Obenauf Auction Service, Inc.
#386 – OnLine Northern Moraine Wastewater Reclamation District – Electronics - Auction Starts Closing
Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 9:45 am

Item Description
These items are located at 113 Timber Trail, Island Lake, IL 60042
Contact Joe (847-450-9885)

Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday - 8:00 am to 3:30 pm For Inspection or Removal Appointment

No Reserve - 10% Buyers Fee – 7% Sales Tax

386.001A.John Deere 6-Wheel Gator. PN: W06X4DD003855, In working condition. , (770.4 hours), buyers responsibility to pickup/remove from premise”
386.001.Tempered Glass. 39-3/8” Long. 21-3/4” Wide.
386.002.Wireless Mouse and Keyboard. Model X001IQ8WMJ.
386.003.DVD Writer Model SH-S203.
386.004.D-Link Router. S/N: S3111F2000041.
386.005.YSI Incorporated 556 MPS. O5E1762 Model.
386.006.To-Connect Battery (QTY x2)
386.007.Interstate Batteries SLA0905.
386.008.White Storage Bins. Closed (QTY x3) – 13-7/8” Wide, Tall and Deep
386.009.White Storage Bins. Open (QTY x6) – 13-7/8” Wide and Tall. 9-7/8” Deep.
386.010.Knee Chair
386.011.Single/Double Desk. 47-1/2” Long. 26-7/8” Wide. 29-13/16” Tall.
386.012.Single Desk (QTY x3). 26-7/8” Wide. 35-3/4” Long. 29-13/16” Tall.
386.013.Long Half Rounded Table. 71-3/8” Long. 27-1/8” Wide. 29-13/16” Tall
386.014.Amazon Basics HDMI Cable.
386.015.Windows Computer Monitor Stand.
386.016.Computer Monitor Stand Model BN96-36857A-G.
386.017.Logitech Keyboard. SN: 1917SY00XYX8.
386.018.Microsoft Wireless Keyboard. Product ID: 06399-545-7683576-01517.
386.019.Logitech Keyboard. P/N: 820-004987
386.020.Logitech Keyboard. P/N: 820-003288.
386.021.HP Printer. SN: CNB9K21721
386.022.Corner Desk (QTY 3). 47-3/16” Long. 27-1/8” Wide. 29-13/16” Tall.
386.023.Linksys Router. Product No. EA7300.
386.024.Green Extension Cord
386.025.Computer Charger. Model 11001504731827015652.
386.026.Logitech Mouse. No additional parts.
386.027.Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000. PN: X821932002.
386.028.Logitech Computer Mouse. No additional parts.
386.029.VGA Adapter.
386.030.Unknown Power Cord.
386.031.Logitech Computer Mouse. PN: 810003190. No additional parts.
386.032.VGA Cord.
386.033.Audio Cable.
386.034.Dell by Microsoft Keyboard with Attachment Cord.
386.035.Total Micro Portable Computer.
386.036.Microphone w/ Connector.
386.037.Microphone w/ Connector.
386.038.Computer Cables.
386.039.Netgear ProSafe Firewall/Print Server. Model FR114P.
386.040.Netgear Wireless Access Point.
386.041.Netgear Fast Ethernet Switch.
386.042.USB to Ethernet Cable.
386.043.Computer to Ethernet Cable.
386.044.Long Table. 26-7/8” Wide. 59-5/8” Long. 29-13/16” Tall.
386.045.Norstar Office Telephone. No Connecting Cables.
386.046.Office Telephone. Bad Network – Good Port Otherwise.
386.047.Wireless Weather Station
386.048.Desktop Computer. SN: G4LMQS002972.
386.049.NEC AccuSync LCD 72V Desktop Computer. No Connecting Cables.
386.050.Logitech Computer Speakers. PN: 880000403.
386.051.Norstar Office Telephone. No Connecting Cables.
386.052.Logitech Keyboard. PN: 820-002864.
386.053.RadioShack Tape Recorder. Cat No: 141128.
386.054.IBM Keyboard w/ Attachment Cable. Model No: KB-0225.
386.055.HP Desktop Keyboard. Model No: SK-2880.
386.056.Desktop Optical Mouse.
386.057.Microsoft Office Desktop Mouse. Model 1113.
386.058.Office Chair. Black Cloth.
386.059.Amano Pix-95. Model A421.
386.060.UL Outdoor Lighting. Model R-1.
386.061.Desktop Speakers. DP/N: 08506P.
386.062.Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Bad). Model No: KNCOPP-BLPM.
386.063.Microsoft Wireless Mouse. PN: X800127.
386.064.Microsoft Desktop Mouse. PN: X800128.
386.065.Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000. PN: X821932.
386.066.Mini Stereo. Model No: PF-23.
386.067.Grey Cloth Office Chair w/ Arm Rests.
386.068.Black Cloth Office Chair w/ Arm Rests.
386.069.Black Cloth Office Chair.
386.070.Black Cloth Office Chair w/ Arm Rests.
386.071.Black Cloth Office Chair.
386.072.Black Cloth Office Chair.
386.073.Two Antique Televisions. May not be in Working Condition.