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CLOSED - #111 – OnLine Consignment Auction – New Merchandise - This Auction Started to Close - Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 8:00 PM CST

Item Description
111.001. Ken-Tool 16” x 30” passenger and light truck tire inflation cage
111.002.Contico 53 Gallon Capacity Locking Storage Bin with keys, measures 36.75” L x 22.75” W x 20.25” H, has a crack on the side top, still functional
111.003.Dayton Blower, Model -# 5NRD5, galvanized Steel, bolt-less, some parts need to be assembled
111.004.Gorilla on wheels Bin, all terrain wheels, 37” L x 17 ½” W x 14” H, lightweight, missing one latch
111.005.Morse 1000lb Capacity Drum lifter
111.006.(8)48” x 4” OD removable carbon steel bollard, yellow, Model -# IBP04080-Y-D
111.007.Air Care evaporative humidifier, titanium charcoal color- multi room up to 1200 sq. Ft.,2 Gallon tank capacity, box is damaged, Untested
111.008.Sentry Safe, measures approximately 38” x 23” x 17 1/2-“ deep, I am unable to open the handle is dented a lot – the unit was shipped laying on the front handle, come take a look before bidding, has scuffs and scratches
111.009.Pair of age in Werner 10-ton automotive high reach jack stands, Model -# HW93511
111.010.Dayton coolant pump, recirculating pump, ¾ hp, 230/480-volt, 1725 rpm, continuous duty, 3ph,
111.011.(6)Pipe sections, 4ft long x 6” diameter- they have minor dents
111.012.6ft x 29 ½” plastic folding table, has minor Knicks and scratches
111.013.Luma Pro shop Work Light, with Adjustable arm
111.014.Case of Pacific Blue 2-ply perforated paper towels, Case of Sofpull white high capacity pull roll towels
111.015.Bulldog trailer jack, 5000lb lift capacity,8000lb static capacity
111.016.Case of Georgia PacificC-gold towels, Case of Wypall L40 white wipers
111.017.Georgia Pacific En Motion 1-ply roll towels, Case of Tough Guy jumbo roll tissue paper
111.018.Cotter man Adjustable Safety gate
111.019.Case of Tough Guy 2-ply bath tissue, Case of Tough a guy jumbo roll tissue, Case of Envision 2-ply jumbo bath. Tissue, boxes are ripped
111.020.Case of Dixie white paper hot cups- 20 -sleeves of 50
111.021.19” x 14 ½” round galvanized Steel bucket with handles- no lids
111.022.16 Gallon Black Steel closed head transport drum
111.023.Case of paper towel single fold brown towels
111.024.Speedaire retractable hose reels
111.025.Box of 14 ½” bubble mailers
111.026.Case of a Brawny professional D300 wiper rags, Case of Boardwalk natural hard wound roll towels Both are not full cases
111.027.(2)4ft rolls of Kraft paper, has some minor damage
111.028.(3)40” x 3 ½” steel pipes
111.029.Dayton Adjustable slide rails for NEMA frame, 320/360, 25 ½ Length
111.030.Dayton straight centrifugal pump, Model # LTD123TCE,7.5hp,208-230 volt,2 pokes, 3 Phase
111.031.Ingersoll Rand single stage Splash lubricated air compressor pump, with 16.9 oz oil, 2 ¾” bore diameter, 12 ½ fly wheel
111.032.Blue roll around Industrial portable drain pan, measures 36” x 24”
111.033.Markel products electric unit heater, wall or ceiling, 480 vac,3 Phase
111.034.(2) Wing its 32” x 22.5” reversible L-shaped shower seat – white phenolic
111.035.(2) Phase -a-matic Heavy Duty static-phase converter, runs 220v, 3-Phase motors, Model PAM-200HD, ¾ hp range, Schneider IEC magnetic contactor, 24VAC, Untested
111.036.Chapin janitorial foaming sanitation sprayer, 3.8 L
111.037.Natural white burnish pads,3M red buffer pads, I-mop 12” polyester fiber trapezoid cleaning pad,
