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Tuesday, August 27th, 2019 at 10:30 am

Item Description
737.01.Scott safety compressed air, Un1002, 2216 psi, breathing air only
These items are located in Wauconda, Illinois 60084
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737.02.Pro-line carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, model # PRO-20- CDM-4
737.03.Miler spool mate 150 wire feeder spool gun for MIG(GMAW) Welding
737.04.AREC 1.5amp, 12 volt fully automatic under hood battery charger
737.05.AREC 1.5amp, 12 volt fully automatic under hood battery charger
737.06.AREC 1.5amp, 12 volt fully automatic under hood battery charger
737.07.AREC 1.5amp, 12 volt fully automatic under hood battery charger
737.08.AREC 1.5amp, 12 volt fully automatic under hood battery charger
737.09.(1)1lb 2 oz can of evaporate-fresh no rinse evaporator cool cleaner and disinfectant, (1) 18 oz can of Nu-blast condenser coil cleaner,(1)15 wt oz of LPS pre-solve orange degreaser, (1) 14 oz can of Rust Oleum cold galvanizing metallic coating- missing nozzle, (3) 11.9 oz cans of ZYGLO ZP-9F aerosol developer- one is missing the nozzle, (5) 10.6 oz cans of Spotche k SKC-S aerosol nondestructive testing material – 3 are missing the caps and 1 is missing a nozzle, (2) 11 oz cans of CRC technical grade 3-36 multi-purpose lubricant
737.10.(9) Tough Guy urinal deodorizers
737.11.Peerless #2 100ft zinc chain, 325lb capacity
737.12.(4) 14 oz of Rust-Oleum fluorescent yellow enamel, (4)12 oz cans of Rust Oleum multi purpose gray primer
737.13.(1)13.25 oz of Spray-On food grade silicone lubricant, (2) 10 oz cans of CRC food grade silicone, (5) 10 oz cans of CRC dry graphite lube
737.14.(10) Microhrm Alphatec 681800 bound hooted booted coverall, size 5XL
737.15.(2) 16 oz cans of Tough Guy stainless steel police, (1) 75 ct if stainless steel wipes, (4) Quarts of Acidic detergent, one has the top missing and one is leaking a little
737.16.(3) 16 oz cans of Tough Guy stainless steel polish and cleaner, (1) Quart of Simple Green clan finish disinfectant cleaner – nozzle is broken, (1) Gallon of Tough Guy neutral floor cleaner, (1) Quart of high gloss polish and preservative for chrome , porcelain, fiberglass and brass, (1) Quart of Tough Guy non-ammoniated glass cleaner, (1) 14 fl oz can of Spray On food grade silicone, (2) 12 fl oz of Premiere multi-use metal polish – one is missing the cap and the other one the cap is cracked (2) 10 oz cans of shelia shine stainless steel polish – missing nozzles
737.17.(5) 15 oz cans of Rust Oleum harvester red enamel, (5) 11 oz cans of Color Works white enamel – cans have some paint spilled on them, (4) 12 oz cans of Rust Oleum true blue enamel
737.18.(3) Gallons of Lysol deodorizing cleaner, all the tops are smooshed
737.19.(15) cans of enamel, semi-gloss white,smoke gray,chestnut brown,safety orange,safety yellow,gray primer , white, (1) can of alert orange marking paint
737.20.(2) Gallons of LPS pre-solve orange degreaser, (1) ½ Gallon of CRC hydro force super citrus heavy duty degreased
737.21.(6) 10 oz Johnson paste wax – enriches beautifies and protects wood,metal,leather and plastics, some spilled a little
737.22.(4) Gallons of Tough Guy ultra bleach
737.23.(2)Gallons of Rust-Oleum AS5400 system anti-slip one-step epoxy silver gray, (2) Gallons of Rust-Oleum 5300 system water-based epoxy white- one can is dented really good
737.24.(1)Gallon of Fabulosity professional degreaser- lavender scent, (1) Gallon of Simple Green industrial degreaser,(1) Gallon of Diversey hurricane force solvent-based cleaner/degreaser
737.25.(2)Gallons of Sealed air spray buff for removing black heel marks, tar ,scuffs and scratches, (1) Gallon of Sealed Air ultra high solids finish for finishing floors
