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CLOSED #324 – OnLine Consignment Auction – Tools - This Auction Started to Close - Friday, March 13, 2020 at 10:20 am CST

Item Description
324.001. Kennedy rolling toolbox. 8-drawers with keys. Approximately 35” tall x 27” wide x 18” deep.
324.002.Lot of 8 new in the package Fiskars pruners. Model 240-028 Stainless steel blades.
324.003.Antique Keuffel Eser company K-E Paragon transit with wooden dove tail and tripod. Case is missing one rubber foot.
324.004.Lot of 7 pruners and scissors. 5 are new.
324.005.Ridgid 36” pipe wrench.
324.006.Lot of 6 pipe wrenches. Smallest is 8”. Largest is 24”.
324.007.Vintage grade stick.
324.008.Assortment of punches and chisels. Smallest is 4 ½”. Largest is 18 ½”.
324.009.Large lot of assorted size, style, & brand punches and chisels.
324.010.Craftsman ½” drive ratchet and 4 Craftsman ratchet extensions.
324.011.Lot of 28 Craftsman wrenches. Smallest is ¼”. Largest is 1 1/8”.
324.012.Lot of 8 assorted brand 3/8” drive ratchets. Some new, some used.
324.013.Lot of 3 stubby flex-head ratchets. ¼”, 3/8”, ½” drive.
324.014.Snap On ½” drive breaker bar. 18” long.
324.015.Lot of 3 various brand 3/8” flex head ratchets.
324.016.Lot of 6 assorted brand and size ½” drive extensions.
324.017.Lot of assorted size, style, & brand ½” drive ratchet adapters.
324.018.Lot of assorted style, size & brand 3/8” drive extensions. Smallest 1 ½”. Largest is 11”. Includes Snap On, Craftsman, S-K, etc.
324.019.Assortment of various brand & style ¼”, 3/8”, ½” drive tools.
324.020.Large # 244 reamer. Made in the USA.
324.021.Lot of 4 assorted size and brand hack saws with new blades.
324.022.Lot of 8 assorted size, style & brand pliers.
324.023.Lot of 20 assorted size, style and brand files. Smallest is 5 ¼”. Largest is 10 ¼”.
324.024.Lot of 12 assorted size, style and brand wrenches.
324.025.Lot of 9 assorted size, style, and brand files with handles.
324.026.Lot of various size screw extractors.
324.027.Lot of 4, 3-sided files.
324.028.Lot of assorted files. Most are rat tails with a couple 3 and 4 sided. Smallest is 4 ¾”. Largest is 12 ¾”.
324.029.Lot of assorted size, style, and brand files.
324.030.2 large wrenches. 1-Mac 1- ½”/ 1- Husky 1-1/4”.
324.031.Lot of assorted style and brand 3/8” and 7/16” wrenches.
324.032.Lot of 3 various size Snap On offset box wrenches.
324.033.Lot of assorted size, style, and brand 7/16”, ½”, 17/32” wrenches.
324.034.Lot of 4 saws. 2-wood, 1-pruning, 1-butcher.
324.035.Lot of assorted style and brand ½” and 9/16” wrenches.
324.036.Drill index with drill bits. 1/16” – ½”.
324.037.Lot of assorted style and brand 9/16”, 5/8”, 11/16” wrenches.
324.038.Lot of 4 staple guns and assorted staples.
324.039.Drill index with drill bits.
324.040.Lot of assorted style and brand 5/8”, 11/16”, 13/16”, 25/32” wrenches.
324.041.Hoover Help-Mate electric handheld vac with long cord. Tested/works.
324.042.Lot of assorted size, style, and brand 5/8”, ¾”, 7/8”, 13/16”, 25/32” wrenches.
324.043.12-volt MVP twin motor power brush vacuum. Tested/works.
324.044.Drill bit stand with drill bits.
324.045.Lot of 3 vintage wrenches.
324.046.Large lot of assorted size, style, and brand vintage wrenches.
324.047.Drill bit stand with drill bits.
324.048.Lot of 6 precision punches.
324.049.Drill index with drill bits.
324.050.Vintage Chicago rawhide hammer.
324.051.Lot of 11 pry tools.
324.052.Pair of bow saws.
324.053.Vintage Rex hand press.
324.054.Lot of 5 short handle yard tools. 4 shovels, 1 pitchfork.
324.055.Lot of assorted small size drill bits.
324.056.Lot of assorted 3/16” drill bits.
324.057.Lot of assorted 5/32” drill bits.
324.058.Lot of assorted 11/64” drill bits.
324.059.Lot of assorted 15/64” drill bits.
324.060.Lot of assorted 7/32” drill bits.
324.061.Lot of assorted 13/64” drill bits.
324.062.Lot of assorted ¼” drill bits.
324.063. Lot of assorted size drill bits. See photos for sizes.
324.064.Lot of 15/32” and 11/32” drill bits.
324.065.Lot of 3/8 drill bits.
324.066.Lot of 5/16” drill bits.
324.067.Pair of 5/8” drill bits.
324.068.Large lot of new and used ½” drill bits.
324.069.Large lot of new and used 7/16” drill bits.