111.038.Air Handler 24” X 24” x 12”, (3) Honeywell 16 x 25 filters
111.039.Condor green combination shower /eyewash, stainless steel bowl, model # 49EV52
111.040.Condor green combination shower /eyewash, stainless steel bowl, model # 49EV52
111.041.Coverall elastic wrists and ankles 3XL,4XL coveralls – yellow
111.042.Ballymore 4 step roll around shop ladder, will need to be assembled, not sure if all the parts are there
111.043.(2)24” x 4ft light fixtures, two different styles, one has minor dents and scratches
111.044.Lot of 60 Gallon garbage bags, all the boxes broke
111.045.R&G 3 Panel 81” x 69” Blue privacy screen
111.046.Hand hydraulic pallet truck,3,800lb Capacity, has scuffs and scratches
111.047.16” x 18 ½” x 6” tall locking steel box with hole on the bottom, has scuffs and scratches, has keys
111.048.(7) Boxes of various size and styles of exam gloves, Boxes are opened and damaged
111.049.Case of 10 3M cold shrink 8429-18 connector insulator
111.050.Versa-matic E8 Plastic pump, 3/8” elima-matic bolted plastic with non-metallic center sections
111.051.Case of 10 LED 5” round flood lights, clear lens,12-24V
111.052.Victor Emergency roadside kit, misc work gloves, roadside bag is ripped
111.053.Web sling – eye & eye,4ft long,4,100lb Capacity
111.054.(3)34.5 oz of Chase & Sandborn coffee- 100% Arabica gourmet office coffee, all cans are dented and one has a small hole- has a Best Buy date of 07-08-20
111.055.Lot of various types or parts of CW auto transformer ballast
111.056.Zurn Wilkins reduced pressure zone backflip preventer, Model # 34-375XLB
111.057.Ecco LED microbar, Amber, Model # 5545
111.058.(6) LPS Premier Rust Inhibitor 380 ml (2) Spray on Dry Weld Spatter Protectant WL 941, 15.5oz (2) Permatex Thread Sealant with PTFE 4 Fl. Oz.
111.059.(1) Dynarex Survival Rescue Blanket, Pack of 120, 84” L x 52” W, Model #3537 (1)3M UltraFit Ear Plugs, Corded, Flanged, 25dB, Model #340-4004 (2) Honeywell North BloodBorne Pathogen Bodily Fluid Clean-up Kit, Model #021601
111.060.Steel Wire Marking Flags, Approx 30”, White & Red Polka Dot Flags, Flag Height: 4”, Flag Width: 5”
111.061.(5) Cotton Pool Towel, White with Blue Stripe, 44” L x 22” W, R & R Textile (1) Georgia Pacific Single fold Towel Dispenser, Approx. 10.5” x 6” x 7.5”, Model #56701
111.062.Baldwin Fuel Filter Kit, Model #BF7929, Spin-On Design, 4 5/16” Diameter, Approx 6 ¼” Tall
111.063.Domino Sugar Box of 2000 Pure Cane Sugar Packets, 1/10oz (2.83g), Box weight 12.50lb
111.064.(1) Broan Aluminum Wall Cap, 9” x 9” Flange Size, Model #641, (1) Holley Electric Fuel Pump, 12V, 7 psi, 97GPH, Model #12-801-1, and other Miscellaneous Parts & Hardware
111.065.(2) Cart Swivel Wheels with 4 Bolt Base Approx 5” Diameter (2) Cart Stationary Wheels with 4 Bolt Base Approx 5” Diameter (4) Swivel Chair Wheels Approx. 3” Diameter
111.066.(1) Black Rubber Lining Approx 30ft, Approx .75” Width (1) Black Portable Cord, 50ft, Model #E3689, 3 Conductors, .33” Diameter (1) Self Regulating Heating Cable, Plug-In, Approx 50ft, Mode #13R107
111.067.(4) Rust oleum Enamel Spray Industrial Yellow 15oz (6) Rust oleum Caliper Paint, Spray Can, Red, 12oz
111.068.(7) Rust oleum Metallic Finish Spray Paint, Gold, 11oz (1) Rust oleum Metallic Finish Spray Paint, Dark Bronze, 11oz
111.069.(4) Rust oleum Marking Spray Paint, Precision Line, Yellow, 17oz, (4) Rust oleum Marking Spray Paint, Precision Line, White, 17oz, (2) Rust oleum Marking Spray Paint, Precision Line, Caution Blue, 17oz
