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#147 - OnLine Consignment Auction – Household, Tools, Misc - Auction Starts Closing
Friday, January 18, 2019 at 10:10 am

Item Description
147.001.Roasting Pans, Water Pot, Pot with lid (south wall)


No Reserve - 10% Buyers Fee – 7% Sales Tax

147.002.(1) Wash Boards (1) Glass Wash Boards (south wall)
147.003.Aluminum Camping Cooking Supplies, plates, cups, pans with removable handles, water canteen, all may have some scuffs and scratches and may have some dents (south wall)
147.004.(1) Desk Lamp, (2) Old Fans (south wall)
147.005.Misc. Cook Books and Recipe Books (south Wall)
147.006.Power Morecraft Erector Set, not sure if it’s a complete set (south Wall)
147.007. (2) Manual Meat Grinders (south wall)
147.008.(2) Ice Skate Blade for Your Shoes (south Wall)
147.009.Mirror Glass Shelf with wood frame, 28” x 6” x 24” (south Wall)
147.010.Chas T Wilt Trunk, 35-1/2” x 21” x 25”, has some scuffs and scratches (PR#5)
147.011.Serving Plate, 19” x 14-1/2”, may have scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.012.Glass Punch Bowl with 19 glasses, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.013.(2) Metal Folding TV Trays, (1) Metal Tray, 13-1/2” x 17”, all may have some scuff and scratches (south wall)
147.014.Various Kinds of Records, 78s, 45s, 33s (south wall)
147.015.Various Kinds of Fishing Poles, Bamboo, sport fishing poles, Kmart, all may have scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.016.Various Kinds of Games, the godfather game, rummy royal, number up, impact game, pachinko, jack straws, Spiro graph, poker game and extras (south wall)
147.017.Coleman three burner camp stove, and one metal oven (south wall)
147.018.(5) Wood Saw and one yard stick (south wall)
147.019.Various Saws, tree trimming, hacksaw, wood (south wall)
147.020.Wood Cot, 24” x 74”, missing end boards to keep material tight. (south wall)
147.021.(1) King Manufacturing Co. BB Gun, model 5533, stock is cracked (1) wooden gun makes sounds, (1) badminton game set (south wall)
147.022.Tissue Water Colors Picture, 24’ x 12”, approximately 30 each (south wall)
147.023.Metal Kids Ironing Board 25”w x 22” h, has some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.024.Various Wood Saws, yard stick, cloth apron (south wall)
147.025.(3) Wood Saws, (1) Hercules miter saw, (1) yard stick, (1) cloth apron (south wall)
147.026.(3) Wood Saws on is a sears, (1) miter saw, (1) cloth apron (south wall)
147.027.Cloth US Mail Bag (south wall)
147.028.Vintage Cameras, 2- Argus 75’s and a Foldex, tri pod, flash, all untested, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.029.Misc Lot of (1) Glass pitcher, (1) ash tray, glass pen holder, (2) wicker baskets with lid , glass Peanut container, (1) flower planter with sea shells (south wall)
147.030.Crosley Radio, model F-5CE, back panel fell off, untested, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.031.Misc Lot of Tins, (3) Nabisco Cracker Tin, Mitee threaded cutting oil, amphora, polish cleaner, log cabin buttered syrups, Lysol, hedlins glass milk jug (south wall)
147.032.Glass Flask, with cover (south wall)
147.033.Misc Lot of can openers, Mrs. Wagner’s Pie tins, bottle openers, (2) handles for corning ware, cookie cutters (south wall)
147.034.Sears Pressure Cooker, 6qt, missing top. (south wall)
147.035.(2) Metal Art Sculpture made out of nuts, bolts, nails, washers (south wall)
147.036.(2) Zenith TV Remote Control, (2) TV Tubes # VT-289, (1) metal Tums container, (1) Yankee Candle Holder, Pasta Guy (south wall)
147.037.(2) Manual Hand Drills, (2) manual screw drivers, (6) various size wood drill bits, (3) pipe wrenches, (16) Open End wrenches, looks metric, (1) volt tester, (1) torch, (1) ratchet (south wall)
