount plow, 8’ bed with 2 Weather Guard side bed mounted tool boxes, 6’x13”x16”, tires are 75% tread left, dent on passenger side box and cab, rust on rear passenger fender, bottom of door has minor rust, tail gate has dent and minor rust. Runs and drives.
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475.008.2000 Custom Harley Davidson, Vin: 1HD1BML1XVY010021 (26,210 miles), 10”  ‘T’ bars, BDL belt drive, R.C. Comp Bellett Wheels, 80’, Keryakou Air Filter, Mustang Seat, Custom rear fender, G.M.A bellett,  lots of chrome, good condition.
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475.009.2006 Suzuki GSX600F, Vin JS1GN79A762104545, battery is dead approximately 500 miles, HJC Large Helmet, 2 brothers racing muffler, has cover, original parts and extra.
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475.010.Steel tank institute above ground double wall fuel tank, approximately 300 gallon, used for gasoline, Fillrite FR 700 pump.
475.011.Steel tank institute above ground double wall fuel tank, approximately 300 gallon, used for diesel, Gasboy 72S-G2 pump.
475.012.IBC containment unit, part number 5469-BD-D, dimension 72”x72”x26”.
475.013.IBC containment unit, part number 5469-BD-D, dimension 72”x72”x26”, has small gash on side.
475.014.(4) Pallets of red brick approximately 1200 bricks, (3) pallets are old pavers style bricks.
475.015.(4) Pallets of misc. pavers bricks, limestone and cinder blocks.
475.016.(3) Misc. pallets of limestone.
475.017.(7) Misc. pallets of brick, paver’s bricks, landscape blocks and cinder blocks.
475.018.(2) Pallets of clay block with white speckled ceramic face, 8”x8”x8”, approximately 300 pieces.
475.019.(2) Pallets of misc. cinder blocks.
475.020.(9) Pieces of 12”x26” clay tiles, (1) piece of 10” clay tile, minor cracks and chips.
475.021.(26) Pieces of 10’x12” concrete floor wire and (7) pieces of 10’x6” masonry wire.
475.022.(2) 6”x6’x12’ Lumber, (2) 6”x6”x8’ lumber, (4) octagon cedar parts 10’x8” long, has notches and holes, (2) cedar 6”x6”x8’.
475.023.(21) Scaffold sections 61” wide, 72’ tall with 28 pins.
475.024.Pallet of teak tongue and grove flooring 7/8” thick, various widths from 3” to 8”, approximately 900 square foot.
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475.025.Oak Book Shelf has 9 shelves, has 2 doors on the bottom, has a hole cutout of side and hole cut out of back, 38” x 15” x 90” top face piece has been cut
475.026.Oak Display Cabinet with glass doors on top section, top section also has lights, has 3 open shelves, 43” x 18” x 90”, top face piece has been cut, right side of cabinet is not stained
475.027.Kenmore 500 Gas front loading dryer, works
475.028.(2) Heavy Duty Plastic desk, 34” x 28” x 30”, (1) Small 4-drawer cabinet 21” x 16” x 6” (1) 2-Drawer Plastic File Cabinet 17” x 22 ½” x 26 ½”
475.029.Picnic Basket with (4) Plastic plates, (4) plastic cups, and set of utensils
475.030.Stainless Steel Triple Bowl Sink, 9ft 6” x 34 ½” x 37”, each tub 20” wide, 28” long, 14” deep
475.031.(10) ADO White Sheer Drapes 70% manmade fiber, 78” long
475.032.Kenmore 500 Wash Machine, works
475.033.3- Piece Oak Entertainment Center, (2) Outside cabinets have upper storage with cloth door insets, has lower storage and 3-open shelves, 30” wide 15” deep, 90” tall, (1) Center Section 2-door Upper storage with one upper shelf, 4 center retractable door,s had 4 lower drawers, 43” wide 26” deep, 90” tall, one ed piece has wood missing see picture
