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CLOSED - #707 - Rockford Liquidation Warehouse
New Merchandise, Equipment, Misc - This Auction Started Closing - Wednesday, August 14, 2018 at 8:00 PM CST

Item Description
These items are located at 6638 11th Street, Rockford, Illinois 61109
Contact Jimmy or Nick (779-368-0263)

Call Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 6:00 pm For Inspection or Removal Appointment

Items must be picked by Friday, August 23, or items will no longer be available.

No Reserve - 10% Buyers Fee – 7% Sales Tax

707.001.Knack jobsite field office, 82-1/2’x60,, model # 119-01
707.002.Klutch metal band saw, 7’x12’, model # 49465, untested
707.003. Strongway 50 ton air hydraulic shop press, model # 46264, untested
707.004.Speedaire refrigerated compressed air dryer, model # 2DAZ6A, untested
707.005.Ingersoll Rand D-E-C high efficiency cycling refrigerated dryer, 10-125 SCFM, model # D212ECA100
707.006.Speedaire 30 gallon air compressor, climate control
707.007. Honda water pump 4’ port, model # WT3OX, tested and works
707.008.Sanitaire portable carpet extractor, model # SC6085B, tested and works
707.009.Jobox storage tray 24’x48’, model # 666980
707.010. Jobox storage tray 48’x48’, model # 668980
707.011.Jobox storage tray 48’x48’, model # 668980
707.012.Milwaukee SDS- max demolition hammer, model # 5247-59
707.013.Milwaukee rotary hammer kit 1-1/8’, model # 5268-59
707.014.Milwaukee angle grinder 7’, model # 6086-59D
707.015.Dayton steerable skate, model # 5ERK1, tested and works
707.016.Vlue water dispenser, hot and cold, model # BV-MP, untested
707.017.Reel craft cable reel, max amps 300, model # T-2464-0, works
707.018.Powerhouse generator ,dual fuel, gas powered 4000 es, model # 750134REV.B, untested
707.019. Coxreels hose reels, model # 1175-6-200, tested and works
707.020.OTC break drum dolly, model # 14R917
707.021.Dayton floor buffer, High speed brush, model # 4NeK5, tested and works
707.022.Oasis water dispenser, premium point -of-use water cooler, model # POUTLRHK, untested
707.023.Ultra tow, hand winch truck crane, 2000 lb capacity, model # 52534, tested and works
707.024.Klutch, bench top metal cutting band saw- 3in x 4in, 1 1/3 HP, 120V, model # 49466, does not turn on
707.025.Hobart airforce, 12ci plasma cutter with built in air compressor - inverter, 115v, 12 amp output, model # 500564, untested
707.026.Kushlan mixer, tested and works
707.027.Lift master, commercial garage door opener, model # h501l5r, untested
707.028.MI-T-M pressure washer, 2400 Psi, model # 3WB83, tested and works
707.029.Little Giant, 17 foot aluminum ladder, model # 81097, tested and works
707.030.Gray forklift jack, model # 11N145, tested and works
707.031.Allsource pressure blaster, model # 155341, tested and works
707.032.Porto-power, 10 ton hydraulic body repair kits, 10,000 Psi maximum working pressure, model 3 B65115, tested and works
707.033.Band strapping dispenser, tested and works
707.034.Pipe cradle truck, V-groove, 30 x 17, model # 19c219
707.035.Saftcrt gas cylinder cart, model # 5wxd4
707.036.Duramax sketch board
707.037.Power horse 420 cc engine, electric start, untested
707.038.Power horse 212 cc , 3 in 1chipper, model # 63388, untested
707.039.Bull rolair 6 gallon portable air compressor, model 3 FC2002, tested and works
707.040.North Star power washer, missing wand and hose, model # 15775440
707.041.Strongway log skidding arch , 1000 lb capacity, model #51962
707.042.Greenlee Screw type reel stand, 2500 lb capacity, model # 683
707.043.Strongway u-boat platform truck, model #52396
707.044.Greenlee screw type reel stand, 2500 lb capacity, model# 687
707.045.Strongway U-boat platform truck, model # 52396
707.046.Allegro , axial explosion proof confined space fan, 1/2 hp, 115vac voltage, 3450 rpm blower/fan speed, model # 3pak5
707.047.Hitachi , 4 gallon 2 hp portable twin stack air compressor, model # EC99S, untested
707.048.Husqvarna 125B handheld blower/vac, 28cc , 470 cfm, model # 952711902
707.049.Quantity 2, V-head pipe stand, 24” pipe capacity, 32” to 52” overall height, 3500 lb. load capacity