147.038.(2) Stanley Wood Planes (1) #289 and (1) at #78, (south wall)
147.039.Super Star, Flat Electric Iron, works, (south wall)
147.040.Survival Supplies, Metal Drinking water Storage container 17-1/2 gal can with lid, has some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.041.Wicker Picnic Basket Set, (3) plates, (4) trays, (10) cups, (1) folding basket, (south wall)
147.042.(5) Piece Samsonite Luggage, (3) have keys, (2) have hangers, all may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.043.Welsh Buggy Stroller, has scuffs and scratches (main aisle)
147.044.Wood Office Chair, 16” x 16” x 36”h, may have some scuffs and scratches (main aisle)
147.045.Stork Liner Buggy has a pillow, blanket, bug net, bed is dented, has some scuffs and scratches (main aisle)
147.046.Hunter Wood Kid Sled, 12” x 33” has some scuffs and scratches and may have some rust (south wall)
147.047.Sno Master Wood Kid Sled with removable back seat, 12” x 33”, has scuffs and scratches and may have some rust (south wall)
147.048. Champion Wood Kid Sled, 13”x 39”, has some scuffs and scratches and may have some rust (south wall)
147.049.Wood Kid Sled, 13-1/2” x 43”, not sure on the name, has scuffs and scratches and may have some rust (south wall)
147.050.Wood Kid Sled, 11-1/2” x 43”, not sure on the name, has scuffs and scratches and may have some rust (south wall)
147.051.Streamline Wood Kids Sled, 13” x 51”, has some rust and scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.052.Toboggan Sled, 17” x 60”, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.053.Toboggan Sled, 17” x 8ft, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.054.(3) Folding Canvas Chairs, 21” x 16” x 33”, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.055.Jackson Spreader, works, (south wall)
147.056.Fishing Lot of Bobbers Plastics cork & pencil type, stringers, rope, metal, various size hooks, (1) reels zebco, (1) lido reel #400, various steel leaders, trolling leaders, swivel snaps, various kinds of weights, various pounds of spool of line, (2) fish hook extractors, Muskie hook, Muskie sucker harness, (2) rapala # 18, power grub, (2) dare devils new in box, silver minnows, (south wall)
147.057.Tackle Box 18” x 9” x 9”, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.058.(2) Tackle Boxes (1) at12” x 6” x 6” & (1) at 15” x 6-1/2” x 7”, and (1) Craftsman Tool Box, 15” x 6-1/2” x 7” (south wall)
147.059.(2) 8 Track Tape Carrying Box with various music 8 tracks tapes inside (south wall)
147.060.Bottle N Jug Cutting Kit, untested, looks to be complete (south wall)
147.061.Manning Bowman Haircut Kit, untested, looks to be complete, not sure if any parts are missing (south wall)
147.062.One Triple Decker Food Carrier, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.063.(2) Kitchen Scales (south wall)
147.064.Deluxe Travel Iron, works, (south wall)
147.065.(1) Balloon Time Tank, empty (south wall)
147.066.(2) Pair of Bronze Roosters (south wall)
147.067.Various Kinds of Comic Books, Batman Mickey Mouse, Archie (south Wall)
147.068.Various Kind of Books, Davy Crocket, complete book of science, Dr. Seuss, little golden, universal knowledge, Johnny Tremain (south wall)
147.069.(1) Navy Bag has a tube on it, (1) green bag, canteen, tent spikes, cooking tool (south wall)
147.070.Coleman Stand for camp stoves and coolers (south wall)
147.071.Misc cast iron cook wear, Country House 4 Qt. Dutch oven, Griswold Dutch skillet #80, Griswold #5 skillet, (2) 6” and (1) 8” no name skillets, pans have some rust. (south wall)
147.072.Kay Wood Pioneer Creeper, 3ft x 16”, (south wall)