475.034.(39) 1-Gallon Cans of misc. Paint and stains, most have been opened and some used
475.035.(17) 5-Gallon Buckets of misc. exterior paint and stain, buckets are mostly full, (1) 4-gallon of carpet adhesive, (1) 4-gallon of vinyl tile adhesive, (1) 3.5 gallon of wood filer
475.036.Misc. Chritmas decorations (2) Plastic Santa, (2) Trees, lights tree stand and snowman lighted decoration
475.037.Misc. Grout, sanded and non-sanded, 200+ square feet of self adhesive black and white floor tile, various ceramic tile
475.038.(1) Oval Glass Table Top 62 ½” x 42” (1) Glass Piece 48” x 24”, (1) Glass Rectangle 46” x 26” smoked, (1) 40” x 20” glass rectangle, (1) 50 ½” x 22”glass rectangle
475.039.Reception Desk/ Bar Counter Top, 6-pieces, one piece 35” wide 69 ¾” long, one Piece 40 ¼” x 69 ¾”, two pieces 36 ¼” x 42”, main piece 45” x 24” x 42”
475.040.(4) Rolls of misc. Plastic
475.041.Misc. Electrical products including 1900 boxes, wire, light, 5 gallon bucket of 2 ½” ring shank nails, wall mount hangers, brass door handles, and more
475.042.Baggo Set, 24” x 36”, 2” x 4” construction ½” plywood top, has chips and scratches
475.043.(2) Kohler Toilets K4519, used
475.044.Nortel Phone System (10) Phones (1) Nortel Meridian Nothstar-Plus Compact ICS unit box
475.045.(9) Gallons of Chomp Wallpaper Stripper, (1) 1.33 gallons of ortho home defense, (1) Snuggle fabric softener, 5 gallon bucket lids, peg board hooks, oxi clean, misc. household chemicals, (20) plastic louvered dryer vents
475.046.Approximately 100 pieces of gutter guard, most pieces are 49” long, some are cut shorter
475.047.(2) Counter Tops, particle board, 24” wide x 7ft long and 24” wide x 8 ft long
475.048.(8) Plastic Folding Chairs (9) Metal Folding chairs
475.049.(1) 44 1/8” x 5 1/8” Granite Backsplash, Various Plumbing Parts including, faucet protectors, pvc elbows, glacier bay faucets, kohler shower faucet, and more
475.050.Misc. Floor and wall registers, drop ceiling vent, various sized furnace filters, baseboard diffusers
475.051.(5) Small Compartment Parts Bins, (2) bins are empty, other (3) bins have various sized nails, screws, nuts, bolts, door handles, reflectors, earplugs, wire nuts and more
475.052.(3) Plastic Tool Boxes with wrenches, Stanley knife, screw drivers hammer, monkey wrench, wire cutters, vise grip pliers, lag bolt, small nails and more
475.053.(2) Plastic Bins with various bolts, screws, nails, and more misc. hardware
475.054.Galvanized Tub 5 ft long 26” wide 15” deep, (2) Garden Trellises 22” wide 65” tall (7) Shepherds hooks (2) Wall Flower Hangars
475.055.(2) Rolls of Commercial Wall Paper, 52 ½” tall x 30 yards
475.056.(2) Steel Car Ramps
475.057.4”x4” Mailbox post with Mailbox
475.058.Box of various sizes and styles of light bulbs, with misc caps and covers, lots of outdoor lighting and light fixtures
475.059.(2) Fellowes Paper Shredders (1) Shred 400 personal paper shredder hangs os small waste bin
475.060.(64) Sylvania metalarc M90/O 100W light bulbs, (2) Sylvania metalarc M165/O 360W light bulbs, (1) Philllips 70W light bulb, not in original box
475.061.(2) Fans, (1) 6-Outlet surge protector, (1) Sony CFD-V5 CD Radio Cassette player, (1) Sony Audio/Video Control Center, (1) JVC TD-W309 Double Cassette player
475.062.Donn Suspension Systems (13) 4 ft Cross Tees, (1) Box of 2 ft cross tees
475.063.Stainless Steel Mail Box, 10 ¾” wide 23 ½” deep 13 ½” tall
475.064.(2) Standard Size Satin Black Mail Boxes
475.065.Mail Box 10” wide 20” deep12” tall, cast aluminum