737.26.Large mystery lot of various items such as Paslode fuel and nail 3” x .120” hot dipped galvanized exterior ring shank nails, part of a Dayton drum pump- not complete,Stanley 3” long nose offset snips, johnson control line volt mechanical Tatar for low temp, screw driver set, feeler gauge set, white heating thermostat, cable assembly, mounted ball bearing, pack of 25 SRS 1.00oz wheel wights, and so much more. See picture close up shots
737.27.Misc lot with roll towels, cotton tube sleeves, yellow micro fiber wiper, roll of bags, (4) cotton canvas bags, rolls of box material, XL shoe scrubber covers, cherry urinal screens
737.28.Large electrical and misc lot,2 ½” 16 ga angered finish nails, watertight plug, CRC control box, 2 pole circuit breaker, class 2 transformer, pressure terminal connectors, spring nuts and so much more- see close up pictures
737.29.(8) Rolls of jumbo 2 ply tissue paper, (1) case of 36 white recycled toilet paper
737.30.(4) 14.9oz PUR black NF black straw foam-one leaked, (2) 22.4oz PUR full WF window foam, (2) 14.9 oz PUR black NF black straw foam – (4) straws
737.31.(1)Gallons of Slime tire sealant, prevents and repairs flat tires. Both leaked a little
737.32.(3)32 fl oz of JOMAX mold & mildew stain remover- 1 nozzle is cracked, (1) Gallon of CRC citrus degreaser, (1) Gallon of Diversey break down odor eliminator concentrate fresh
737.33.(12) 500ml ph 7.00 buffer
737.34.(6) Quarts of high gloss polish and preservative , (5) Quarts of Acidic detergent
737.35.(1)Gallon of Skilcraft clean all purpose cleaner, (1) Gallon of hurricane force solvent-based cleaner/degreaser, (1) Quart of Virex Tb ready to use disinfectant cleaner, (6) 18 oz cans of glass cleaner- some of the caps are cracked
737.36.(8) Quarts of ZEP 3 in 1 kitchen cleaner
737.37.(8) Quarts of ZEP 3 in 1 kitchen cleaner
737.38.(8) Quarts of ZEP 3 in 1 kitchen cleaner
737.39.(1)Gallon of Krylon dk machinery gray enamel, (1) Gallon of Krylon safety red acrylic waterborne paint, (1) Gallon of Rust-Oleum 9100 DTM epoxy , (1) Gallon of Rust-Oleum 3800 DTM acrylic enamel – looks like it was opened
737.40.(1)Gallon of Insul-x aquamarine swimming pool paint, (1) Gallon of Rust-Oleum 9400 system high gloss polyester urethane clear, (1) Gallon of Rust Oleum 530” system water based epoxy – silver gray
737.41.(1)Gallon of Catchmaster Bulk glue, (1) Gallon of Rust-Oleum high heat heavy duty coating black, (1) Gallon of Kool Seal trowel crack filler for asphalt and concrete surfaces – black
737.42.(4)15.2 oz of Spray On citrus mold cleaner, (4) 1lb 20z cans of Hydro force glass cleaner, (3) 1lb 2 oz cans of hydro force foaming citrus all purpose cleaner – 1 nozzle is missing, (1) 1 lb 2 oz can of Cleaner for removing wax and soil, (2) 28fl oz of Ajax dish soap lemon scent- both tops are broken
737.43.Lot of various brands of Spray lubricants – some are missing nozzles
737.44.Lot of various brands of Spray lubricants – some are missing nozzles
737.45.(6)14 oz cans of Rust Oleum cold galvanizing Spray, misc cans of various cold of enamel
737.46.Weld-Aid nozzle protector , (2) Quarts of Weld-kleen 350’anyi spatter, (9) 14 oz cans of CRC welders- anti-spatter Spray, (approx 200 4cc packs of copper anti-seize compound, 1lb of copper anti-seize & lubricant compound, 1lb of Loctite LB 771 nickel anti-seize, (2) 1/4lb of Jet-Lube 550 petrochemical anti-seize lubricant
737.47.(1)Gallon of Dykem opaque staining color,(1) Gallon of corrosion x for killing rust /lubricates/penetrated/displaces moisture, (1) Gallon of ZEP silicone lubricant and release agent, (1) Gallon of heavy duty static use , (1) Gallon of refrigeration lubricant, (1) 2.5 Gallons of ZEP ceramicsnd tole cleaner
737.48.Insect shield repellant wipes, mosquito spray and wasp and hornet killer, some are missing nozzles
737.49.(3)Gallons of Krud Kutter instant carpet cleaner and deodorizer, (1) 1lb 2oz can of Liquid alive enzyme remover and deodorizer,(1) 1lb 2oz can of carpet spot remover and cleaner
737.50.(2)Gallons of ZEP z-thread neutral floor cleaner, (2)2.5 liter spitfire power cleaner,(1) 2.5 Liter I’d breakdown odor eliminator,(1)2 Liter 3M glass cleaner and protector