147.073.(4) Adjustable Screen Window Vents, (2) at 10-1/2” x 24” to 37”, (2) at 7-1/2” x 22” to 37” , all may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.074.Misc Lot of yard stick, old Tire Pump, Bowman wooden crate 19” x 13” x 11-1/2”, bell for the door, blacksmith pliers, Woodruff Edwards Metal Pulley Wheel, 14-1/2”, may be for sewing machine, all have some rust (south wall)
147.075.Hanson Scale, works, glass broken (south wall)
147.076.Galvanized Water Can, bucket, water cooler, (1) aluminum container (south wall)
147.077.Frame Buggy Rhino Electric Car, untested, looks to be complete, (south wall)
147.078.Ice Cream Maker, looks to be complete, not sure if any parts are missing (south wall)
147.079.Pair of Roller Skate, with case not sure what size, maybe about 8 (south wall)
147.080.(1) Mirror 21” x 29”, (1) picture of arm men, 21-1/2” x 13”, (1) picture of the woods 18-1/2” x 14-1/2” (south wall)
147.081.RexAir Electric Vacuum, untested, (south wall)
147.082. (2) Wire Baskets for bikes, (1) at 18’ x 9” x 8-1/2”, (1) at 16” x 9 – ½” x 7-1/2”, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.083.Misc Lot of Toys, Metal Trucks, Coke Cola, Barbie, etch a sketch, Shell truck, Tonka, Police and some extras, all may have scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.084.Misc Lot of Wooden boxes, tins, (2) photo books, Life Magazines 1966 & 1967, Colliers, Look (south wall)
147.085.Stanley Thermos, clean, no mold no cracks, (south wall)
147.086.Stanley Thermos, clean, no mold no cracks, (south wall)
147.087.Stanley Thermos, no mold, may need cleaning (south wall)
147.088.Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, untested, looks to be complete, (south wall)
147.089.Silver plated Sheffield Co. Dish, creamer and sugar bowl with a lid, no name and also a creamer and sugar bowl. Tarnished and may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.090.(2) Silver Plated Serving Trays, Rogers and Wallace, (2) serving dishes one with a lid, all are about 7” wide and 14” long, all may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.091.(2) Toas Tite Cooking Tools, (1) Snap it Emergency Road Lantern (south wall)
147.092.Various Kind of Ash Trays (south wall)
147.093.Sunbeam Coffee Master, untested, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.094.Dormeyer Electric Hand Mixer, works, has some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.095.(6) Limited Edition Chicago Collection Plates, 1972, 1975, 1981, (1) 1976 Commemorative Plate (south wall)
147.096.Misc Lot of (1) Stetson Men Hat size unknown, (1) Jans Mens Hat size 7 1/8”, Women hanker chefs, Spin all thread & yarn holder, pencil sharpener wall mount, (6) bars of Fels – Naptha, (1) candy dish (south wall)
147.097.Metal Lunch Box, 10” x 5” x 7-1/2”h, and a Thermos (south wall)
147.098.(1) Ceiling Light, (2) wall mounted lights, (2) candle holders, all may have scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.099.Holiday Stuff, bags, (11) Post Card from Spain, has real thread on it, plastic kids bibs (south wall)
147.100.(4) Chevy Hub Caps, box of old license plate, tire pump, gauges, scrappers, bag of patches (south wall)
147.101.Misc Lot of Wooden Mirror Shelf, wicker basket, small pictures, (8) Lady’s cloth collars (south wall)
147.102.Southwest Bell Cell Phone, untested, (1) student zipped case (south wall)
147.103.Cap for a cylinder tank, and AC gauges (south wall)
147.104.Jumping Cables, Stream Light Flash Light, works, (2) Motorcraft Oil Filter, FL-820S, all may have some scuffs ad scratches (south wall)
147.105.(2) Shop lights and various kinds of light bulbs, 60 watts, all untested, all may have scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.106.Misc Lot of Nails, flat corner irons, hinges, turn bugle, gas filter, vinyl duct clamps, fist grip clip, blades (south wall)