475.066.(5) Wall Mount Mailboxes various sizes
475.067.Wall paper table (5) Folding Stands (6) plank 6 ft long 11” wide 1” thick
475.068.Steel Adjustable Bed Frame, missing one center support plastic leg
475.069.Rigid Power Spin drain cleaner, manual short drain rod
475.070.Antique Mansfield Film Viewer Splicer
475.071.Crafstman Steel Tool Box with Craftsman Jig Saw, Craftsman 3/8” drill, and black and decker sander
475.072.Hitachi 1 ¾” Coil Nailer model NV 45AB2, used
475.073.Hitachi 1 ¾” Coil Nailer model NV 45AB2, used
475.074.Dewalt 20V Max Sawzall model DSC380, Dewalt 20V Max Hammer Drill model DCD985, (1) Dewalt 9.6 volt battery (1) Dewalt 12 volt battery
475.075.Skil 18 volt Drill with 2 batteries and charger
475.076.Milwaukee Sawzall Variable Speed
475.077.Bosch CS 10 Circular Saw 7 ¼”
475.078.Bosch CS 10 Circular Saw 7 ¼”
475.079.(1) Tool Shop Circular Saw 7 ¼” (1) Tool Shop Jig Saw
475.080.Duo Fast Siding/Fence/Decking coil nailer
475.081.Porsche Inter Compressor
475.082.Workforce Halogen Light with tripod, (3) 4 ft aluminum levels
475.083.Campbell Hausfield 16 gauge Finish Nailer, (1) Skil High Torque Screwdriver
475.084.Makita Flashlight 9.6 volt with charger, Makita Palm Sander
475.085.Porter Cable Belt Sander
475.086.Black and Decker Belt Sander, Dewalt Palm Sander Krafttech palm sander
475.087.Bostitch Pneumatic Stapler, Arrow Hammer Tacker, Arrow Electric Stapler and staples
475.088.Wicker Baskets and various bags
475.089.Various sized waste bins and storage bins
475.090.Hanging Wire Votive holder, crystal vase, Vivitar digital camcorder number 505, warmstein vaporizer, misc. vases, (3) dictionaries, candy dishes, candles, Cronicle of the 20th century book, framed photos, tape dispensers and more
475.091.Wall Clock, Picture Frame, “Love On the Boulevard” picture, framed picture of birds, misc. mirrors
475.092.Singing/Dancing Battery operated Performers, Ray Charles, James Brown, The Jazzman
475.093.Folding Ramps, 7ft x 12”, are bent at the hinges
475.094.(4) Vacuums (1) Shop Vac easy lift, (1) Eureka Vacuum, (1) Haan vacuum, (1) Shark Vacuum
475.095.(2) Carpet Shampooers, (1) Bissell Pro Heat (1) Hoover Steam Vac
475.096.(6) Various Sized Picture Windows, vinyl clad and wood
475.097.(3) Sets of Crutches (1) Walker (1) walking boot (1) grabber
475.098.Entertainment Stand with Floating Shelf, cabinet dimensions 71”x 20 ½”x 27 ¼”, shelf dimensions 54” x 11 1/8” x 6 ½”
475.099.Everlast model 4600 punching bag, 100 lb
475.100.(2) Outdoor Umbrellas, (1) wire plant holder
475.101.(2) Stainless Steel Shelves 9ft 8” x 11 ½”
475.102.Werner Electro Master non-conductive fiberglass ladder, 300 lb capacity, 7 ft as step ladder, 14 ft as extension ladder
475.103.Table 72” x 36” x 30 ¾” has scratch on the top
475.104.Werner Multi-Position Ladder, model MT-22, 300 lb capacity
475.105.Werner Multi-Position Ladder, model MT-22, 300 lb capacity
475.106.(1)Wooden Step ladder 68” tall, (1) Wooden 3-step ladder (2) Step Stools
475.107.Marble Top End Table 23 7/8” x 22” x 21 ½” (3) decorative pillows (1) end table with round particle board top
475.108.Magic Chef Microwave, 5-tier Corner display shelf 14 ½” x 14 ½” x 58” (1) Table with drawer 34” x 20” x 30”
475.109.(1) 4 ft x 2 ft hanging light (1) 4 ft x 13” hanging light
475.110.GE Gas Oven, burner pieces still in box in oven, inside of stove is clean, used minimally
475.111.(1) 3-Tier Plastic Shelving Unit, 40” x 18” x 37 ½”(1) 8-Tier Metal Shelving Unit, 30” x 11 ½” x 57 ½”