707.050.Dewalt VS orbital jigsaw , untested
707.051.Quantity 2, V-head pipe stand, 24” pipe capacity, 32” to 52” overall height, 3500 lb. load capacity
707.052.Quantity 2, V-head pipe stand, 24” pipe capacity, 32” to 52” overall height, 3500 lb. load capacity
707.053.Quantity 2, V-head pipe stand, 24” pipe capacity, 32” to 52” overall height, 3500 lb. load capacity
707.054.Dayton roller skate kit, 15 ton capacity, model # hrs-15-svp
707.055.Dogipot, canopy top ,pet waste container, 10 gallons, 49” h green, model # 52cj35
707.056.Dogipot, canopy top ,pet waste container, 10 gallons, 49” h green, model # 52cj35
707.057.Dogipot, 10 gal, round flat top pet waste station, 78”h, green, model # 3VLL5
707.058.Hailo step ladder, 45 in height, tested and works
707.059.Suspension tractor seat, tested and works
707.060.Simer total home water pressure booster system, 3/4 hp, untested
707.061.Solar battery tester, model # 27728, tested and works
707.062.PureFlu industrial respiratory protection system, model # 156477, new in box
707.063.Powerhorse, 1 hp stainless steel shallow well pump, model # 50299, new in box
707.064.Powerhorse, 1/2 hp 2 wire deep well submersible pump, model # 52618, new in box
707.065.Slurry drum vac, tested and works
707.066.Ultra tow utility truck rack, 250 lb capacity, model # 314-1526
707.067.Coxreel 3/4” hose reel, 25 ft., model # 16X548
707.068.Reelcraft hose reel, model # 44870
707.069.Coxreel 1/2”,25’ hose reel, model # 16X545
707.070.75 1 1/2” hose reel, model # 4nA89
707.071.Grease hose reel 1/4’x50ft
707.072.Roughneck 24 GPM air-operated double diaphragm pump, model #41769
707.073.Roughneck 24 GPM air-operated double diaphragm pump, model #41769
707.074.Roughneck 115 volt gear oil pump, model # 22649
707.075.Intermatic electronic timer, series # ET90000
707.076.Porto-power 5 ton flat body cylinder, model # 156831
707.077.General video bonescope, model # 6FAW2
707.078. Honeywell respirator , model # 76008A
707.079.Ridgid mega press fitting system, model # 34TC10
707.080.Federal signal speaker, model # 400F57
707.081.Suspension chair, tested and works
707.082.TFR indoor/outdoor flood light, tested and works
707.083.Ironton flux core 125 wire feed welder, model # 45433, tested and works
707.084.Versa lift magnet, model #VL0600, tested and works
707.085.Dewalt reciprocating saw, model # DWE305
707.086.Quantity 11, 6 1/2’ pintel hook
707.087.Fantech inline centrifugal fan, 8” duct, model # FKD 8XL, untested
707.088.Zebra label maker, with labels, model # ZT230, tested and works
707.089.Fantech 6” inline filter box, 24cmx50cmx1.9cm, model # 40304
707.090.Senco decking screws gun, tested and works
707.091.Miller welding case
707.092.Ingersoll Rand,air compressor pump, model #ss5, untested
707.093.Mastermagnets, chained magnet, tested and works
707.094.Mastermagnets, chained magnet, tested and works
707.095.Roughneck 120 volt heavy-duty transfer pump, gasoline compatible, model # 57129, tested and works
707.096.Warn 2000 DC utility winch, model #92000, tested and works
707.097.Powerhorse, 1 HP stainless steel shallow well pump, includes 6.3 gallon pressure tank, model # 50299, untested
707.098.Lithonia lighting, wet location LED emergency lighting unit, model # 46C221, untested
707.099.Lithonia lighting, wet location LED emergency lighting unit, model # 46C221, untested
707.100.Bak-Pak never pump sprayer, model # 13854, untested
707.101.Coil Jet portable coil cleaning system, model # CJ-125, untested
707.102.Klutch P300i 16 amp plasma cutter, model # 55714, untested
707.103.Dayton electric pressure washer, 1500 Psi, model # 486275, untested
707.104.Strongway 500 amp power pack, model # 5305, untested
707.105.Strongway electric chainsaw sharpener bench or wall mount, model # 57523, tested and works
707.106.Strongway electric chainsaw sharpener bench or wall mount, model # 57523, tested and works
707.107.Ultra-tow 3500 lb capacity electric trailer jack, model # 57404, untested
707.108.Ultra-tow 3500 lb capacity electric trailer jack, model # 57404, untested
707.109.Dewalt screwdriver kit, gyroscopic, 430 RPM, 8v, double battery, model # DCF680N2, untested