111.070.(9) Rust oleum Multi-Purpose Spray Paint, Black, 12oz
111.071.(3) Rust oleum Cold Galvanizing Metallic Coating Spray, Flat Zinc, 14oz (3) Rust oleum Multi Purpose Spray Paint, White, 12oz (2) Krylon Industrial Spray Paint, Latex Enamel, Black, 12oz
111.072.(8) Rust oleum Marking Spray Paint, Precision Line, Safety Red, 17oz
111.073.Black Transport Drum, No Lid, Approx 14.5” Diameter, Approx 18.75” Tall
111.074.(5) CRC Dry Moly Lubricant 11oz (2) Goo GONE Spray Gel, 12 Fl oz (4) Blaster Rust Penetrating Catalyst 11oz (1) Blaster Chain & Cable Lubricant, 11oz (1) CRC Penetrating Solvent, Knocker’ER Loose, 13oz (1)CRC Brake Parts Cleaner, BRAKLEEN, 1lb 3oz
111.075.Box of White T-Shirt/Cloth Rags, 25lbs, Approx 250 pieces
111.076.(2) Boxes of Medline Post-Mortem Body Bags, Qty 10 per Box, Adult, White, Metal Zipper, 36” x 90”
111.077.(3) Westward Gage Block Kit, Hardened Ground Steel One-Two-Three Gage Block, Model #4KY14, ONLY 1 COMPLETE SET
111.078.Lot of Miscellaneous Condor Vinyl Disposable Gloves, (2) Hoods, Particulate Respirators, 3M Paint Preparation Systems, Johnson Three Beam Magnetic Torpedo Ladder Level, Reel & More
111.079.Miscellaneous Electrical, ½” Liquid Tight Straight Connectors, Plugs, Outlet Covers, and More
111.080.Large Pallet of Miscellaneous Parts & Hardware, Caution Tape, Flammable Labels, Connectors, Drill Bits, Screws, Bolts, Bushings, Box Cutters, Batteries, Valves, & MUCH MORE
111.081.Dayton 8” Variable Speed Buffer, Model #48WE53, 1 HP, 900-3600 RPM, 115-240V, 12-6 Amps, 50-60 HZ, DOES NOT POWER UP
111.082.RIGID Cord Adapter, 120V, Press Tool, Model #44468
111.083.Legacy Suction Canister
111.084.Echo 24" Chain Saw Bar, model # 24DOPS3881
111.085.Miscellaneous Mop Lot, (5) Squeegee Heads Approx 35”, Mop Head, all parts do not fit together
111.086.(10) Cast Iron Pipe Rollers, Heavy Duty, 2 ARE MISSING PINS
111.087.Platinum Premium Vacuum Pump, ½ HP Motor, ¼” 3/8” ½” Intake Port, Pump is Jammed, DOES NOT HUM
111.088.Miscellaneous Lot, Dayton Hand Truck Nose Plate Extension, (1) Cartwheel 2.8/2.5-4 NHS 8”, Stack of Caution/Danger Labels, Dayton Assembly Control, 7.25” x 16” Steel Step & More
111.089.Miscellaneous Safety Lot, Work Gloves Various Sizes, Half Mask Respirator, Gate Valve Lockout, Howard Light Ear Plugs, Safety Eyewear, Sleeves, Safety Belt & More
111.090.(2) Wheel Chocks
111.091.(3) Misc. Bags of Oil Dry, (1) Asphalt Patch Bag, (1) Red Infield Conditioner Bag (1) Diamond Crystal Salt, ALL BAGS OPENED, PARTIAL CONTENTS
111.092.Cleaning Lot, Tough Guy Citrus Stainless Steel Cleaner, ZEP Alkaline Drain Opened, Tough Guy Bahama Breeze Air Freshener, Manitowoc Ice Machine Sanitizer, (13) Empty Spray Bottles, Wipes
111.093.Misc Lot, Honeywell 20” x 25” x 6” Air Filters, 2 Rolls of Caution Tape, Tornado CleanBreeze Disposable Collection Bags (10 PK), Ball Caps, & More
111.094.(3) Ball floats, 2” Mueller In-line Strainer, (1) Delta Tub/Shower Head Valve, (1) Chicago Push Button Lab Faucet
111.095.Cast Iron Pump
111.096. Large lot of Misc Hardware & Parts, ZIP Ties, Screws, Valves, Extension Cord, Flow Meter, fuses, Copper Compression Lugs, Washers, Shell IMP 2-9/16” x ¼” MAG NUTS, & More
111.097.Trimaco 3’-4’-5’ Carpet Film Applicator
111.098.(2) Dayton Permanent Split Capacitor & Blower Motor 115V 60Hz 2.2 A, 1/5HP, 3000RPM, Models #4M298D #3M548D (1) Little Giant Pump 115V, 60/50Hz, 1.52/1.65 A, No. 7121-6369
111.099.REESE TowPower Hitch, 2” Drop, 6000lb Capacity, 1” Mounting Hole
111.100.Large Bin of Misc Rods, Bolts, Nuts & More