324.070.Large lot of new and used 9/16” drill bits.
324.071.Lot of 8 long handle yard tools.
324.072.2 Stanley cheese grater files with extra files.
324.073.Lot of 13 assorted size wood spade bits. Smallest is ¼”. Largest is 1-1/2”.
324.074.Lot of assorted size, style, and brand wood boring drill bits.
324.075.Spraymaster 2 sprayer with Craftsman spray gun. Compressor tested/works. Spray gun untested.
324.076.Lot of assorted size, style, and brand paint scrapers.
324.077.Lot of 5 scale removers.
324.078.Lot of 3 stone hones.
324.079.Vintage motor compression gauge. Made in the USA.
324.080.Pair of vintage Allstate engine vacuum and fuel pump tester.
324.081.Vintage Snap On pressure gauge.
324.082.Pair of vintage Timing lights. One is a Milton #1244 Deluxe timing light. One is a Sun model X 6-volt light.
324.083.Vintage Rodale DC volt meter.
324.084.Chain wrench. Made in the USA.
324.085.Lot of 5 ring compressors.
324.086.Pullers and attachments as shown.
324.087.Assortment of new paint brushes.
324.088.17-piece ¼” drive socket wrench set.
324.089.Assortment of various size, style, brand masonry drill bits (some new, some used) and 1 stone chisel.
324.090.Lot of assorted small paint brushes. Most new.
324.091.4 Large paint brushes. 1-4”, 2-4 ½”, 1-6”.
324.092.Oster Mfg. Company Bull Dog die stock #114.
324.093.2 vintage 48” wooden levels. Made in the USA.
324.094.2 48” aluminum levels. 1- Craftsman. 1- Mayes. Both made in the USA.
324.095. Lot of 5 claw hammers.
324.096.Lot of 3 wooden handles. 2-sledge, 1- longer.
324.097.Mr. Ratchet nutdriver/ screwdriver set.
324.098.Large assortment of various size and brand taps. Some new, some used.
324.099.Lot of 7 wooden hammer handles.
324.100.Craftsman electric 2-speed buffer/polisher with pads. Tested/works.
324.101.Steel and roller chain detacher.
324.102.Assortment of new and used paint supplies. Including rollers, steel wool, brushes, etc.
324.103.2 caulk guns and caulk.
324.104.Lot of 6 tools. Smallest is 10 ½”. Largest is 22”.
324.105.Lot of 5 gapper and feeler gauges.
324.106.Pair of vintage hack saws.
324.107.Lot of 7 pulling pliers.
324.108.Lot of 4 tap and die holders. Smallest is 9”. Largest is 26”.
324.109.3 screen tools and a partial roll of steel screen.
324.110.Automotive stethoscope.
324.111.Vintage pocket level and a new in the package pocket flashlight.
324.112.Miter saw and miter box.
324.113.Assortment of squares and yard sticks.
324.114.Lot of 6 measuring tapes.
324.115.5 vintage carpet knives.
324.116.Lot of 6 various size and brand levels. Smallest is 9”. Largest is 18”.
324.117.Lot of 5 vintage squares (1 not shown in photo).
324.118.Lot of 6 Greenlee electrical box knock out dies. Made in the USA.
324.119.2 rivet guns.
324.120.Assortment of measuring devices.
324.121.Lot of 9 tape measures.
324.122.2 Hydraulic jacks. Both tested and work.
324.123.Lot of 4 wire brushes. 3-new, 1-used.
324.124.Assortment of new and used utility knives.
324.125.Dreier hack saw. Made in the USA and 20 new Blu-flex blades. Made in the USA.
324.126.12-volt trouble light.
324.127.Hack saw with 10 new Griffin blades.
324.128.Lot of 3-hole punches.
324.129.Hack saw with 10 new in the package Blu-flex blades.
324.130.Lot of 3 reaming tools.
324.131.Miller Falls hack saw with 10 new Griffin blades.
324.132.Lot of 11 assorted size, style, and brand pliers.
324.133.Black & Decker Workmate vice bench. In like new condition.
324.134.Lot of assorted size, style, and brand allen wrenches.
324.135.Lot of 8 hammers. Smallest is 6”. Largest is 16”.
324.136.Lot of vintage tools.
324.137.Proto 345 hack saw with 10 new blades.
324.138.Lot of 11 electric tools including drills, driver, rotary tool, saw, sander. All tested. All work.
324.139.Lot of 14 assorted size, style, and brand clamps.
324.140.Pair of drainpipe rodders.
324.141.Pair of hack saws with large assortment of new and used blades.
324.142.Lot of 3 snap ring pliers.
324.143.Lot of solder.
324.144.Lot of 5 electric soldering irons. All tested. All work.
324.145.Lot of 3 vintage soldering irons with assorted solder and lead.
324.146.Lot of 5 tin snips with 1 leather holster. No picture
324.147.Lot of welding supplies including helmet, 2-boxes of welding rods, 11 new torch tips.
324.148.Lot of assorted hole saws.
324.149.Lot of assorted punches and chisels.
324.150.Lot of 7 nut size rethreader dies.