147.107.(4) Levels, tree trimming blade 16”, bow saw, gloves, (south wall)
147.108.Green Rope approximately 50ft long (south wall)
147.109.(4) Head Trimmers, (1) branch trimmer (south wall)
147.110.Wall Paper Supplies, brushes, rollers, scrappers, drop cloth (south wall)
147.111.Craftsman ¼” Electric Drill, works, may have scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.112.Pioneer Car Stereo Speakers, 6 x 9, 300 watt, (2) at TS-A6995, (2) at TS-A1357, untested, may have scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.113.Black & Decker Heat n Strip Gun, works, (south wall)
147.114.Great Neck 4-1/2 “angled Grinder, works, (south wall)
147.115.Metal Wire Shelf, 10-1/2” x 10-1/2” x 13”h, (3) straps, (2) squeegee heads 18”, (1) broom head 14” (south wall)
147.116.Tool Box 17” x 9” x 8” has scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.117.Misc Lot with Tape measure, outside micrometer (south wall)
147.118.Various kinds of Chisels (south wall)
147.119.Misc Lot with Air Hose Sprayer, small hammers, planer, re-tractor (south wall)
147.120.Misc Pullers (south wall)
147.121.Basin Wrench (south wall)
147.122.Various Size C Claps (south wall)
147.123.Misc lot with Various Utility Knives, and various scrappers (south wall)
147.124.Craftsman Speed Wrench ½” drive, Craftsman Ratchet Wrenches (1) ½” drive breaker bar, ½” ratchet,(1)3/8” ratchet, (2) ¼” ratchet, (1) ½” x 10” extension, (3) 3/8” x 3” extensions (south wall)
147.125.Oil Filter Wrenches, various sizes (south wall)
147.126.(6) Adjustable Wrenches, 12”, 10”, 8mm, 6”, 4”, and various kind of pliers (south wall)
147.127.Dent Puller (south wall)
147.128.Tool Box of Various Size Allen Wrenches, and Drill Bits (south wall)
147.129.Misc Lot of Wood Bits, hack saw blades, coping saw blades, hack saw, locks with keys, tap handle, dye handle, expensive wood bit 7/8” to 3”, various size taps, (south wall)
147.130.Cords with plugs, outlets, dry wall rings, outlet plate cover, wiggy voltage tester (south wall)
147.131.(7) Box ends Wrenches 5/8” to 1”, (3) Box end ratchet ¼’ to ¾”, (10) Open end wrenches 3/8” to 1” (south wall)
147.132.(8) Nail Sets (9) Punches (south wall)
147.133.(10) Philips Head Screw Drivers, (17) Flat Head Screw Drivers (south wall)
147.134.Putty Knives,(1) 6”, (2) 3”, (1) 2-1/2”, (3) 1-1/2”, (2) 1-1/4”, (1) 5 in 1 tool (south wall)
147.135.(2) Red & Blue Lights, (1) metal flash light, all untested (south wall)
147.136.Utility Sink, 23” x 23” x 14-1/2” h, may have some scuffs and scratches (south wall)
147.137.(2) Extension Cords, untested, approximately (1) at 25ft long and (1) 50 ft long (south wall)
147.138.(1) Oberweis Dairy Cooler, (1) Cooler (south wall)
147.139.(1) Gott Cooler has a crack on the back outside corner, (1) small cooler (south wall)
147.140.(2) Solar Garden Light, untested, 4” x 4” (south wall)
147.141.GE Emergency 2 way citizens band radio, unit turns on (south wall)
147.142.Small Road Side Emergency Set, missing some parts (south wall)
147.143.Air Hose ¼”, 300 psi, approximately 50ft long, untested (south wall)
147.144.Tool Box of Electric Connectors (south wall)
147.145.Sears Craftsman 3/8” Drill, works, with extra drill bits (south wall)
147.146.Misc Lot with Tape Measure, C Clamps, gloves, (south wall)
147.147.Misc Lot of grease Gun, water hose sprayer, scraper, (south wall)
147.148.Misc Lot with Sidewall / Ceiling register, 10” x 4”, small caster wheels, dry wall anchors, carriage bolts, hinges, door stops, automotive thermostat, and extras (south wall)
147.149.Manual Repair Books for Dodge, Toyota, (south wall)
147.150.Manual Repair Books for Dodge, Plymouth, Toyota, (south wall)