707.110.Chicago pneumatic 1/2” Wx18”L, 0.5 HP, general air belt sander, model # CP080-4200H8K, untested
707.111.Kennedy side cabinet, model # 185xr
707.112.Protocol contractor miter saw workstation, model # 44yu26
707.113.Husqvarna e-series 435, untested
707.114. Husqvarna e-series 435, untested
707.115.Honda GX 340, no gas tank, untested
707.116. Jet 8” industrial grinder, model # 1BG-8, extra parts, untested
707.117.Electric Husqvarna 120i chainsaw, tested and works
707.118.Dewalt 20.0 volt cordless grease gun, 10,000 psi, 370strokes per oz. cartridge, model # Dcgg571m1, untested
707.119. Milwaukee M18 fuel high torque 1/2”impact wrench, model # 2766-20, comes with 2 batteries and charger, untested
707.120.Klutch inverter powered mig/stick, 220si, model # 44726, untested
707.121.Strongway 500 amp power pack, model # 53015, untested
707.122.Flowtron diplomat fly control device, 120 watt indoor/outdoor, model # FC-8800, untested
707.123.Powerhorse 20 in. Surface cleaner, 3600 max psi, model # 49438, untested
707.124.Aims power inverter, 10 to 16 VDC, 5000 w, post, model # 45tx23, untested
707.125.Roughneck 12 v heavy-duty fuel transfer pump, model # 37889
707.126. Milwaukee heated hoodie, mens large, 12v battery, model # 487r25, untested
707.127.Dayton machinery mover hand truck, 4000lb, steel, number of rollers 4.2 pack, model # 13v411, tested and works
707.128.Roughneck 12 v heavy-duty fuel transfer pump, model # 57128, untested
707.129.Metabo 10” bench grinder, 120v, 1 hp, 170 max RPM, 1-1/4” arbor, 7.5 amps, model # 38D141
707.130.Roughneck 120v heavy duty fuel transfer pump, model # 57129, untested
707.131.Royal basket truck, model # 22E973, tested and works
707.132.Drywall panel cart
707.133.Luxor cart
707.134.Durham drywall cart, model # 459W33, tested and works
707.135.Tool cart, two drawers and keys
707.136.Jamco Utility cart
707.137.Steel utility cart
707.138.Steel table
707.139.Luxor black cart
707.140.Aluminum cart, model # 2plg7
707.141.Plastic black bin on wheels, tested and works
707.142.Basket truck, blue, model # 4W331, small dent
707.143.Basket truck, blue, model # 4W331, small dent
707.144. Utility nut and bolt rack with 6 bins
707.145.Hand dolly, model # 39e624A
707.146.Drum Dolly
707.147.Dayton dolly, model # 2NXC3
707.148.Magliner dolly, 500 lb capacity
707.149.Magliner dolly, 500 lb capacity with back handle
707.150.Dayton dolly, 800 lb capacity, Model # 6w857j
707.151.Uniweld welding/cutting set
707.152.Durham tool cart with 4 drawers and cabinet with keys
707.153.Frigidaire Refrigerator, white without handles, model # ffht1621tw1, tested and works
707.154.Wire mesh sling, 7,200 lb capacity, 6ft, model # 38x560
707.155.Strong-arm electric 12v winch
707.156.Dayton drum dolly, 1000 lb capacity, model #34D665
707.157.Rubbermaid commercial cleaning cart with keys, model #54DF26
707.158.Northstar 16 gal spot sprayer , model #2272q ,tested and works
707.159. Northstar 16 gal spot sprayer ,model #2272q, tested and works
707.160.Buyers tool box truck side tool box
707.161.Husqvarna pole saw attachment
707.162.Westward 10,000 psi air/manual hand pump ,model# 5m461, tested an works
707.163.Manual chain hoist ,2000lb. Load capacity ,20ft. Hoist lift ,tested an works
707.164.Duracraft truck box with safe box in side, model#940350d
707.165.Jobox truck bed tool tray, has mounting hardware
707.166. Jobox 3 drawer truck bed tool tray, has mounting hardware
707.167.Weather guard steel topside truck box,,white,single, model#247-3-02
707.168.Better built truck box ,model#41901
707.169.Better built truck box , black, model# 36212722
707.170.Better built 72” top mount truck tool box, model # 41873
707.171.Jobox construction site tool box, model# 1-657990
707.172.Westward job box, piano style
707.173. Hallowell 18 cabinet locker set
707.174.Hallowell 3 tier locker, small dents
707.175.3 door locker
707.176.Tennsco metal shelving cabinet with digital lock, few dents
707.177.Hallowell black metal shelving cabinet
707.178.Hallowell black metal shelving cabinet
707.179.Hallowell black metal shelving cabinet
707.180.Cotterman rolling ladder stairs