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232.001.Westward toolbox model# 32h839, 32h855 has keys and complete, 42 wide 19 deep 67 tall, Has some light scratches
232.002.Southworth electric hydraulic pallet tilter, model # ptu2-85 tested and works, 2000lb capacity
232.003. Ingersoll rand air compressor, model# p1.5iu, tested and works, pulley Gard dented
232.004.Powerhorse wood chipper, model # 53135, electric start, tested and works
232.005.(12) guardian roof anchors, model# 00645x
232.006.Bluff steel dock plate, model#15t6048, 15000lb capacity
232.007.Dayton drum carrier, model# 30yp24, assembled and complete
232.008.Kushan food grade mixer, model# 450dd, tested and works
232.009.Hitachi brad nailer, untested, looks complete
232.010.Wooden barrel fountain, tested and works, some scratches
232.011.Steel shop desk, model# 453f24, has keys
232.012. Lacrosse wireless weather station, brand new in box, looks complete, model# 517770
232.013.Dayton platform truck, model# 13x503, 60”x 30” assembled
232.014.Klutch automatic condensation timer drain, model# 407116, untested, looks complete
232.015.Justrite flammable liquid safety rinse tank, model# 27220, 22 gallon complete
232.016.Saf t cart cylinder stand, model # 5wxn7, has scratches
232.017.Viking chainsaw boots, size 9, model# vw64-1
232.018.Baffin polar proven boots, size 8, Mosel # polamp02
232.019.Northstar tamping rammer, model# 60369, tested and works, looks used, Honda gx120 engine
232.020.Hitachi 18 volt cordless dril, model # ds18dgl, tested and works
232.021.Stongway jumbo wagon, model # 46438, 48”x 24”, complete and assembled
232.022.Metal tech baker scaffolding base plates, model # i-ibbf4
232.023.Sandusky metal cabinet, 30x18x72, has keys, has some dents
232.024.Rheum Rudd 6 gallon electric hot water heater, model # egsp6, untested
232.025.Gray fork lift jack, model # flj-770, tested and works
232.026.Rubbermaid tilt truck hopper, model # 90-1025-a1, 1 1/2 cubic yards, 1200 lb capacity
232.027.Qty 6 screw in anchors, model # v4lvk6, 48” long 6 “ diameter
232.028. Concentric hydronic power unit, model# c6c34nz14c, untested, looks complete
232.029.Master kerosene heater, 190000 btu, model# mh-190t-kfa, untested, looks complete
232.030.Square heavy duty safety switch, model # 3h362rb
232.031.Rheum Rudd 20 gallon electric hot water heater, model # egsp20, untested, has some dents
232.032.Klutch hydraulic electric rebar cutter, model# 49122, tested and works
232.033.Werner 8 ft double sided fiberglass ladder, model # t7408
232.034.Jb industries vacation /recovery pump, model # a32100, untested
232.035.Lawson snow king snowblower engine 208cc, model#20596, electric start, has key, tested and works
232.036.13hp electric start Honda gx390 engine, model # gx390ut2qne2, tested and works, has keys
232.037.Rigid pressure test pump, model# 1xdz3, untested looks complete
232.038.West adjustable pallet jack, tested and works
232.039.Concentric hydraulic power unit, model# c63zzhse-5124, untested, looks complete
232.040.Dayton table mover, model# 30f007, 1600lb capacity, 48x36x51, assembled and complete
232.041.Zurn cast iron commercial drain
232.042.(3) 5/8 x 3” 10ft chains
232.043.Dayton lever chain hoist, model# 4zx47, 3000lb capacity, tested and works
232.044.Ironton 2 wheel Dolley, solid wheels
232.045. Laptop security cabinet, model # wlap2016-chc, tested and works, has keys
232.046.Troy bilt self propelled lawn mower, model# tb330, motor turns over, untested
232.047.Gpi fuel transfer pump, model# m-150s-mu, untested, looks complete
232.048.Strongway pallet jack, model # 55833, tested and works
232.049.Cst/berger transit auto level kit, model# 155214, tested and works
232.050.Williams counter flow top vent furnace, model # 36fk15, untested, looks complete
232.051.Ryobi jig saw, tested and works
232.052.Convertible Dolley pneumatic tiers
232.054.Sandusky stand up work station, assembled and complete
232.055.Werner 8 ft double sided ladder, model # t7408
232.056.(48) boxes, 2 pair per box, nitrile gloves, size large
232.057.(48) boxes, 2 pair per box, nitrile gloves, size large
232.058.(48) boxes, 2 pair per box, nitrile gloves, size large
232.059.(24) 13ft tow ropes
232.060.(24) 13ft tow ropes
232.061.(24) 13ft tow ropes
232.062.(24) 13ft tow ropes
232.063.Saf t cart cylinder Dolley
232.064.Jet wood working lathe, model# jwl1221vs, tested and works, one leg is broken
232.065. Knaack foldable work table, model # r-72, 72”x27.5”x36”, some scratches
232.066.Fill rite hand lever pump, model # fr20v, untested, looks complete
232.067.Fill rite hand lever pump, model # fr20v, untested, looks complete
232.068.Rough neck Dolley, model # 44593, pneumatic tires
232.069.Strong way drum dolley, model # 56759
232.070.Hudson battery operated sprayer, model # 13854, tested and works, missing handle
232.071.(63) pit crew mechanic gloves
232.072.Ironton 26” tool box, model# 61148, has dents
232.073.Ironton trailer Dolley, model # 58019, solid wheels
232.074.Schumacher battery charger, model # sc1325, does not turn on
232.075.Strong way 36” air curtain, model # 49947, tested and works