475.112.(1) 4-Tier Metal Shelving Unit with particle board shelves, 36” x 16” x 60”, 1) 5-Tier Metal Shelving Unit, 36” x 15 ½” x 69 ¼”
475.113.2-Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet, 18” x 25”x 27 ¾”
475.114.Performa X 10” Table Saw, 19” x 26” x 33 ½”
475.115.(3) Office Chairs, one has small tears and rips
475.116.Cast Iron and Wood Chair
475.117.Scotts Classic Drop Spreader, Black and Decker battery powered Grasshog weed trimer no battery no charger, ace trimmer line, used
475.118.(1) 4-Tier Metal Shelving Unit with particle board shelves, 48” x 24” x 72”, (1) plastic storage unit has 4 shelves 14” x 34” (1) 4 –tier Shelving Unit, 32” x 16” x 42”
475.119.Pumpkin carving Kit, (4) Umbrellas, plastic pumpkin, (3) metal trays, religious decorations, one picture is a hologram of Jesus/The Last Supper, and more
475.120.Roll Around Scaffold, 28” x 85 ½” x 69 ½”, has 2 planks
475.121.(2) All Traffic Solutions Speed Sentry 12 Doppler Radar, has extra batteries and brackets, works
475.122.Shop Vac Heavy Duty Super Performance Wet/Dry Vacuum, 16 gallon, 2 hp
475.123.Clarke Tailor Mate Dual Vacuum model TMD-50
475.124.Ladder Mittens, Replacement Rope for ladder, various dry wall tools, trowels, hand saw, and more
475.125.(14) Trex Transcend Railing, 8 ft universal top/bottom rail, (7) boxes of Square Balusters for 36” rail height
475.126.(6) Misc cushions, various golf clubs, Samurai Sword, misc. clipboards, food tent, homedics scale, mirror and more
475.127.2-Door Upper Cabinet has 2 shelves, 30” x 12” x 30”
475.128.Heavy Duty Plastic Angular Desk, 65” long, 39” wide, 30” tall
475.129.(3) Steel Wall Cabinets, (2) are the same dimensions and are 60” x 15” x 16 ¾”, the 3rd is 41 7/8” x 15” x 16 ½”
475.130.Various Styles of Schlage door handles, door knobs, dead bolt locks and various styles of used door knobs, some are missing keys
475.131.(1) Heavy Duty Plastic desk 59 ½” x 28”x 30 ¼”, (1) Heavy Duty Plastic desk 34”x 28” x 30 ½” (3) Plastic Under Desk Cabinets with 3-drawers, 16 ½” x 22 ¾” x 28” (2) Plastic Under desk Cabinets (1) has 1 drawer and an open shelf, dimensions, 16” x 22 ½” x 22 ¼” (1) has 2-Drawers dimensions 16 ½” x 22 ½” x 21 ¾”
475.132.Fish Tank 24” x 12 ¼” x 19” and more various fish tank parts including tubes and filters
475.133.Decorative Barrel 13 ½”diameter 17” tall
475.134.Dragon delonghi radiator heater, front handle is broken
475.135.Rolling Plastic Cart 37 ¼”x 25 ¾”x 32 ¼”, includes Hitachi framing nails 3 ¼” x .131 round head plastic strip smooth shank, 6-outlet power strip, large gate hinges, can lights, electrical boxes, wall hooks, and more
475.136.(2) New Rolls of Fabric (3) Used rolls of Fabric
475.137.Lot of LED Lights including Philips 3-way bulbs, feit electric R30 reflector, Ecosmart LED bulbs, flood lamp bulbs and more
475.138.Somerset Hardwood flooring 3 ¼” Natural RO, tongue and groove
475.139.Enerco Gas Fired Infrared Heater, Series 4000
475.140.Cooper Lighting model SS light fixture, cat. no. MICH-MHSS-40-MT, 120/208/240/277 volt, with shield, suitable for damp locations
475.141.(1) Circle Mirror 49” diameter, (3) Glass pieces 10 ½” x 35” (1) Bulletproof Glass with speak slot, 27 ¾” x 30 7/8” (1) glass piece 16” x 40 7/8”
475.142.4-Drawer, 4-door Cabinet, 63 ½” x 27 ¾” x 36 ¼”
475.143.Lot of misc. spray paints, concrete etch, J-bolts, and various quarts of paints and stains, some quarts are full to mostly full and some are almost empty