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These items are located in Ingleside IL
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554.01.Milwaukee ½” hammer drill
554.03.lot of brass tool protectors for vice jaws
554.04.nice pair of screw adjustable snap ring pliers
554.05.unsure google this
554.06.nice slide hammer puller with accessories
554.07.lot of 2 pullers
554.08.lot of T pullers w/bolts
554.09.Cal Van slide hammer puller
554.10.wire bending jig
554.11.lot of tools
554.12.lot of slide hammer pulling accessories
554.13.slide hammer with accessories
554.14.¼” air punch tool
554.15.lot of 3 pullers
554.16.grommet kit
554.17.lot of hex bit with accessories wheel turning tool
554.19.pulling jig w/bolts
554.20.lot of 4 pullers
554.21.Greenlee ½” conduit punch
554.22.pipe bender and 2 pipe separators pouch with accessories
554.24.magnetic socket holders
554.25.lot of 2 pipe cutters, exc. condition
554.26.lot of vintage tools
554.27.lot of vintage tools
554.28.timing light
554.29.lot of metal spoons and picks
554.30.timing light
554.31.½” & 3/8” beam torque wrenches
554.32.twist handle torque wrench
554.33.lot of straps
554.34.lot of grinding stones
554.35.vacuum gauge
554.36.classic auto caster/camber gauge
554.37.wheel bearing packer
554.38.lot of gauges and electrical switches
554.39.unsure google this
554.40.6 & 12 volt battery tester
554.41.vintage nippers and tongs
554.42.Jorgenson C clamps
554.43.lot of 4 C clamps
554.44.lot of 3 deep reach c clamps
554.45.lot of 3 Craftsman c clamps
554.46.lot of small clamps and holders
554.47.lot of large hammers
554.48.lot of hammers
554.49.Eastwing mechanics hammer
554.50.sliding clamp
554.52.miter saw, nib
554.53.truck steering wheel lock
554.54.set of wood chisels
554.55.Skill power trimmer works great
554.56.lot of garage knifes
554.57.lot of 2 oil filter wrenches
554.58.soldering iron with accessories
554.59.Craftsman ¾” socket and drive set 7/8” thru 2 3/8” sockets with accessories, like new
554.60.½” drive short impact sockets sae
554.61.Craftsman box end wrench set
554.62.lot of knives and knifes
554.63.lot of brake tools
554.64.3/8” hand twist torque driver punch set
554.66.Proto large feeler gauge set
554.67.lot of snap ring pliers lock damaged screw removal tools
554.69.lot of off-set wrenches
554.70.Craftsman ratchet wrenches
554.71.lot of electrical tools
554.72.set of tap holders
554.73.lot of allen wrenches
554.74.Snap On vintage ½” drive speed wrench
554.75.Snap On vintage 3/8” drive speed wrench
554.76.lot of allen wrenches
554.77.lot of 2½” speed wrenches punch set
554.79.6 point sae
554.80.large 12 point sae
554.81.brass and steel punches
554.82.adjustable band tool
554.83.lot of tools
554.84.tap or drill T handle extension
554.85.lot of tools
554.86.file edge grinding tool
554.87.lot of tips for a large soldering iron
554.88.Starret heavy duty pin punches
554.89.set of brass pin punches
554.90.hole punch kit
554.91.lot of allen wrenches
554.92.retreading tap set sae course
554.93.retreading tap set sae fine
554.94.torque bit wrenches
554.95.screw extractors
554.96.lot of tools
554.97.lot of screw drivers
554.98.lot of cutting pliers
554.99.lot of pliers