232.076.Schumacher battery charger, model # sc1325, does not turn on
232.077.Continental air hose, 3/8 x 250ft
232.078.Dayton convertible Dolly, model # 2w0651, complete and assembled
232.079.Northstar on demand pump, model# 2684061, untested
232.080.Husqvarna backpack leaf blower, model# 150bt, tested and works
232.081.Eagle acid and corrosives storage cabinet, model# cra-1904, has keys, has small dent
232.082.Ironton 1/2 cordless impact, model # 46127, tested and works
232.083.Mr heater 30000 btu blue flame natural gas heater, model # mhvfbf30ngt, untested, looks complete
232.084. Mr heater 30000 btu blue flame propane heater, model # mhvfbf30lpt, untested, looks complete
232.085.Mr heater 30000 btu blue flame propane heater, model # mhvfbf30lpt, untested, looks complete
232.086. Mr heater 30000 btu radiant propane heater, model # mhvfrd30lpt, untested, looks complete
232.087.Mr heater 20000 btu blue flame propane heater, model # mhvfbf20lpt, untested, looks complete
232.088.Mr heater 20000 btu blue flame propane heater, model # mhvfbf20lpt, untested, looks complete
232.089.Mr heater 10000 btu blue flame heater, model # mhvfbf10lp, untested, looks complete
232.090.Klutch automatic condensation timer drain, model # 407116, untested, looks complete
232.091.Blazer 13” led light bar, model# c3068k, tested and works
232.092.Blazer 13” led light bar, model# c3068k, tested and works
232.093.Blazer 13” led light bar, model# c3068k, tested and works
232.094.Concentric hydraulic pump, model # 1057, untested
232.095.Ultra tow aluminum side mount ladder rack, model# 48111, looks complete
232.096.Strongly 1000 amp power pack, turns on, case is cracked
232.097.Chapin 24volt rechargeable backpack sprayer, model# 63924, untested, looks complete
232.098.Schumacher fully automatic battery charger, model# sc10030a, turns on
232.099.Dayton 12ft wire rope sling, model# 1dne5
232.100.Roughneck 12v fuel transfer pump, model # 37888
232.101.Jt eaton large animal trap, looks complete
232.102.Ironton wheel dollies, model # 52520, missing wheels
232.103.(30) plastic bins 11.5 x 6.5
232.105.Strong way electric hoist, model# 48306, does not turn on, cable is broke
232.106.Hydraulic furniture mover, model # 188228, tested and works
232.107.Roughneck oil drain with 110v pump, model# 42735, untested, looks complete
232.108.Strong way single swing automatic gate opener, model# 47820, untested, looks complete
232.109.(30) plastic bins 11.5 x 6.5 inches
232.110.(30) plastic bins 11.5 x 6.5 inches
232.111.Jet 8” jointer planer, model# jjp-8bt, looks complete
232.112.Prince 2-spool directional control valve, model # rd526ccaa5a4b1, untested
232.113.Northstar 8 gallon air compressor, model# 47378, tested and works
232.114.Qty 6 screw in anchors, 48” long 6” diameter, model # 4lvk6
232.115.Northman hydraulic directional control valve, model# swh-g02-c6-d12-10, untested
232.116.Northman hydraulic directional control valve, model# swh-g02-c6-d12-10, untested
232.117.(12) gander mountain hand gun cases
232.118.(12) gander mountain hand gun cases
232.119.Northstar atv broadcast and spot sprayer, 16 gallon, model # 2681101, untested, looks complete
232.120.Tsi-alnor air flow capture hood, model# ebt731-sta, looks complete
232.121.Northern 48 side mount truck tool box, model # 202210, no keys, does not open, 48x17x13
232.122.Northstar 26 gallon atv broadcast and spot sprayer, model # 26812101, untested, looks complete
232.123.Roughneck 17 gallon oil drain caddy, with 12 volt pump, looks used
232.124.Northstar pressure washer hose reel, 150ft capacity, model # 55789
232.125. (10) power- grip pick-up sticks, model # pu0950
232.126. Hitachi air compressor, model # ec995, does not turn on
232.127.Remington 40 volt leaf blower, model # rm4030, untested
232.128. Better built 100 gallon fuel tank, model # 29224164, looks used
232.129.(10) 3m fire barrier sealant, model # cp25wb
232.130.Proto metric 3/4 drive socket set, size 23mm to 60mm
232.131.Klutch dual voltage multi process welder, model #mp220sidv, untested, looks complete
232.132. Dayton 15” auto scrubber, model # 20hw28, does not turn on
232.133.Schumacher battery charger, model # se2352, untested, has dents
232.134.Gate wheel with suspension
232.135. Strong way 48” tow behind plug aerator, complete and assembled
232.136.Reese 1 ton portable electric winch, model# 70336, tested and works
232.137.Reese 1 ton portable electric winch, model# 70336, tested and works
232.138.Reese 1 ton portable electric winch, model# 70336, tested and works
232.139.Power horse 3500 psi high pressure sand blasting kit, model# 49153
232.140.House warmer direst vent propane wall furnace, model # hwdv150bxp-1, untested, looks complete
232.142.Powerhouse 2hp lawn sprinkler pump, model# 50095, untested, looks used
232.143.Strong way 1800 watt portable backup system, model # 53147
232.144.Field tuff 4 ft x 4ft heavy duty drag harrow, model # hdha-44, looks complete
232.145.Strong way drum cradle, model # 567258, missing wheels
232.146.Jet indeed/outfeed tables for 22-44 sander, looks complete
232.147.Ultra tow heavy duty Dolley with brake, model # 58014, looks complete